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5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements That You Must Invest In

If you are into the fitness world, you must have heard about pre workout supplements. These are basically multi-ingredient dietary supplements that are especially designed to boost your energy and overall athletic performance. When you take these supplements regularly before working out it helps prevent muscle glycogen depletion.

When you want to provide instant energy to your body to fuel intense workouts, you should only rely on the best pre-workout supplements in India. The supplements are either available in powder form or they are also available in tablets. The two main ingredients of pre-workout supplements are creatine and caffeine. The other components are BCAAs and Beta Alanine. When taken in amalgamation with a high quality protein powder, it’ll be beneficial to achieve your fitness goals. Caffeine is considered to be a stimulant which is known to enhance cognitive function and physical performance. Creatine is naturally created as you digest protein and is a source of energy and helps to build and maintain muscles. BCAAs are used for various functions in the body like muscle mass gain.

The  best time to take pre-workout supplements depends on various factors. But generally it should be taken 30 minutes before your workout session. This gives the body time to digest it and use the ingredients to optimize the benefits.

Listed below are the 5 best selling pre-workout supplements that you need to invest in.

Nutrabay Gold Spark Pre-Workout

Nutrabay Gold Spark is an intense pre-workout supplement that has an advanced blend of ingredients aimed to amplify your energy, strength, focus, and muscle pump. The ingredients also help in delaying fatigue after strenuous workout sessions. It is enriched with Caffeine and Taurine  which help stimulate the brain for better focus, alertness and energy during training. Creatine promotes muscle gain and muscle mass by increasing strength. Beta-alanine helps delay fatigue and increase workout output.

It is available in 2 variants – Fruit Punch and Green Apple. Some of the main benefits of this supplement are – improved focus, reduced fatigue, and greater strength. It has no added sugar or harmful substances, is gluten free, vegetarian, soy free, and tested for purity.

Optimum Energy (ON) Amino Energy

Optimum Energy (ON) is one of the best known fitness supplements brands all over the world. Their mass gainers, protein powders, and whey protein isolates are best known. But ON Amino Energy is a great pre-workout supplement that you should include in your routine. The blend of amino acids and caffeine in this supplement provides unparalleled focus to perform better repetitions.

It is available in various flavors like – Blue Raspberry, Fruit Fusion, Green Apple, Orange Cooler, Pineapple, and Watermelon. Each serving of 2 scoops provides 5 g of amino acid blend which includes BCAAs and other essential amino acids. These amino acids are helpful in muscle recovery and also promote better muscle synthesis. ON Amino Energy also consists of green tea and coffee bean extracts to boost metabolism and help the body produce more energy throughout the day.

Nutrabay Pure Series Citrulline Malate

Next on the list of best pre-workout supplements in India is Nutrabay Pure Series Citrulline Malate. Citrulline Malate is an amino acid compound which delays the onset of fatigue during intense bouts of training. Citrulline Malate assists in the clearance of ammonia from the blood and muscle tissue which helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. It is also beneficial in decreasing post workout muscle soreness.

The main benefits of this supplement are –

  • Faster recovery – consuming this supplement helps your muscle recover faster after a hard intense workout session.
  • Improved endurance – helps remove ammonia from the body as it causes fatigue and in turn improves your endurance levels.
  • Builds muscles – promotes greater blood flow to the muscles helping with muscle building.

It contains 100% of only a single ingredient with no added filler or additives. Just add ½ scoop of pre-workout powder in 210 ml water, mix well and have 30 minutes before your workout session for best results. It comes in an unflavored powder form, so you can easily add it to smoothies and dessert recipes as well.

MuscleBlaze Pre-Workout Ripped

One of the most affordable brands for protein powders in India is MuscleBlaze. The products are of high quality and deliver effective results. MuscleBlaze Pre-Workout Ripped is a must add to your fitness routine. It is a powerful blend of pre-workout and fat loss supplements that helps in doing intense workouts and burns fat as well. Get three benefits – increased energy and focus, maximum pump, and weight management with this advanced formula.

It comes in a delicious variant of Raspberry Lemonade. It is enriched with 2000 mg of L-Citrulline DL-Malate and 2000 mg of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. It also contains 1000 mg of Tyrosine and blend of 200 mg fast and slow acting caffeine that boosts your mental focus and endurance. The stimulants help prevent accumulation of fat in the body which is much needed when your aim is to look lean.

Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout

Workout Supplements

Cellucor C4 is a great pre-workout supplement that you can definitely check-out on It energizes your workout to ensure that you get the much needed boost. It’s high powered formula features a blend of patented ingredients that put an edge on energy and performance.

It is available in different flavors like – green apple, pink lemonade, and fruit punch. The highlight of the supplement is the breakthrough ingredient TeaCor that ensures improved energy that comes on quickly and lasts long. It has a great taste and mixes instantly, provides explosive energy, and has a fast absorption system.

It is always best to consult your doctor before including any new supplements in your regime. Also make sure to adhere to the mentioned dosage on the packaging. Taking excess dosage can lead to certain side effects like –

  • Over stimulation
  • Dehydration
  • Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Energy crash
  • Increased blood pressure

You can buy all these pre workout supplements and a complete range of fitness supplements like protein powder, Nutrabay mass gainers, and whey protein concentrate supplements on the official website. Get best price whey protein, and guarantee of genuine and authentic products.

