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What Do Dermatologists Say About Acne Prone Skin?

What Do Dermatologists Say About Acne Prone Skin?

Acne is a problem that has increased in people over the years. 7 out of 10 women complain about either having severe acne or getting breakouts all of a sudden. While there are many causes of acne on the face, some people also get it on the whole body. If you are one of those people who have pimples all over the body then you need to consult a doctor ASAP. Whereas those with facial acne can read along and find out what they need to do in order to get rid of the irritating pimples and the stubborn acne scars that are left afterwards.

Here are some things that dermatologists say about acne-prone skins and how to take care of them.

Why is acne Caused?

Acne can be caused due to different reasons. One of these reasons can be a sudden change in lifestyle, food or environment.

Disturbance in Mental Health

It often happens that we get so busy in our lives that we don’t have enough time to exercise, exert ourselves or we may become very stressed due to a situation. This can immediately trigger your acne problem. In order to have good skin, you need to stop taking stress.

Unhealthy sleeping patterns and Dehydration 

Dermatologists say that your body is designed in a way that it goes through a tissue and cell breaking and repairing process at night. When you don’t get ample sleep and drink enough water, your skin tends to break out.

Unhealthy Diet

Your diet plays a great role in your life and in shaping your body. In order to keep the acne at bay, you need to eat more vegetables and less fried stuff and beef. This will help prevent acne from appearing on your skin.

Stomach Problems 

Stomach problems are also a great cause of acne. We often don’t understand but eating junk food or food items that do not suit us can lead to terrible acne.

What is the Solution to Acne?

Acne can be cured but it takes time and a lot of effort. You can cure acne with medication, proper diet and sleep, and some good skincare because acne can also be caused due to exposure to sun and dust.

How does Following a Skincare Routine help with Acne?

Dust, and daily exposure to the sun can cause way more damage to the skin than acne. Your skin is precious and this is why you need to take care of it. Following a skincare routine that involves daily moisturization, and the use of sunblock can do wonders for your skin. You also need to use a good cleanser to cleanse your skin of all the dirt particles that may be blocking your pores.

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A good skincare routine will eventually lead to clean pores, hydrated skin and less acne.


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