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Benefits of Konjac Sponge for Face You Need to Know

Konjac sponge for face is an essential skincare tool for the supple and smooth, shiny face. Konjac sponge is a natural product made from a Konjac tree root. Its natural properties make it ideal and effective for transforming your face into a shiny pearl.

Several factors make the skin pores of your face blocked. And the impact of the ultraviolet rays on your face causing hyperpigmentation makes a face’s tone uneven. Also, the effect of prolonged use of makeup can affect the appearance of your face. However, you no longer have to bother about your face’s look, relying on the cleansing and restoration of Konjac sponge for face.

Benefits of Konjac Sponge for Face

Konjac sponge for face offers the following benefits to your facial skin.

1. Gentle Exfoliator

Konjac Sponge for face is gentle on the skin and foliates dead skin and dry flakes. The sponge gets the task done without irritating your facial skin. It is ideal for skin types.

2. Makeup Remover

Konjac sponge for face to is suitable for hard-to-remove makeup quickly. Konjac sponge will remove the mascara and more makeup than using hands alone. It removes makeup and unclogs your facial skin pores.

3. Deep Facial Cleaning

Deep clean your face with Konjac Sponge in a circular motion. You will get rid of dead and flaky skin. Clogged pores will be thoroughly clean. Over time, you will get rid of stubborn blackheads.

3. Useful for the Entire Body

Konjac sponge was primarily used by Japanese farmers to bathe babies due to its softness. If you feel like using your Konjac Sponge for face to wash your entire body, feel free. You can concentrate on acne-prone areas like the chest, back, and face. You will experience the deep-cleaning power of Konjac sponge.

4. Racial Skin Rejuvenation

Using Konjac sponge for face regularly will keep your facial skin looking its best. It will unclog skin pores. It will massage the facial skin and improve blood circulation to the face. Besides, Konjac sponge for the face will improve the facial skin supple and youthful.

5. Eco-friendly

Konjac sponge is 100% natural without plastic, or harmful chemical added. Also, it can be composted, preventing increasing the landfill. This helps to save our eco-system.


Enhance your facial skin health, texture, and appearance through the regular use of Konjac Sponge for the face. The product is affordable and will transform your facial skin health. Order your Konjac Sponge for face today.

Top 5 Weight Gain Powder In India To Help You Gain Healthy Weight

There are many people out there who want to gain weight but often struggle to do that. Trust me, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Infact, at times, it can be more difficult. If you’re a hard gainer, it can be difficult for you to put on weight even when you eat calorie-rich foods. The thing is that your metabolism is so fast that it becomes a task for your body to put on some weight. Now, that ain’t your fault, you were most probably born with it.

So, what can you do to put on some healthy weight and build an attractive physique? Well, weight gainer supplements seem like a plausible solution to this problem. But, you have to be extremely careful while choosing one for you because there are many weight gainer powders available in the market that contain harmful substances like added sugar, preservatives, etc. which can be bad for your overall health. It can make you gain body fat and your goal is to bulk up in healthy fat and not develop love handles.

Confused as to what are you supposed to do now? Chuck off your worries as this article brings into light some great weight gain supplements that you can choose from to fulfill your goal of bulking up. All these weight gain powders are by established brands and free from any harmful preservatives or chemicals and offer you clean calories. Each of them is unique in its own way.

5 Best Weight Gainer Powders In India

Muscleblaze Weight Gainer With Added Digezyme

This unique weight gain formula by MuscleBlaze makes for the best weight gainer powder in India. It is loaded with 12g protein per 100g serving that helps in gaining healthy weight. This product fuels you with 387 calories with every serving that is helpful in promoting muscle growth & development and preventing muscle loss to initiate healthy weight gain. To ease the digestion and absorption of nutrients in your body, this weight gainer powder comes with a blend of digestive enzymes called Digezyme. This product helps in filling the dietary gaps and the added vitamins and minerals help in boating the functionality of other nutrients. This unique formula contains a blend of fast and slow-acting carbs. It’s available in scrumptious chocolate flavor and is ideal for both men and women.

