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Pros And Cons Of Using A Hookah Pen

So you want to know the pros and cons of hookah pens. Before you do that, you would already be aware of what a hookah pen actually is. There are several different kinds of hookah pens available, and their pros and cons certainly vary. However, the prime aspect here to consider is if a hookah pen is the best option as per your lifestyle.

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Pros of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Portability – One of the biggest advantages of using a hookah pen is that it is quite easy to travel with. A hookah pen is approximately the size of a cigarette or an ink pen. Due to that, you can easily carry it along just about anywhere you go.
  • No Tobacco – another great advantage of using hookah pen for smoking is that it does not include tobacco. If it already did, you might as well smoke a cigarette.
  • No Nicotine – The chemical that most people get addicted to while smoking cigarettes is Nicotine, and the best part is that a hookah pen does not have any of it. If you have ever tried smoking a cigarette, regular hookah shisha or a hookah pen with nicotine, then you will most likely have the experienced ‘hit’ at the back of your throat. Basically that ‘hit’ is due to nicotine.
  • Disposable – In the present times, none of us really have enough time for stuff such as charging extra electronics. People now prefer buying them, opening and using them. Why these hookah pens be any different? If you do not mind continually recharging your hookah pen, then this can be another great advantage for you.
  • No Cleaning Needed – With disposable hookah pens, you do not have to spend longer hours cleaning the cartridges. You would be able to spend more hours smoking.

Cons of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Less Smoke – While you are smoking a hookah pen, you will notice that you get less smoke than you typically would do if you have been smoking a conventional hookah.
  • Expensive – Depending on the brand you are using, smoking a hookah pen could be a lot more costly. However, for some it could be less expensive.

Going through the pros and cons of smoking a hookah pen, you would still be unsure if hookah pens are good for you or not. I would recommend you to at least give it a try.