What Are The Causes Of Recurring Scalp Fungal Infection?

The causes of recurring scalp fungal infection are:

  • Failure of treatment
  • Contact with other infected persons
  • Contact with infected pets
  • Exposure to contaminated fomites

Ask questions to doctors in Kuala Lumpur for a better understanding of any of your health issues including fungal infection.

Fungal infection can affect your hair, nails, and skin. Dermatophyte is the main cause of fungal infection. Dermatophytes are a type of fungi with filaments and metabolize keratin which presents in our skin, hair, and nails. There are a few types of dermatophyte infections. They are Tinea corporis, Tinea pedis, Tinea cruris, Tinea capitis, and Tinea unguium. Other types of fungi are Candida albicans, Aspergillus, Candida neoformans, Histoplasma, and many more.

 Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis is a common scalp fungal infection and most cases affect children. Shaving head will not stop hair fall caused by a fungal infection. Instead, fungal infection is the one that caused the hair to fall. Treating scalp infection is the key to achieve a cure. The scalp fungal infection is also known as tinea capitis. The main treatment is oral antifungal such as griseofulvin, terbinafine, fluconazole, and itraconazole. Patients frequently presented with itchiness and hair loss.

  • Tinea corporis is an infection of body surfaces other than the feet, groin, face, scalp hair, or beard
  • Tinea cruris is the infection of the groin
  • Tinea pedis is the infection of the foot
  • Tinea unguium is the infection of the nails
  • Tinea capitis is an infection of the scalp hair
  • Tinea faciei is the infection of the face
  • Tinea manuum is the infection of the hand
  • Tinea barbae is the infection of the beard

  Tinea corporis

It is the skin infection other than the hand, face, groin, or feet. The causative organisms are T. rubrum, Trichophyton tonsurans, Microsporum canis, T. interdigitale, Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton violaceum, and Microsporum audouinii. The clinical features are:



Round or oval scaling patches or plaque

The test to confirm the diagnosis of Tinea corporis is similar to Tinea pedis. Tinea corporis has a positive outcome when treated with topical antifungals such as azoles, allylamines, butenafine, ciclopirox, and tolnaftate. Oral antifungal is the alternative if topical antifungal fails.

  Tinea cruris

This condition is a dermatophyte infection of the crural fold. The causative organisms are T. rubrum, E. floccosum, and T. interdigitale. The clinical feature is the presence of red and elevated patch on the thigh. The diagnosis can be confirmed with the same test done for Tinea corporis and Tinea pedis. The treatment is similar to Tinea corporis.

  Tinea pedis

Tinea pedis or athlete’s foot is the most common fungal infection caused by a dermatophyte. Tinea pedis usually take place between your toes and it is frequently accompanied by Tinea unguium, Tinea cruris, and Tinea manuum. Tinea pedis usually affects males of the younger age group after the age of puberty. The common organisms that cause tinea pedis are Trichophyton interdigitale, Trichophyton rubrum, and Epidermophyton floccosum. Patients usually got the infections via direct contact with the organisms. Walking barefoot on contaminated surfaces is a risk factor for this condition. The clinical features are:

  • Red and itchy scales or erosions
  • Fissures between toes
  • Vesicular lesions
  • Bullous lesions

This condition is diagnosed by skin scrapings and tested with a potassium hydroxide solution to detect the presence of the causative organism. Gram staining is important if a secondary bacterial infection is suspected. The goals of treatment are:

Relieve and reduce symptoms

Reduce the risk of secondary bacterial infection

Limit the spread of infection to other parts or other people

Topical antifungal is the treatment of choice. However, some patients may need oral antifungal. Ask the doctor for a better understanding of any of your health issues including fungal infection.

The Health Benefits of Loose Leaf Moroccan Mint Tea

In this age of instant coffee and teabags it may seem that drinking loose leaf tea is rather old fashioned. However, in recent years loose leaf tea has come back into fashion due to its superior taste.

Making tea the old fashioned way with a teapot and kettle, or on the stove, means taking time out from your busy day to take care of yourself.

Moroccan mint tea is delicious as a loose leaf tea brewed at any time of the day but did you know that it’s also full of powerful antioxidants which can also be great for your health?

Read on to find out how drinking a simple cup of Moroccan mint loose leaf can be great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Soothes Cold and Flu Symptoms

Mint tea has been used for hundreds of yearsas a natural remedy against cold and flu symptoms. Mint contains menthol, a primary compound in peppermint oilwhichmakes it an effective nasal decongestant that can help clear blocked sinuses.

Inhaling the steam from a mug of mint tea when sick can also help keep your airwaves clear and help keep you hydrated. Recently, there have been studies which have shown that mint tea is also a powerful way of relieving the headaches which come with colds as the properties in mint act as a muscle relaxant and a pain reliever.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that mint helps fight bacteria such as those which cause food poisoning and contagious illnesses, meaning that drinking a regular cup of herbal mint tea may help to keep infections at bay.