Big Muscles Smart Gainer

This powerful weight gainer is one of the purest and safest nutrition available in the Indian market that helps in fueling you with energy for intense workouts. This product presents a great blend of premium quality proteins, creatine monohydrate, maltodextrin, starch, and skimmed milk powder to boost your overall growth. This product helps in supplying nutrients to your body for extended workout sessions and also prevents muscle breakdown. This weight gainer also helps in enhancing your immunity levels. Every 100g serving of this supplement fuels you with 394 calories along with 15g protein and 77.5g carbs.

Diet Tips To Gain Weight| How To Gain Healthy Weight?

My Protein Impact Weight Gainer

My Protein is a brand that is well known for its quality supplements. One such supplement by the brand is this weight gainer. This gaining formula helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It contains a potent blend of protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with instant energy. It is ideal for carrying out intense workout sessions. Each serving of this weight gainer powder offers you 360 calories with 30g protein and 49g carbs. The blend of proteins helps in building up lean muscle mass and allows faster muscle recovery. It serves as a sustainable source of energy.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

This weight gainer by GNC fuels you with clean surplus calories to support weight gain. This potent formulation also contains BCAA that is the requirement of every athlete. 3 scoops of the product mixed with double toned milk give you 2200 calories with 73g protein and 440g carbs. This calorie-dense formula also has digestive enzymes to enable protein and carb breakdown. If you want to gain weight and have serious muscle gains, this product is ideal for you.

BigBolt Weight Gainer

This product from the House of Guardian is exactly what you need to get the extra calorie supply and put on some kilos. This weight gainer has a blend of 3 protein sources- whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, & calcium caseinate. This makes it ideal for athletes. It is packed with 6 different digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion along with fueling you with energy and replenish glycogen. Every 3 scoop serving of this product offers 1860 calories, 50g protein, and 405g carbs.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from any of the above-mentioned weight gainers and inch closer towards your goal for developing a muscular physique. Don’t forget to eat healthily and be a part of a moderate workout routine. A balance of these 3 elements can help you in reaching your target weight.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tips For Therapists

Conducting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is deemed pretty straightforward.

  • Explain to the individual how thoughts lead to feelings.
  • You examine the individual’s beliefs.
  • You bring out how they are distorting their thoughts hence the negative emotions.
  • You help the client change their views.
  • You tell them to implement a few behaviors.

Here are tips for therapists to ensure success.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), short term treatment; there are therapists who feel the need to immediately delve into the theory behind CBT and start citing central beliefs from their clients. This is important; however, in the first session, establish rapport. A comfortable client talks more and is more open. The first session should be primarily a bonding for both client and therapist. A successful CBT is founded on great rapport.


However, CBT is a time-limited process, and you want to teach your client and start to move them forward quickly. Your client needs to leave therapy feeling hopeful. Request your clients to answer a few questionnaires or reflect in a journal for the next session. Giving homework in the first session jump-starts the client’s recovery process.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is founded on a specific theory, and for some people, it may be hard to swallow. Some clients may not buy into the view that a simple change in behavior will result in a life change. You should always note that unless the client buys into the idea that this could work, they will not be invested in treatment. Therefore, ensure you address the concerns of the client. They may evade the question but ensure you get to the root cause. Clients participate in therapy because they believe it could work; if they don’t believe it, it won’t work.


It is effortless to digress in therapy. At times the client comes in and repeatedly vents about what a terrible week they had, and before you know it, time is up. It is crucial to discuss events occurring in the client’s life despite the theoretical background. However, the therapist must be quick to bring the discussion back to the issue at hand. Venting out is not necessarily helpful in addressing deep-seated concerns.


Therapists are ordinary people. As much as they want to believe that they are objective, they still have a biased perspective. That is why it is essential to ask your client for feedback. You want to know how they are viewing the treatment and if they have questions/concerns. In CBT, clients must understand the theoretical framework and experience positive results within the first few months. Should the client feel that they are hardly making any progress, this should be addressed and reevaluated. Always ask for and provide feedback; it helps gauge the progress so far.

