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What It’s Like To Live In Memory Care Facilities In Lakewood Co

Memory care facilities cater to the needs of those individuals suffering from dementia. Since residents may be unable to do certain daily activities, staffs at memory care facilities in Lakewood CO make it a priority to assist them with activities such as eating, bathing and many more. Living in a memory care facility is no different from living anywhere else. The only difference is the extra protection and safety provided to residents. Not forgetting to mention that residents get restricted movement. Also, food is prepared with residents in mind – allergies and preferences are taken into account. If your loved one is a vegan, there is something for him or her.

The hallways are designed with rails to help resident keep their balance as they walk through. Each door has ledges for keeping personal items. This way, residents will find it easier to identify their rooms. Bathrooms come equipped with walk-in showers and railings to prevent slipping.

Memory care facilities in Lakewood CO offer 24-hour protection service for residents. They know that dementia patient can’t do without wandering. This is why these facilities are always locked. People with cognitive impairment are great wanderers, and they rarely sleep. Sometimes, they can take a night, but they wander about for the most part of the night.

Most family members don’t have the time to stay up all night in order to keep watch over their loved ones and prevent them from wandering off the house. This is no easy task at all. So the best thing to do is to sign up for memory care facility with state of the art amenities. Here, staffs are always awake all night to keep watch. Night staffs stay alert and would attend to any issues promptly. For instance, if they hear a loud noise, they are quick to get to the resident’s room to assess the situation.

The staffs will make sure that they put night wanderers to bed. In some cases, one of the staffs may decide to walk alongside the resident. One thing you should know is that wanderers are curious and love to explore new things. This habit of exploration might take them into another resident’s room. So, staffs are always on ground to assist people to get back to their room.

Life in a memory care facility especially for the staff can be fun yet stressful. This is why it’s important to do thorough research before choosing a community for your loved one. The care and attention given to residents matter a lot. Also, check to see the amenities they have on offer. This will guarantee the safety of your loved ones.

Signing up for memory care facilities is no guarantee that your loved one’s dementia issues will be eliminated completely. Depending on the severity of your loved one’s cognitive impairment, memory care facilities can help reduce the traits associated with memory loss.  Save yourself the stress and enroll your loved one in a memory care facility today.

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