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Breaking Bad Habits This New Year’s

Are you in the habit of making new year’s resolutions but much like the rest of us, you cannot follow through with them? Then you are not alone.

We feel extremely motivated to work on ourselves and setting new goals at the start of the year. The verve and energy are all there. However, as the weeks go by, the motivation also starts to vane, till we throw in the towel and continue with the old and bad habits.

However, there are ways we can avoid this remission into old ways. When done right, new year’s resolutions can be effective, but herein also lies the problem; they are seldom done right.

Most people set unrealistic expectations from themselves, that they naturally are unable to meet. The lack of result makes them despondent due to which they lose faith in their abilities. This may also then have an impact on the mental health, requiring intervention of a therapist you found at

It is understandable to feel down when you cannot meet your own expectations. However, there is way to break bad habits, and an important role is played by our resolutions.

Following Through With The Resolutions

To break the bad habits and to gain good ones, you need to stick by whatever resolutions that you decide on. Here are some ways to help you do that:


Knowing how you plan on executing your resolutions is also important, as just making the resolve will not suffice. Therefore, take time out and work on strategizing. For example, if you want to leave your toxic workplace, you need to have a plan about applying to other places.

Moreover, without having a proper strategy, the resolution might seem extremely daunting. This may then overwhelm you and your system, due to which you might end up abandoning the entire endeavor. Hence, break down the task into manageable chunks. Set yourself a timeline accordingly. And just start a new chapter of your life.

Habit helps

Humans are creatures of habit. So, make your resolution your habit. To start a helpful loop of habit, first start the process, then make it a part of the routine, and then determine the reward.

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Keep track

We might not realize how far we have come along, as the progress does not happen overnight, but it occurs over time. You may not feel like you have made any strides, which might belie the reality. This may also then demotivate you, and you might then leave the resolution.

To prevent this disaster, make sure to track your progress. When you have evidence of how much you have improved, it will help you in staying motivated till you have achieved your goal.

Know your wins, learn from the losses

It is important to celebrate your little wins. Give yourself these moments of happiness so that your resolve strengthens. A journey that offers no reward is harder to sustain. Therefore, do not let go of even the smallest things. So, if you got work done in half the time, go eat the cupcake you want. You managed to earn more this time; you deserve some spa time.

At the same time, you should also not let your losses deter you from your path. Rather than perceiving them as failures and beating yourself over it, take them as learning experiences. Analyze where you went wrong, take note of your misstep, and simply do not repeat these in the future. Losses serve as an excellent opportunity for growth!

Help from expert

For when it comes to serious problems like addictions, not only making resolutions about them is important but you might also need the support of mental health expert like the Best Psychologist in Karachi. You may contact such experts and use their advice to help achieve your goals for the new year.