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Take A Different Approach To Treating Your Migraine

Last updated on July 18, 2020

For those suffering from migraine, the number one priority when one strikes is to find relief from the pain and other symptoms sometimes experienced. The conventional method for many years has been to take some form of pain relief and try to lie down in a darkened room if at all possible. This method will work for some, but not everyone will find relief in this and if you’re like me, you’ll been keen to try out any form of treatment if it can get rid of the intense pain and nausea that often accompanies a migraine headache.

Try A Hot Tub

It’s thought that lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels can contribute to a migraine headache, so with this in mind it’s no surprise that many people have found relief by using a hot tub, says Richard of In fact, both of these problems have been successfully treated in this way for a number of years, both stress and migraines

Relaxing Aids Relief

Relaxing in the warm water (and it’s best to have the water not too hot) can provide an effective treatment for many different aches and pains, so why not a migraine as well? You’ll get the best results if you position the massage jets so they hit the pressure points along your back and neck as migraines can often begin with tension in these areas. Just remember to limit your time in the hot tub to around 20 minutes then you don’t overdo it and drink plenty of water to prevent de-hydration which can often contribute to a headache in some cases.

Learning how to relax may also be of great benefit so whilst in your hot tub, play some soothing music at a low volume, practice some deep breathing and focus on relaxing the muscles in your neck and back to ease any tension. Hopefully this will be a method that will work for you.