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Dentures – Your Most Common Questions Answered

We all know about dentures and how they can help make your teeth look straight and beautiful. Dentures can correct the function of your mouth. Here are some common questions our patients ask before getting treatment started.

In this blog, we will attempt to address the most frequently asked questions by our patients in order to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dentures

1) How Do I Clean My Dentures?

It is essential to clean your dentures on an everyday basis. Make sure to clean up after each meal; this will help remove unwanted debris. Use a denture brush and denture cleaner to scrub all surfaces of the dentures, rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water, and keep them wet to stop them from warping.

2) Is Getting Dentures Painful?

You might experience some minor discomfort wearing your dentures. As you get used to your dentures, visit your dentist regularly; if needed, you can modify them. You should also contact your dentist if your pain continues.

3) How Will Dentures Affect My Eating?

It may take some time to get used to the dentures while you’re eating. It is especially true with harder or stickier foods. To aid in this process, use a small amount of denture glue to stabilize the device as you get used to it.

4) Can I Wear Dentures While I Sleep?

You can wear them, but it is best to take them off. Taking them out causes retraction of the gums and jawbone. But it is advised that you find time to take them out and clean them. If you decide to remove them, clean them and store them in water overnight.

5) How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of dentures can vary depending on the material used and the time required to create the device. The price typically depends on the patient and their needs. Discuss the cost with your dentist during your initial appointment so you are clear on your budget.

6) How Long Do Dentures Last?

You can replace dentures after 5-8 years. If your dentures are slipping or uncomfortable, you may need to have them relined during the process. Your mouth naturally changes with age, so you will definitely need new dentures to ensure they fit correctly.

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7) What Is The Process Of Getting New Dentures?

The process of getting standard dentures takes around 4-5 appointments. During this process, impressions are taken of your mouth to create new teeth. You will try them on and ensure they fit before they are crafted.

Conclusion – The Key Takeaway

If you are considering dentures, consult an experienced dentist who can evaluate your oral health and suggest the best treatment. Discussing your problem with your dentist will be the most beneficial because they are the most knowledgeable about your situation