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Tips on How to Prevent Jet Lag on Your Next Trip

Jet lag happens when you travel in different time zones. The more time zones you travel, the worse the symptoms are, which include headache, irritability, insomnia, and fatigue. It’s because of the body’s internal clock, which is still used to the time zone of the place where you departed. Although the symptoms of jet lag usually go away on their own after a few days, it can be uncomfortable. Plus, it could affect your travel experience, whether it’s for personal or business purposes. However, there are ways to prevent the severe effects of jet lag, and we listed them below.

Rest Well Before Your Trip

Travelling without being well-rested can worsen the symptoms of jet lag. So, ensure you get enough sleep and rest before your trip to have stamina. Exercising will help you be in good shape and also help you sleep better. Meditation and listening to calming music could help if you’re having trouble sleeping. In addition, using CBD products could possibly help you relax and sleep better. Some say those with 0.01% THC level are essentially THC-free, so they are allowed in the UK. Click here to find a list of CBD options.

Gradually Adjust To The New Time Zone

Adjusting to the new time zone before your trip can help prevent jet lag. For example, you may eat at the time that you would if you were at your destination while you’re still home. If your schedule allows, you could also try sleeping when it’s night time in the place you are travelling. For instance, even if it’s 9:00 AM in your place and 9:00 PM in your destination, sleep at 9:00 AM, and make the night your daytime in preparation for your travel. Of course, it may not be possible if you have a regular work schedule. So, stick to those that you can do.Cabin air is dr

Sleep On The Plane

If it’s night time in your destination while you’re still on the plane, get some sleep to help adjust to the new time zone. Bring a noise-cancelling headset to make it easier for you to catch sleep. Bringing your favourite neck pillow will also help.

Follow The New Time Zone

As soon as you arrive at your destination, follow its time zone. For example, don’t go to bed immediately if you arrive in the morning. You may want to rest because of the travel, but you might not be able to sleep at night, thus making it more difficult to get accustomed to it. Walk around the neighbourhood. Sun exposure and walking can help you stay awake. If you arrive at night, go to sleep right away. Keeping the room cool, dark, and quiet can help induce sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Cabin air is dry, so, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeinated drinks as they can disrupt your sleep. In addition, dehydration could worsen jet lag symptoms, so keep yourself hydrated during your flight.

Keep these things in mind on your next travel to avoid jet lag. Your doctor may also recommend medicines to help you feel better.