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Why Do We Need To Throw WillPower In The Bin And What To Rely On Instead?

Will power is the ability to resist temptations, impulses and addictions. It’s what you rely on when your strongest impulse is to eat that pizza or take a nap. Willpower is also what we rely on when we want to reach our fitness goals or complete any difficult task.

First, regardless of how many times you’ve failed to reach a goal, remember that all you really need to succeed is a good direction, support and commitment. Willpower should not be in the picture.

When I talk about throwing willpower in the bin, I’m talking about eliminating it from your thought process.

Here are the facts: Willpower is great at helping you say no to things that are bad for you but it has nothing to do with success. 90% of your success is already determined. It’s not how hard you work, how much willpower you have or how many times in a row you’ve failed that determine your success.

Success is what happens when your mind is made up and your actions are directed by a clear plan of action based on the knowledge you have from past experiences. Success does not depend on motivation but it does depend on determination and commitment to a specific outcome. Motivation will get you there. Determination will get you started. Commitment (doing what needs to be done) will keep you focused on the end result.

It’s all about controlling the process and eliminating or minimising distractions. It’s about eating well, working out, practising a specific skill and doing what needs to be done every day without fail. It’s about learning how to focus your attention on one thing at a time instead of trying to do too many things at once out of fear or uncertainty.

Willpower is never needed because it’s not part of the process that leads to success. Willpower is something you rely on when you want something that is not good for you. Willpower is used up when you choose to do something that you don’t enjoy doing but have decided is good for you and others around you.

And yet willpower is what so many people are using as their excuse not to do the things they really need to do. They rely on it as an excuse and try to hold onto it forever.

When willpower is used in the right way, it can help us avoid making bad choices and maintaining bad habits. We do this when we use willpower in place of good choices and decisions that keep us fit and healthy.

When you have strong goals, and are motivated and determined, having a clear path and coach to guide you is key. This is what you should rely on.

Willpower is not part of the process that leads to success and it shouldn’t be part of your plan. When you realise that, success is only one logical decision away. For more information, visit Michelle Motivates.