Teeth Whitening Strips – A Best Remedy For A Beautiful Smile.

Smile is one of the most perfect things you can wear on your face. Everyone wants a million-dollar smile, and with every new tooth whitening product coming in the market every year, companies are making it easier for people to have one. Nowadays, brightening your smile at home is as easy as going to the dentist for a whitening treatment.

There are many options available in the market for tooth whitening such as whitening pens, strips and toothpaste. These are all good ways to supplement your normal oral hygiene habits. Let us understand each one of them, which will help us make the right decision:

  • Teeth whitening toothpaste: This can only be used to remove surface stains. They have a very little active whitening agent used in the toothpaste, as this is a very abrasive compound to be used in large quantity.
  • Teeth whitening pens: These are just like white paints which covers the front surface of the tooth temporarily. They are good if you want to a good-looking tooth for some special occasion but this is all temporary.
  • Teeth whitening strips: They do have an active ingredient to actively whiten your teeth for a longer period of time. However, the amount of it used is very less for safety reasons.

Many companies have come up with these teeth whitening strips, which is one of the best alternatives to tooth treatment. The Willows Trader at Manchester, UK is one such company which can offer you the best teeth whitening strips at the best price. If you wish to buy these teeth whitening strips online, you can logon to their website.

Best teeth whitening strips and toothpaste – CNET – سلام اخبار

These Whitening Strips Help To Remove The Following Stains From Your Teeth:

  • Both intrinsic and extrinsic stains form on your tooth
  • Tea/ Coffee stains
  • Tobacco stains
  • Stains that have caused through age and medications both.

How The Teeth Whitening Strips Or Tray Does Are Used?

  • If you are using it yourself at home, then the dentist will first take your tooth impression and prepare a tray, which will fit exactly on your teeth. Once you wear that tray, the whitening gel will stick to your teeth, leaving your sensitive gums. This can be repeated for a couple of days. What works well is that these whitening gels have hydrogen peroxide in them which makes the teeth white.
  • If you are planning to go to the dentist for this treatment, then your dentist will directly place the gel over your teeth and then apply light over it to fasten the whitening process. They will ensure that these gels or light do not reach the gums.

The most advanced whitening strips can provide good results within 3 days or on an average of 7 days. But it all depends on the level of discoloration. Though it is easy to use, the only side effect using them is sensitivity, which can lead to some discomfort. It is advisable to check with your physician before use, especially for children and pregnant females.

Brief Guide To The Dry Needling Method

Have you recently heard about the dry needling method and wishes to learn more? Or are you someone who wishes to try the method and want to know briefly about it before trying? Or do you just randomly wish to know more about this therapy? Well the following article consists of all the necessary information regarding the method that you should know before going for it.


It is the modern needle therapy method in correspondence to the old and traditional chinese acupuncture therapy method. Janet G. Travell first used the term in her book that was published in 1983. In the book, she did not elaborate the process much but gave an overview of the process. The process has no scientific basis and involves the use of needles to heal the muscles and tissues directly.

Method Involved

  • If you wish to know about the method that is used and the steps involved then here is a quick answer. The dry needling method involves more than one procedure to heal the muscles and the pains. This depends on the muscle and the type of injury that needs to be healed. But all the methods involve only the use of needles. These needles are rel;atively bigger in width and length as compared to the needles used in the acupuncture method.

Benefits And Treatments It Offers

  • You might have an idea that the dry needling method is used only for the treatments but you shall be surprised to know that the dry needling method is also used to keep you healthy and fit. Many people go through the therapy to make their lifestyles healthier. The cures that it offers involves the most common lower back pain relieves as well as sport injuries treatment. It helps in healing your migraine and headaches. Neck pain can also be treated by this method.

Trusting Axiom With Your Treatments

Axiom consists of the most experienced staff in the market of dry needling. Their customers always appreciate the services that they receive. They have a handful of happy customers who give positive reviews regarding axioms procedures. With years of providing satisfactory services, Axiom has earned a spot in the highlight and has made a good name in the market. Click here to learn more about Axiom and the dry needling therapy.

