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Should You Travel To Replace Missing Teeth?

Should You Travel To Replace Missing Teeth?

Are you feeling disturbed due to missing teeth? Missing teeth problems are one of the growing problems seen in adults, these issues can severely affect our everyday life. When we lose one or more teeth, we start losing confidence. First of all, if the front tooth is in the aesthetic zone, we lose confidence in smiling. Replacing missing teeth can have an impact on personal and professional lives. Do you know that health complications can arise from ignoring even one missing tooth? If you lose a tooth in the back of your mouth you may think it doesn’t matter. Not only does your chewing efficiency become compromised, but oral health also gets disturbed. For a lower cost and without traveling thousands of miles, you can get high-quality dental implants in Ireland. A missing tooth can leads to a flood of events that involve the following:

What Happens When You Lose Your Teeth?

We can lose teeth by natural and unnatural circumstances. But what can happen when you don’t get dental implants done to replace missing teeth? Many don’t understand the serious importance of missing teeth in their lives. The non-natural ways people lose their teeth can affect the integrity of the gums. The natural way to lose teeth is due to age and poor oral hygiene. Having missing teeth can cause various problems such as uneven growth of teeth, bone mass reduction in the jaw, etc. Also, another major problem is the outer appearance over time also changes when we lose our teeth.

 Things Can Happen If You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth On Time:

Here are three things that happen to you when you don’t immediately replace missing teeth with dental implants:

1.Shifted Teeth:

Do you know that our teeth are structured to hold and support each other teeth in place? But when one tooth is missing, over the period the other teeth shift to fill up the gap. Thus it causes teeth to look crooked as they shift to adjust place inside the mouth. Straight teeth bending inwards to fill a gap can create uneven spaces leading to a twisted impression.


2.Uneven Tooth Growth:

Keep checking other teeth’ growth check as an unopposed tooth can spread than its normal length. It generally leads to uneven tooth growth. It is not uncommon to see patients with missing teeth have extended teeth, which are trying to fill gaps. It causes a problem with your chewing a problem when you try to close your mouth correctly.

2.Mouth Alignment Issues

Do you know that twisted and uneven teeth can result in a misaligned mouth? As your teeth have shifted, the chewing pattern also changes. Your jaw muscles try to recompense.  Over time, it will cause your face to look uneven. It also increases the chance of developing speech conditions as your mouth’s natural movement’s change. Did you know that Headaches, tooth decay, and weakened teeth can also develop due to alignment issues?

3.Jawbone Mass Reduction:

The most difficult part of missing teeth is jawbone mass reduction. A missing tooth can cause a decrease in mass of the jawbone each year leading to a weakened jaw. The bone collapses by pulling the attached muscles and tissues with it. It can change your entire facial structure as your face’s muscles and tissues are linked with your bone structure. When bone mass reduction happens the bone can collapse pulling the attached muscles and tissues.

Hundreds of manufacturers today are available for dental implants but understanding the quality of the product is the main challenge. Talk with your dentist. In Ireland, we have positively experienced trained Dentists who can go over implant options for every age group. Function, aesthetics, and health are a top priority for us, if you think you might be a candidate for implants or have missing teeth, call us today. We’ll be happy to assess your teeth and determine which treatment is right for you.

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