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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea

Tea is a kind of drink used by many people around the world. It is part of culture and is included in many celebrations. Tea in one form or the other is used by most of the people on a daily basis. Many drink enough amount of tea frequently for feeling rejuvenated and active continuously. You can drink black tea, green tea, oolong tea etc as per your taste or need. Tea keep your mind focused & help you work well. Thus tea has not only health benefit but also offer mental benefits. Some people start there day with the morning tea before doing anything else. Therefore tea plays a major role in all of our lives and influences our routine much. Let us take a look on some benefits of drinking tea.

The 5 major benefits of drinking tea / the 5 reasons why you should drink tea are:

  1. Calms & alerts mind
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Reduces headaches
  4. Tea contains antioxidants
  5. Reduces the possibility of cognitive impairment

Calms & alerts mind

It calms and alerts mind. Your mind becomes calmer after drinking tea. You do not just become calm but also alert enough to handle difficult tasks (maintaining your composure well). You can see that most of the IT companies and other companies in which much work has to be done continuously offer tea stalls or cafeteria close by offering continuous free tea services. This is because it makes sure that the employees remain calm during their work hour and maintain their alertness for doing their job well.

Reduce stress

Stress is also reduced much via tea. Especially black tea is very effective in reducing stress. Cortisol level gets reduced much by the consumption of tea. This is a stress hormone and 20% reduction of this hormone takes place when you drink 4 cups tea a month. Feeling stressful? Buy black tea from Organic Black Tea Manufacturer in India and prepare & drink it for long. For sure you will feel a reduction in your stress level. Always have a back up of black tea in order to ensure that you get access to it whenever necessary. Do this especially if you are into a job that has immense levels of stress involved.

Reduces headaches

Headaches are also reduced much via the consumption of tea. A hot tea works magic on headaches! It relaxes your nerves and helps you feel relieved. Red tea is used mainly in such scenarios. They work well on headaches and help you in reducing tensions. Buy high quality red tea and cure your headache effectively. It also helps in reducing inflammations and irritations on your body.

Tea contains antioxidants

Antioxidants fights against aging. Therefore they help to slow aging by serving your body in regenerating and repairing cells. Polyphenols antioxidant is present in tea and hence consumption of tea helps you in looking of the same age for longer time. Have tea regularly and make sure that you do not lose your charm soon. Remain young for a long time by becoming a regular consumer of tea.

Reduces the possibility of cognitive impairment

Green tea helps in reducing the possibility of cognitive impairment (cognitive means associated with thinking). Therefore have green tea on a regular basis for clear thinking. Green tea comes in many flavours like lemon, ginger, its combinations and many more flavours. Green tea leaves, green tea bags etc can be brought from Green Tea Suppliers in India. Buy them from certified suppliers and therefore ensure the good quality of green tea purchased.

Get benefitted physically and mentally via the consumption of tea. Some research has proved that tea helps in even fighting cancer but more research is going on for understanding and proving the effectiveness & benefits in detail. Reduce headache, stress & tension and prevent cognitive impairment via tea consumption. Fight ageing via the antioxidants present in the tea. Make tea a part of your everyday life and get benefitted immensely.