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The Importance Of Preventive Podiatry

Last updated on April 28, 2023

The Professional Master’s Degree Advanced Clinical Podiatry of TECH trains professionals to implement a treatment tailored to the needs of their patients

Prevention is essential to take care of the feet and avoid many injuries or pathologies, for this reason, there are professionals in clinical podiatry that offer treatments to study, diagnose diseases and disorders that affect all those pathologies of the foot and ankle. The Professional Master’s Degree Advanced Clinical Podiatry is focused on preventive care in early childhood and adolescence, as well as on patients at risk, such as diabetic patients or elderly patients.

An expert can figure out the treatment according to the conditions of each patient, which may be:

  • Hyperkeratosis: Consists of a thickening of the outer layer of the skin, caused by the excessive accumulation of keratin from dead, desquamated cells, preventing the proper renewal of the outer layers of the skin.
  • Helomas: It is a dry, hard and yellowish mass, which appears by pressure or abnormal friction of the skin of the adjacent toe or against the footwear, or due to bony prominence and defective structure of the foot.
  • Papilloma: They are small hyperkeratotic and circumscribed lesions of benign character, caused by the human papilloma virus and that require specific treatment.
  • Mycosis: Consists of different diseases caused by microscopic fungi, which tend to multiply and are contagious.
  • Nail treatment: It can be onychogryphosis related to ingrown toenails, and onychogryphosis which is a thickened nail.
  • Diabetic foot: It is necessary to recognize the neurological and vascular status of the diabetic patient’s feet, helping to prevent deformities, skin lesions, nail appearance, analysis of shoes, socks, hygiene and others.
  • Foot at risk: This deserves special attention the rheumatic foot, which presents severe deformities that hinder walking.

Depending on the foot type, way of walking, distribution of plantar pressures, shoe type and lifestyle, the injuries that may occur later, during regular check-ups prevent them. In this way, it is possible to prevent muscular injuries, fasciitis in flat feet, sprains due to an alteration in gait, an overload in pes caves, bone injuries due to a non-functional foot, hollow nails, prevent the appearance of fungus, or eliminate subungual hyperkeratosis, athlete’s foot, generalized dryness, warts or spots that can cause damage to the body, as well as knee, hip or back joint injuries.

Professional Master’s Degree Advanced Clinical Podiatry

TECH Technological University created this program to train experts to perform a professional practice in clinical podiatry, which is the science that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and deformities of the feet, through therapeutic techniques for pediatric patients to elderly patients. The institution wants to offer the latest advances in this field such as examination techniques, clinical, manual, biomechanical, and radio diagnostic diagnosis, and select the most proper treatment according to the patient’s condition.

In this way, the students will have access to graphic and schematic content, exclusive material, innovative methods, practical exercises, rational drug use guidelines for podiatrists’, algorithm-based on interactive learning system for decision-making, forums and feedback from experts focused on the advances in biomechanics applied to podiatry, analysis of the paradigms accepted and confirmed by the scientific community.

What Can A Foot Doctor Treat? |

Considering the above, the content structure treats in-depth in relevant topics such as advances in biomechanics applied to podiatry, generalities in podiatric surgery, soft tissue surgery, sports podiatry, advances in orthopodology, open surgery, minimal incision surgery, posturology, diagnostic imaging tests in podiatry, clinic management, marketing in podiatry, anesthesia and pharmacology, dermatological podiatry, wound treatment, research methodology, among others.

Re-Learning Method

The Professional Master’s Degree Advanced Clinical Podiatry of TECH is developed entirely online. During the 12 months of training, the student has access to the program’s contents at any time and from any device, allowing them to self-manage the study time with maximum flexibility and adapt to each student’s schedule.

It has its own learning method, ‘Re-Learning’, based on asynchrony and self-management. The contents are presented in an attractive and dynamic way in multimedia capsules that include audio, videos, images, diagrams, and conceptual maps to corroborate knowledge.

TECH Technological University

TECH Technological University, the world’s largest university, is also the official online university of the NBA (National Basketball Association) in Latin America. It belongs to the TECH educational group, a Spanish-owned multinational recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest-growing companies in Europe. The company, founded and directed by Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes, has also been considered the most highly valued Spanish technology company in the last 15 years.

Thanks to its fully digital learning system, it supplies training to students from anywhere in the world. An international trajectory has allowed it to become a benchmark in distance learning, with a catalogue of over 10,000 programs, over 100,000 new students each year, and 500,000 graduates from over 150 countries.

Specialized highly qualified postgraduate programs, they offer their students the best training programs at an international level, being leaders in employability with 99% of their students working in the first twelve months, according to data from the consulting firm KPMG.