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EWheels Wheelchairs

EWheels manufactures both electric scooters and wheelchairs for medical and recreational needs. Their mobility aid devices feature a patented technology that highlights their quality and high performance. Further, they offer 23 different models, so you can choose the ideal machine that serves your needs the best. Below are some of their top power wheelchairs:

1. EWheels EW-M48 Power Wheelchair

The EWheel EW-M48 is a unique power wheelchair with a unique front wheel placement positioned forward of the center of gravity. With this sort of placement the ride is more stable and the wheelchair has better handling. It comes with the following features:


If you are always on the move, you will need a comfortable wheelchair. This power wheelchair has a 20-inch captain’s seat, which is wider than most other wheelchairs. It is also adjustable, with armrests that flip up and are adjustable.


The M48 Power Wheelchair has a top speed of 4.2mph and a driving range of 12.4 miles on a single charge. As a safety addition, it also comes with self-diagnostic warning lights.

Easy to Transport

This wheelchair has a weight capacity of 300lbs but weighs only 181 pounds. Moreover, the seat also has a height adjustable headrest and seat. It also has a turning radius of 24” for excellent maneuverability.

2. EWheels EW-M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

This folding power wheelchair was made to be easy to transport and is light in weight. It is perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and are constantly moving. The following are its outstanding features:

Easily Carried

This wheelchair makes transportation a breeze. It can be folded in seconds to a size of 23” x 13” x 31”. Thus, it can easily be stored away in your car or in a tiny area. Also, it only weighs about 59 pounds making it one of the lightest units around.

High Weight Capacity

The EW-M45 has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is 100 times more than similar products weigh. In addition to that it has a turning radius of 31”, which makes it ideal for maneuvering around tight spaces.


It has 8” front wheels and 12” rear wheels, which enables it to handle both indoor and outdoor terrain allowing for additional grip when handling rough surfaces.

3. EWheels EW-M43 Folding Power Wheelchair

The EW-M43 is well known for being an affordable and dependable electric wheelchair. It is also one of the lightest folding electric wheelchairs available.


The EW-M45 can hit a top speed of up to 3.7mph and offer a battery range of 9.7 miles on a single charge. Even better, it allows you to navigate any space courtesy of its 24.25” turning radius.


It can accommodate a weight capacity of 300 lbs and yet offer top performance. It has huge 12” rear wheels, plenty of storage. Storage includes a retractable under-seat storage compartment and a storage pocket on the back of the chair.

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