Local Detox Centers Near Me

Cleansing your body from addictive substances is a challenging part of recovery, and trying to figure out where to start the process can be overwhelming. Finding a local detox center is the best place to start on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Fortunately, it’s easy to find the best place for you with a range of local drug treatment centers to choose from.

Should I detox?

Yes, absolutely! If done right, detox can manage and lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be the key to a successful recovery in the long-term. Preventing relapse is the end goal and the best way to achieve this is in a supportive environment, where trained professionals can help you at each step on the road to recovery. Some symptoms can be so hard to manage that users give up on recovery and start abusing substances again, all because the withdrawal was too hard. Some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, so it is important that you find a safe place that can provide the appropriate medical care in managing these symptoms. That being said, the best place to detox is at one of the many drug treatment centers these places are fully equipped to manage your symptoms and make withdrawal as easy as possible which will give much better results than if you try to get through it alone.

A good way to start is by visiting the websites or calling some of the many inpatient detox centers in VARequesting a tour of the facility would be a fantastic step in the right direction as it’s important to know that you will feel safe and comfortable in your environment. Taking the time to look for the right place for you is key, but be sure to make a booking sooner rather than later, otherwise you might become stuck in the cycle of wanting to be sober but not being able to successfully detox.

Life After Detox

Detox is the first step to recovery, but must be followed up with a range of continued care, so be sure to choose a detox center which will continue to provide expert guidance. Medically assisted detox facilities in PA can all provide intensive monitored care with trained professionals providing full-time care which is crucial during the withdrawal and detox process, but be sure to consider the long-term aspects of your recovery and put your mental and physical needs as a priority.

Engaging in a personalized treatment plan is a great way to set goals for the future in both your life and recovery, as you move on from detox and into the next chapters of your rehabilitation. Moving forward from your detox, you will experience the many challenges of sobriety which can be constantly triggering. In order to maintain your path towards your goals, be prepared to work with your therapists or counselors to make modifications to your recovery plan.

Choose Your Path

You are at an important crossroads in your life, you can choose which path you will take and this will determine how your future will unfold. Take the time to invest in yourself and your future by finding a detox center and beginning your travels down the road to recovery.

Signs That Your Body Need Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the crucial vitamin that is responsible for the various functions throughout the body. From strengthening the immune system to strengthening the bones, it does all. You can normally get this item and from supplements, foods, and the sun rays. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, and here are the signs that your body needs more vitamin D.

Bone Pain

Insufficient vitamin D can impact the body’s ability to put calcium to the bone tissue, which can weaken the bones. Vitamin D deficiency can be linked with bone tenderness and bone pain. So, make sure you get the daily intake of the necessary amount of vitamin D from a supplement, food, or sunlight to avoid bone fractures, bone pain, and diseases like osteoporosis.

Excessive Sweating

There are the symptoms that can indicate your low levels of vitamin D. According to a study, an excessive sweating in the newborn is the main sign of the lack of vitamin D. Excessive head sweating is an unknown symptom of vitamin B deficiency in adults. If you are dealing with this, then you might need to consult your doctor.

Muscle Pain

The main cause of muscle pain is often difficult to pinpoint. However, as per some evidence, muscle pain may be due to vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin deficiency can cause muscle weakness, muscle pain, muscle recovery, and reduced muscle mass after a hard workout or any intense physical activity.

Weak Immune System

Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting the health of the immune system, which helps you to fight off the bacteria and viruses that cause illness. If you often get sick, especially with the flu or cold, then your levels may be the reason.

Vitamin D Deficiency: 6 Causes, Common Symptoms & Health Risks

Weakness and Fatigue

We often think that fatigue and tiredness is due to the busy lifestyle or the lack of sleep. But do you know the lack of vitamin D may be responsible for it? According to a study, the effect of vitamin D supplementation can reduce the effect of fatigue symptoms after maintaining the normal levels of vitamin D. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the vitamin D tablets price, you can buy them at the best price at HealthKart.

