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Can Virgins Get STDs?

Can Virgins Get STDs?

There is a widespread misconception about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), specifically whether or not virgins can develop STDs. It’s quite normal to have these concerns, whether you’re a virgin concerned about STD-related symptoms or have recently had sexual contact with someone who claims to be STD-free due to their virginity.

Being informed on STD myths and misconceptions like this one will protect not just your sexual health but also the health of others.

But can a virgin contract an STD? Should you still go to your local STD testing center in Dubai? We’ll answer these and other questions.

Absolutely, STDs May Infect Virgins.

To begin with, losing one’s virginity might signify different things to different people. Many people agree that men and women lose their virginity after having penetrative intercourse. Some, on the other hand, feel that oral and anal intercourse can also result in the loss of virginity. As a result, virginity is highly subjective and should not be used as an alternative to getting tested.

STDs are primarily transmitted through unprotected vaginal and anal sexual contact.

1 In general, using male condoms, a dental dam, a female condom, and so on is the greatest approach to reduce your risks of contracting STDs. 2

Yet, regardless of whether or not they use condoms as a form of contraception, virgins might catch STDs in other ways. As a result, whether you’re a virgin experiencing symptoms or have had unprotected sex with a virgin, it’s still a good idea to test yourself before participating in sexual activity.

How Can You Get STDs If You Don’t Have Sex?

One thing to keep in mind is that STDs can be spread in methods other than sexual contact. Some of the ways are listed below, for example.

Kissing: Aside from mononucleosis, kissing can transmit herpes, which can cause cold sores and viral shedding.

Oral sex: Most people do not consider oral sex to be “sex” because it does not involve contact with the nether regions. In rare situations, it might expose sexual partners to genital herpes, HPV, and oral chlamydia.

Sharing dirty sheets, towels, or garments may not contain viruses, but they may have single-celled protozoan parasites. Trichomonas vaginalis, for example, which can cause the STI trichomoniasis, can spread through damp towels or bathing suits.3

Should Virgins Continue To Use Protection?

There is no disagreement that prevention is better than cure; so, whether you are a virgin or not, you should not engage in unprotected oral, anal, or vaginal sex. These are some of the most common STD prevention strategies that virgins should think about. 4

Male condoms are worn over the penis to prevent skin contact during sexual activity.

Female condoms are also internal condoms that protect the labia, perineum, and base of the penis against illnesses.

To prevent oral STDs, dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets placed between the mouth and the vagina or anus during oral intercourse.

There are Vaccines Available to Prevent Hepatitis B and HPV.

Finally, you should be aware that birth control will not prevent you from STDs, and that the safest method to ensure good health is to use the techniques listed above.

Should I Get My Blood Tested?

Men and women, regardless of sexual partners, should receive comprehensive STD screening prior to sexual contact. Lab-based STD testing can detect the most common STIs, offering peace of mind as well as treatment options if necessary.

If you suspect you have a STI from previous sexual interaction, don’t be afraid to be tested. Novelty STD Testing not only provides discreet, professional testing facilities, but also a staff of care counselors to assist you during the procedure.

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