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How Are Disposable Vapes Different From The Rechargeable Ones?

How Are Disposable Vapes Different From The Rechargeable Ones?

You may have heard about vapes. They are the new technologically advanced way to smoke. Traditional cigarettes are being replaced by e-cigarettes and similar devices. These are called vapes as there is no burning to create smoke, in fact, there are only fumes for the user to inhale. They are the latest technology, being preferred by the younger generation. There are two types of devices the disposable and rechargeable kinds. The disposable is a hot favourite among the new users or those who want to try out the new vapes. Smoking is increasingly being banned in public places, so this is the alternative. Also vaping does not pollute the environment. You can sit with your loved ones and enjoy using them. Go on and try one, buy it at a vape shop close to you.

So, What Are The Disposable Vapes?

These are the use and throw version of vapes easily available at all vape store. The device is sealed from all sides and can not be refilled. They are for single use only. Once finished you have to throw it away. They are comparatively quite small and sleek. Just like a thick pen. Those who like to try out new flavours find it easy to buy a new vape of a different flavour every time they want to use it from a vape store. When they are done using it, user can throw it and move on. No need to carry it around. These disposable vapes are prefilled and come in a single flavour. They are ready to use. the batteries are charged enough for full use in a single time along with the vape pod. The battery is not rechargeable do not try to fit it in a charger, this may create an accident.

Why Is Being Preferred?

Those looking forward to quitting smoking find this as an affordable option as they buy only one at a time from a vape shop when they have a great craving. Else they try to avoid using it. Also, it is believed that the feeling of satisfaction after use of vapes; is much more than the traditional cigarettes. It happens as there is no wastage in the form of smoke. The disposable form does not come with any maintenance cost or storage hassles. Use it and throw it, you are done. You do not need to clean it, refill and so on. The problem of passive smoking has been taken care of. Also, it is safe around kids too as you will not be dropping any hot ashes. The device is a small pack of 1- 1.5 ml of e-liquid stored in the device itself. Once ignited it has to be used in one go like a traditional cigarette. They are available in colourful designs and sleek shape. The trendy look is loved by social influencers. It allows them to find a new favourite flavour among the various available in the market.


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