Hair Loss

There can be various factors that can cause hair loss, and low levels of vitamin D is one of them. When your body lacks this vitamin, it can cause thinning of hair and hair loss. You can use the best vitamin D capsule for hair loss treatment.

Slow Healing Of Wounds

Vitamin D plays a major role in stabilizing the blood glucose level and cholesterol levels. If your wounds are taking time to heal after an injury or a surgery that might be due to the low vitamin D levels.

Depression and Anxiety

Vitamin D not only influences the other parts of the body, but it also plays a major role in good brain health. When you consume vitamin D capsules, it releases neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that can improve the brain functioning. According to a study, low levels of vitamin D can cause anxiety and depression.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, consult your doctor to evaluate the vitamin D levels in your body.

The Need To Take Frequent Breaks When Working From Home

Although the work-from-home setup provides an opportunity to spend more time with family, it doesn’t mean there’s less work. Employees still have to work for the same amount of time each day, or even more. The problem is that you’re at home and have limited physical movement. Sitting for hours each day could have a terrible effect on your health. Hence, it would help if you kept moving, and taking a break every hour is critical.

It’s Essential For Your Spine

You might tend to slouch when working in front of the computer. You can’t help it since maintaining a good posture for several hours could be challenging. Taking a break allows you to stretch and have a better posture.

Your Eyes Might Hurt

Facing your computer all the time isn’t ideal. Sure, your work requires you to use the computer, but you shouldn’t face it for hours. It would help if you took a break to give your eyes a chance to relax. Besides, computers also emit radiation. If you use it for several hours without pausing, there could be a terrible effect on your health. Another way to prevent the problem is by using EMF protection. You can block radiation from entering your system with the help of protective devices.

Spend Time With Family

You should also consider mental health when working from home. The lockdown orders might help prevent the spread of the virus, but they’re taking a toll on people’s mental health. You’re lucky if you have to quarantine with family. It’s your chance to bond with your children. When you’re too busy with work, you can rarely spend time with them. Since you’re at home, you can even start a hobby together. The problem is when you allow yourself to dedicate an entire day to work. Your children are in other areas of the house playing computer games. Try to take regular breaks so you can check on them, and bond for a while.

You Have To Exercise

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can no longer exercise. It’s a crucial part of daily life. You can even spend more time exercising now since you don’t have anywhere else to go. In the middle of work, you can spend a few minutes to exercise. There’s no need to follow complicated routines. Simple exercise techniques will suffice. You can even do some of them without leaving your work station.

Staying healthy when you have to work from home seems easy, but it could be challenging. If you allow yourself to work without taking breaks, it’s not good for your health. You might be safe from the virus by not leaving home, but you could be at risk for some other reasons. Besides, everyone needs to stay home to avoid viral transmission. There’s no competition for who is more productive at this time. Take things slowly, and enjoy the process.

A Severe Toothache: An Emergency Case

If you are suffering from a toothache, it is important to know the reason for your discomfort so that you can find the best way to relieve pain, swelling, or other symptoms. Rinsing the mouth with saltwater and placing cold compresses can usually relieve minor pain. Still, more severe toothache may require a quick visit to an emergency dentist to prevent further complications.

Cause Of Toothache

The following factors may cause a toothache:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth abscess
  • Tooth fracture
  • Repetitive movements such as tooth grinding or chewing gum
  • Infected gums

You have to visit your emergency dentist if your symptoms persist for more than a day or two. The emergency dentist can provide some tips on how to relieve toothache and prevent pain in the future. You should also consult with your emergency dentist before taking any medications if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any herbal illnesses.

