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5 Compelling Reasons to Quit Smoking Tobacco

5 Compelling Reasons to Quit Smoking Tobacco

Smoking ruins countless lives around the world due to numerous reasons. From ruined social relationships to irreversible adverse effects on health and even death. Smoking impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Quitting smoking is perhaps the most significant step you can take to keep yourself healthy and your loved ones happy.

Here are some compelling reasons to quit smoking:

Quality of Life 

Let’s dive right into it! Your overall quality of life will improve the day you quit smoking. Your senses will get heightened. You will feel a surge of energy as the carbon monoxide flushes out from your body.

Quitting can even add years to your lifespan and improve its quality. You can be healthy after you retire and enjoy your favourite pastimes without any pain or chronic conditions.

Be free 

Addiction makes you a slave to needs and desires. They control you. They are a hassle because they require so much time and energy, it’s exhausting. Smoking must take up a chunk of your day, and your productivity decreases considerably. You will no longer have to run for smoking areas in the middle of your work, meeting, a gathering, etc., for a quick puff. You can focus on tasks without being distracted by your body’s needs.

Think about it this way, wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to visit the toilet? You could relax on your bed after getting comfortable and not have to get up to relieve yourself. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? Smoking is a similar biological inconvenience. Free yourself from it as fast as you possibly can.

Make Your Family and Friends Proud 

Smoking is not just an inconvenience to you; it is an inconvenience to your social circle as well. It’s not just the smoke, people around you are also affected by your smoking schedule. If you have children, your smoking might be causing their respiratory system immense damage and leaving them with chronic pulmonary conditions sine passive smoking is just as harmful as active smoking. A survey showed that 98% of children with parents who smoke wish that they would quit.

Smoking can also be a source of embarrassment to your family because it is a sign of weakness and dependency. It displays a lack of self-control.

Financial gains 

Smoking costs an average smoker £1500-2000. Spend all that money on your family and yourself. Go watch a movie, buy flowers for someone you love, spend on better things. Lead a happier, financially free life.

Psychological Effects of Smoking 

Smoking can cause several psychological issues such as anxiety, mood instability, irritability, impotence, etc. Smoking can trigger various underlying mental health issues. Psychological illnesses are hereditary. These genes can be activated due to triggers such as the chemicals present in cigarette smoke.

Smoking also causes stress and tension due to constant cravings, dependency, and decreases self-esteem. Often people also begin to smoke in depressive episodes, which may turn smoking into a depressive trigger. Cigarettes are a stimulant that may seem like an easy way out if you are low on positive hormones, but the aftereffects are immense.

Switch from Smoking to Vaping 

If you have decided to quit smoking, remember that every person has a unique experience and a different journey. Some go to a psychologist and get therapy, while others take medications or join support groups, etc. Your experience will be wholly unique, but we suggest you try vaping instead to help you ease into the quitting process.

Vaping will provide a source of nicotine without the added chemicals and carcinogens. It is a cheaper, cost-effective habit that will allow you to quit smoking entirely. You won’t have to stop cold turkey!

Everyone has a different timeline for the transition from cigarettes to vape pod. The general guideline is that once you decide to stop smoking, replace cigarettes with vapes occasionally and let your body get accustomed to it. Eventually, increase the frequency of vaping every time you feel the urge to smoke, and you will find that it is easier than it seems.

You may initially experience the vape cough because your lungs are not used to the moisture. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to help your lungs recover from smoking. The tar in your lung will be expelled, and your lungs will begin to heal in a few weeks.

Invest in vapes and vape liquid. The UK has plenty of options available of varying varieties. When it comes to E-liquid concentrates in UK market goes above expectations to provide a diverse and exciting experience to vapers.

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