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How You Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

The dreaded word all of us fear; cancer. It’s been suggested than 1 in 3 of us will develop some form of the disease in our lifetime which means a huge number of people will be potentially affected. Not only will it put an enormous strain on NHS services but that’s an awful lot of families suffering also. So, what are the risks and what can we do to lower them?

Reduce Stress

It’s thought that stress can be one of the factors affecting our likelihood of developing the disease so if you can reduce your stress levels then your cancer risk will also be lower.


Make sure you take enough exercise. Every day is ideal but several times a week can also be beneficial.

Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

Try to let go of harmful negative thoughts. Not an easy thing to do but with the help of a hot tub you’ll find it easier and will most certainly feel more relaxed.

Take Some Me Time

Take some time out for yourself. Again a hot tub could be just the thing you need for some relaxing “me” time, particularly in the evening so you can be sure of getting a good nights sleep after it.

Take It Easy

Know your limits when it comes to taking on extra work. Learn to say no to unnecessary and unrealistic requests and make sure you ask for help if it’s needed rather than struggling on alone.

Consider Your Diet

Diet can also play a big part in your cancer risk. We’ve all heard the advice to eat more fruit and veg each day but how many of us really consider the importance of it? Fresh fruit and veg contain a range of antioxidants which help to eliminate harmful substances and cancer cells from the body. They also help to build up the immune system which is the most effective way of preventing cancer.

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