When the patients visit the emergency dentist with these symptoms, the emergency dentist offers different emergency treatments depending on the condition of the person and the tooth, including the following:

  • Remove caries and check the condition of the teeth in the coming days and weeks
  • Emergency root canal treatment (endodontics) and tooth restoration
  • Emergency treatment of the root and placing the crown on it

Visiting The Emergency Dentist

If your toothache is severe or the result of a more serious illness, you should visit the emergency dentist so that you can have it treated properly. Many toothaches require medical attention. An over-the-counter painkiller like ibuprofen can ease your pain until you get to the emergency dentist. You should also visit your emergency dentist if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Tooth pain that lasts more than one day or two
  • Swelling
  • Pain while biting
  • Abnormally red gums
  • Unwanted discharge or pus

Things Not To Do To Relieve A Toothache

  • Do not put aspirin on your teeth. If you want to feel better, drink it with water. Putting it on the gums can burn it, which takes 3 to 4 days to heal.
  • Do not use heat to relieve toothache, as it makes it worse.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Please note that if you have a toothache, you should not take antibiotics that are not prescribed by the emergency dentist. It is worth knowing that the cause of toothache is the invasion and spread of germs to the tooth tissue, where antibiotics cannot penetrate to exert their antimicrobial effect. Therefore, the definitive treatment is to remove the microbial load from the tooth tissue using the appropriate method by the emergency dentist.

What Does The Emergency Root Canal Therapy Mean?

If the infection spreads into the tooth, antibiotics will not be able to cure it, and the germs must be physically removed from the mouth and filled with a suitable substance by the emergency dentist. This process is called emergency root canal therapy or endodontics.

Fun Things To Do In London

1 – Indoor Bouldering at Stronghold UK

What is it? Looking for a climbing wall in London? Well how about London’s largest indoor bouldering space boasting 12,000 square foot and over 200 climbing problems at any one time. Open 7 days a week with climbing slots every 15 minutes, open from 0615 – 2200 Monday – Friday, 0900-2000 on weekends.

Why go? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced climber Stronghold has you covered. Less than 2 minutes walk from Tottenham Hale National Rail & Underground Station with plenty of onsite parking too. Tottenham Street Food Market & Beer Hall is also on site and open weekends making Stronghold UK one of the best places to go rock climbing london.

2 – Borough Market

What is it? One of the city’s largest and oldest food markets with plenty of Street Food. It heaves with both tourists and locals gaping at a dizzying array of artisan delights and scoffing free samples.

Why go? Borough market in London Bridge has a history that goes back to the thirteenth century, and these days it’s livelier than ever. The place is jam packed with artisan traders and home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Take a seat beneath the glass-and-iron roof after hours and watch the traders pack up after another day.

3 – Kew Gardens

What is it? Kew Gardens is 3,00 acres of beautiful green space, filled with stunning vistas, rare plants, Victorian glasshouses, a Chinese pagoda and a treetop walkway all in London.

Why go? Kew Gardens really is unlike anything else in London. The world-leading botanic garden is captivating at any time of year. A Grade I-listed greenhouse, twice the size of Kew’s famous Palm House, it recently reopened its doors to the public after a major no expenses spared five-year renovation. Visit for swathes of blooms in spring and summer, a crunchy, autumnal paradise or to follow the super popular, innovative Christmas at Kew lights trail which takes over the space every winter. The newly restored Temperate House is also a horticulturalist’s delight.

4 – Visit Hampton Court Palace

What is it? Hampton Court Palace is one of London’s gems, a grand Tudor pile that Henry VIII ‘acquired’ from Cardinal Wolsey. It was later home to royal Stuarts and Georgians too, who all left their mark on the palace.

Why go? The remarkable thing about Hampton Court Palace is that you can stand in the very rooms where history was made. Wander down the corridor where Catherine Howard was dragged screaming, see how George I’s chocolatier prepared the king’s favourite tipple and take a gander at King Charles II’s royal bog. There are also ace gardens and the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.

5 – St James Park

What is it? So in front of Buckingham Palace is a 57-acre park in Westminster. Its called St James Park and is basically the Queen’s giant front garden which you have full access to!

Why go? St James’s Park has undergone a lot of changes over the years. In King Henry VII’s day it was swampy and used mainly as a deer-breeding ground. King James I drained it and moved more animals in (including elephants, crocodiles and exotic birds). Today it remains as it was redesigned in the 1820s, all lush landscape and winding paths. Well worth a wander!