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Beard Transplant: What You Should Know

Everyone in this world has been secretly expecting your perfect match to be with a man sporting the best-looking beard. While some might have tried to raise their “chemo” achievement and quite manfully sworn by their clean shaved look, you couldn’t help but give them miles apart whenever you compare that stubble on his face to your hairless self. But behold, times are changing as men of different ages taking note of their advancing age are considering getting beard transplants to undo the.

What is a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplants are a surgical procedure used to fill in bald or patchy areas of the beard that transplants hair from the back of the head, specifically to the area around the mouth and chin. Before doing this procedure, the doctor would first use a dermatologist to identify a hair follicle and locate it. If you are planning beard transplant treatment in London, then Ahi Clinic is highly recommended.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Beard Transplant?

Anyone who is interested in restoring hair to their beard is a good candidate for a beard transplant. There are a few limitations to this procedure. One of the most important is that the patient must not already have an extensive beard. A transplant in a patch of baldness, or any other facial hair, would be considered inappropriate for this procedure. Patients who have facial hair, including a beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns, or different mustaches, can undergo the process.

Beard Transplant – Meridian Hair Turkey

How Does FUE Beard Transplant Work?

The procedure is relatively simple and is usually performed under local anesthesia. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort, and the recovery time is short. It is done by extracting hair follicles from other body parts and transplanting them to the beard area. The hair is transplanted in a particular pattern. The first strip of the procedure is done to move the skin below the beard line to resemble the hair pattern below. Then, follicle clusters are harvested and transferred to their final destination. Then, the hair is transplanted using a unique punch-through technique. As the hair transplant procedure continues, the follicle clusters come in one by one from a tiny hole.

What Are The Benefits Of The Beard Transplant

A Beard transplant has many advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about four hours. It’s been around for nearly ten years and is meant to help people who cannot grow a full beard or mustache because of genetics, old injuries, or other facial trauma.
  2. Recovery time is minimal, and most people can return to work within a few days, and Patients can go home the same day.
  3. Beard transplants can help fill in patches or thinning areas of your beard.
  4. The procedure can help repair scalp wounds, including burns or scars that might be left after a surgical procedure.
  5. Replacing a patchy or small beard with a full, natural-looking beard can improve your appearance and self-confidence.
  6. The beard transplant can be used to repair damage from male pattern baldness. This form of hair loss is caused by aging, genetic factors, or medications. It would be best to discuss your options with your physician and a specialist in hair restoration medicine.
  7. A beard transplant is an ideal treatment for those who want to grow a fuller, more natural-looking beard. It is also an excellent solution for those who do not want to take medications or undergo other hair treatments.

Is a Beard Transplant Permanent?

Most people believe that a beard transplant is a permanent solution to the problem of patchy or thinning facial hair. However, while a beard transplant will bring back the fullness and appearance of your existing beard, it is not permanent.

Bottom Line

As we learned in this article, there are many ways to improve the appearance of your beard. One of these is through a surgical procedure known as a beard transplant. This involves taking hair from other areas of your body and transplanting it to your beard’s bald or patchy spots. Reach out to Ahi Clinic today to get a free initial consultation on beard transplant.