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Nurses Provide Help For Dementia Patients

With age come diseases. Some diseases develop with time without any actual cause. Dementia is a disease that is found in old age patients. In this disease the patient’s mind gets fixed over a single action that the patient keeps on repeating. A nurse can help a dementia patient in different ways. Following is an article regarding the disease and Dementia Nursing Diagnosis.

Types of Dementia

Here are the few types of dementia. The patient may develop Alzheimer dementia, Vascular dementia, Dementia due to head trauma or HIV, Dementia due to lewy body disease.

Alzheimers Dementia

  • A decrease in the brain acetylcholine and the presence of tangles and plaques and defective genes might lead to it. The symptoms resemble that of an Alzheimer patient hence it has been named so.

Vascular Dementia

  • When the brain of the patient has been affected by a cerebrovascular disease, vascular dementia can occur. It results in small strokes due to arterial hypertension or thrombi.

HIV Causes Dementia

  • The lack of immunity makes the body transparent against many diseases. The brain cells can be hence easily harmed.

Lewy Body Disease Causes Dementia

  • Visual hallucinations followed by Parkinson’s symptoms are commonly seen in this type of dementia. Such patients can cause harm to themselves and require essential care.

Dementia Nursing Diagnosis

The first person a patient meets when he is taken to the hospital is a nurse. This nurse prepares the whole report of the patient and writes down all the details regarding the aimless locomotion and symptoms of the patient. Due to the change in brain tissues these patients can cause self harm to themselves and require proper care.

  • Trained and professional nurses provide much help in looking after dementia patients and ion preparing their reports as well. These patients can leave their houses or harm themselves without the family members noticing. Well-qualified and trained nurses take care of these patients when they are brought to the hospitals.
  • They use alarms that are set at the place the patient is sitting at. These alarms help in noticing any movement made by the patient.
  • These nurses provide the patients with the best environment that shall keep them calm and help the brain in better functioning. Moreover, they make sure that all kinds of harmful materials that might be sharp and can be used by the patient to harm themselves are not in the surrounding.