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Get Slim, Toned, And Stay Youthful with Cryotherapy Treatments

Are you in decent physical form, but worried about certain body parts that may seem to be resistant to exercise? You are in luck! A therapeutic approach known as cryotherapy is here to take care of all that and more.

Cryotherapy Treatments

The use of near-freezing or freezing temperatures by an aesthetician or healthcare providers to treat a range of skin or body-related conditions, as well as slim, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite is called cryotherapy.

There are different approaches to this type of therapy. With one offering, the aesthetics will shower your skin in a substance such as argon gas or liquid nitrogen to create extreme cold condition. This treatment cools the skin enough to boost microcirculation and improves the overall appearance of skin quality.

Another offering in cryotherapy is from Cryostar® – one of the UK’s leading companies that offer the latest technology device in slimming, toning, and facial benefits to the users. Their non-invasive fat loss machine freezes fat and shapes your body in the way you want.  Cryostar’s® CryoSlimming® treatment reduces fat, not just appearance.

Cryostar® introduced the U.K. market to today’s top beauty devices with the sole aim to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who will empower their customers to be more confident in their skin.

Their CryoFacial™ differs from an icy blast of liquid nitrogen facial. With a CryoFacial™, the trained aesthetics uses a wand to gently massage the skin with cold temperatures between 5-7°C alternating with the warmth of their hand. This increase blood, increase production or elastin and collagen. Which tightens, tones and improves the skins appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The other treatments possible with the Cryostar® device are CryoSlimming®, CryoToning® and * CryoSoothe™ – CryoSlimming® gets deeper into the subcutaneous layer of fat to destroy fat cells via the process of apoptosis. CryoToning’s® treatment method works to increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of cellulite. CryoSoothe™ is their latest treatment just launched. This treatment aims to ease soreness and discomfort, soothe inflammation, and improve recovery. Combining cold and heat therapy in targeted areas, CryoSoothe™ treatments will improve pliability of the muscles and joints, allowing the body to heal.

Coolsculpting, a competitor of Cryostar® offers a slimming treatment comparable to CryoSlimming® in terms of results, their main distinctions are in terms of price, effectiveness, and technique – Coolsculpting focuses one area at a time and uses suction method rather than a massage method. Compared to CoolSculpting, CryoSlimming®, CryoToning®, and CryoFacial™ are quicker (20–40 minutes vs. one to three hours). However, the best results can be seen after three to five sessions.

Contrarily, CoolSculpting just needs one operation (or treatment/session?). However, that also brings up what is arguably the most significant distinction between the two procedures: cost.

Depending on the size of the treatment region, the size of the applicator, and the desired result, the cost of a CoolSculpting treatment normally ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per session.

Cryotherapy and ice baths

The name “cryotherapy” derives from the Greek word “kro,” which means “cold,” and “cold therapy” is all about this. Different forms of cold therapy exist.

Each technique makes use of extremely cooling components and low temps to aid in mind and body renewal or lessen bruising and agony in the muscles. The crucial component of this therapy is cold.

Some patients prefer home cryotherapy, which involves applying ice packs or coolant sprays to painful muscles. Others favor dipping into an ice barrel for a profound and all-encompassing whole-body experience relief, better mind/body connection, more focus and improved sleep. However, for targeted treatments to reduce fat, appearance of cellulite and increase the skin’s appearance more long term, none of these are as effective as the treatments offered by Cryostar®.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Another type of Cryotherapy is whole body cryotherapy treatments. With more and more people opening up to whole-body cryotherapy treatment services over the last few years. You can now choose between Cryochambers and Ccryosaunas. Here is how each of the sessions goes through:

The client enters a cooled room in a cryochamber, exposing their complete body to the cold. There are rooms for both individuals and groups, allowing multiple persons to take a session concurrently.

In a cryosauna, the patient is hoisted inside the cabin such that his or her head remains outside and just their body is cooled. This allows them to talk to an operator or other customers while undergoing the session. For those who, for example, are scared of small spaces, this is a crucial consideration.

What to wear?

You just need to wear gloves, socks, and underpants in a cryosauna (preferably made of natural fabric, like cotton). Being dry is the only prerequisite for all of these. To protect your head, ears, and airways in a cryo chamber, use a respirator, a cap, or earmuffs in addition to the clothing mentioned above.

Cryotherapy treatments - CryoSculpt

Cryosauna versus cryo chamber on maintenance and running costs

This material mostly applies to those planning to create a cryotherapy facility or to include cryotherapy sessions in a facility that offers medical, aesthetic, or sporting services.

The main benefit of a cryosauna is that it is smaller, perhaps even significantly smaller, than a cryo chamber, which is often rather large. Generators are required for electrically cooled or hybrid cryo chambers and they are not small either.

Because of this, a cryosauna is more advantageous in terms of delivery and needed space. In terms of operating expenses, a cryochamber will undoubtedly result in substantial electricity costs, whereas a cryosauna uses a maximum of 1.5 kW.

In addition to consuming nitrogen, hybrid cryo chambers will do so in quantities that are double or treble that of our cryosaunas. Cryosauna upkeep is also significantly simpler. In terms of cost, cryosaunas are typically less expensive than cryo chambers.

All of the aforementioned variables may affect the price of a cryotherapy session and the number of possible customers, which may affect your return on investment.

Whichever cryotherapy option you choose to try, there are huge benefits from each type of treatments, whether whole body or localised therapy to target specific body concerns.