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5 Powerful Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

With millions of weight loss products in the market, and considering the amount of time, hard work, and effort needed to have that sexy body, you should not settle with lesser and temporary results. But how do you really get that jaw-dropping curves and maintain these? What is the secret behind being consistent? Is there such a thing as permanent weight loss? Well, enough with the questions and just read on to find out the answers for yourself.

A Good Plan is the Best Foundation

Like any other victories the history has ever written, it takes a great battle plan to conquer and win. This is also applicable to your struggle to shed some weight off from your waist and be the sexier and fitter you. With proper planning on how you can consistently do your workout through the good and bad gym days, and keeping up your diet without getting distracted by fries and burgers, you can definitely raise your flag and soar beyond unhealthy diet and passive lifestyle. Sounds like some serious work to do, right? Of course. Permanent results demand long, consistent and sweat-dropping exercises and diet in order to be achieved. People who believe in shortcuts to this goal find ways to, somehow, magically flush out those weights in an instant using pills and supplements, that’s why they tend to revert to their old selves once they’re tired of keeping up with the process.

You would most likely think that this is all about the reps, the number of sets in an exercise, the food, and other physical things. But that’s where you are wrong. The most important thing in starting to lose weight and most people tend to overlook is that one thing that drives and motivates us to continue: our mindset. Because if you do not change your mindset, you may still lose weight, but you will most likely lose that determination midway and go back to your old weight and perhaps gain even more. You have to change your thinking to match that of a fit and healthy person. A person like that loves to exercise and eat balanced, nutrient-packed meals and always seeks to beat his own good records in order to be better every time. This way, you will not falter despite how hard and tiring to keep up with the plan to achieve that permanent result.

The next thing you have to do is set up realistic and doable goals within a specific time frame that you will give yourself. This is only the second step but most people already fail and stop here. You want to know why? It is because they set up goals that are too ambitious and unachievable within a short span of time.

While it is not bad to be ambitious on the goals that you set and the figure that you want to have, it would be best if you give yourself a considerable aim to hit within a specific time range. Not only will you be giving yourself pressure by setting a goal that’s impossible to reach, but the frustration of not hitting it would be your stumbling point that will make you lose confidence in yourself and stop all this at once. So, take is slowly, as they say, slowly but surely, perhaps a 2-pound weight loss per week and you’ll surely keep it up in the long run.

This is the third point in our list since, as they say, most of your muscles are not made in the gym but in the kitchen. Well, that is partially true since your diet impacts a third of the over-all results in your weight loss efforts. But finding and sticking to a good diet program is not easy to do and the best-selling programs in your bookstore will not really be the best to follow. Most experts would tell you that a personalized diet program would be best since it will tell you what to eat, how much of it, when to eat it, and when to change your diet.

When trying to lose weight, the common mistake that most people make in the gym is not pairing cardio exercises with weight training. Yes, cardio exercises are the key to losing some of those saggy fats around your waists, but only if it comes with weight training. The scientific explanation to this is that through weight lifting, you add more muscle to your body, and doing that will result to a higher Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR, the rate by which your body burns calories while resting. So your cardio exercises will only make much more sense if you add in weight training as well.

Now comes the last one though this is also very important. After you have conditioned your mind, set possible and achievable goals, stuck to an effective diet, and added some intense fat-melting weightlifting, complement all of these with a proven-effective and high-quality supplements.

There is an ocean of weight loss products out there but the challenge is finding one that has been proven by many to be really working and safe to use. Some of these products are just pure crap and will most likely lose the weight of your pocket rather than your body, so it is best to be careful and ask the thoughts of your doctor just to be certain of the product that you’re thinking of taking. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to your own body.

Finally, following these steps will surely help you permanently maintain that body you’ve been dreaming for. But just a fair warning, it will most absolutely not going to be easy; but when you will make it, it could be the most worthwhile achievement in your life.

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