Aids Digestion

Enjoying a cup ofloose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea can be helpful for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The mentholsoothes the stomach and eases any digestive issues. Mint also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it an excellent tea for digestion, helping to balance the body and relieving travel sickness.

Supercharges the Immune System

Loose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea is packed full of antibacterial properties which ward off disease causing illnesses and boost the immune system. It also containselements of potassiumvitamin B and various antioxidants help you feel your best.

Enhances concentration

The scent of mint tea brewing can work wonders forconcentration and brain function. Research has shown that inhaling mint before taking a test led to significant improvements in memory. Another study showed that inhaling peppermint oil whilst driving helped to increase alertness and decrease levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue so if you have a long drive you may want to take a travel mug of mint tea.

Good for menstrual cramps

As the menthol in Moroccan mint acts as a muscle relaxant, drinking mint tea may help reduce the intensity and length of menstrual cramps as the compounds in mint helps to prevent the muscles from contracting.

Accelerates weight loss

Drinking Moroccan mint tea can be a powerful shortcut to aiding weight loss. Drinking a cup of mint tea can leave you feeling fuller for longer so you don’t feel hungry through the day. This will help you avoid adding extra calories to your day by snacking unnecessarily. Regularly drinking mint tea can also help you keep hydrated with is essential for good digestion and weight loss and at only 2 calories per cup it is an easy way to support your healthy diet.

Helps relaxation

Moroccan mint tea is completely free of caffeine which makes it the ideal after dinner drink to help you unwind and sleep well. Mint oil contains a mild sedative, its capacity as a muscle relaxant can also help you relax before bedtime.

Soothes Allergies

The mint oil found in mint tea contains properties which can help reduce the effects of an allergic reaction, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and asthma. Adding local honey can help allergies even further.

In addition to being a delicious, calorie and caffeine free treat, loose leaf Moroccan mint tea is also a great way to boost your health quickly and easily both in the short and long term.

A Right Sports Bra Helps You With Workout

Sports Bra is the feminine thing which protects breast, beautifies breast while doing excises.

Let’s talk about normal bra first: some people think bra is a kind of adornment only, which can reflect the curvilinear beauty that gives a woman peculiar place.

In fact, wearing a bra is not just for beauty, more importantly, wearing a bra has five benefits:

1, the bra can play a role in supporting and supporting the breast, is conducive to the blood circulation of the breast, for the maternity, not only can make the amount of milk increase, but also can avoid milk stasis and mastitis.

  • A bra can protect your nipples from abrasions and bruising.
  • Protect the breasts and avoid sagging.
  • 4, reduce the vibration of the breast during exercise and running.
  • 5, winter can prevent the cold wind into the skin and catch cold.

While you are heading to the fitness center to turn your New Year’s transformation come true, you need a great sports bra to maintain you kicked back and also comfy whilst you are training. The last point you want is to be utilizing something cringing and elliptical, each time the under-wire stabs into your underarm. So make sure you will use the suitable bra while entering fitness center.

The Most Effective Selection

Right here is a thing about sports bra wholesale from preferred wholesale fitness clothing firms, they do you no good if you leave them lying in your cabinet. It is usual for a woman to buy a sporting activities bra, and afterwards never ever put it on due to the fact that it’s anxious or it does not provide adequate assistance. So consider right stuff that drives you crazy about sports bra you have possessed previously, as well as get a sporting activities bra that will certainly attend to those troubles.

Working out: Time to get in shape! Here are six easy workout routines and exercises that you can follow while in quarantine - The Economic Times

Dislike sporting activities bra that doesn’t quit jumping? Then you require an encouraging high-impact sports bra. Yet suppose you want a sporting activities bra that is comfier as well as gives a complete range of movement? After that choose something of spandex product, smooth soft mug bra, which will certainly be your finest purchase for the gym.

Seek a bra that you will sporting activity whilst working out. You do not require a sporting activities bra that will make you loathe going to the fitness center and interrupt your health and fitness objectives.

Fit and Also Dimension Is Essential When Wearing Bra For Health Club Workouts

Fit and dimension does matter when you are picking a sports bra to wear to your exercise session. Guarantee you are looking for the proper dimension, as well as do not hesitate to try a horde of sporting activities bras up until you encounter a fit that works for you.

Store According To The Activity You Will Certainly Be Carrying Out

As high as merchants and also makers wish to have us assume so, there is no single sports bra that is optimal for every action, specifically if you are a full-busted girl. Ladies with large busts need great deals of bounce control while running or executing cardiovascular workouts, for example, whilst those very same bras could feel constraining and unpleasant when doing weight work or yoga. It is critical to customize your sports bra storage room to the various activities you will certainly be doing at your fitness center.

So, find the most prominent manufacturer of wholesale fitness clothes as your preferred sports bra provider.

How to Improve Health and Fitness


First of all, good health and fitness is the key and gift of God for captivating life. Exercise daily is the most important point for gaining, maintaining and improving our health. First set your mind that you don’t lose your heart at the extent of end that you can exercise at least about half an hour per day.

Exercise is not about jogging, running and weight lifting etc. Its all about the how you are doing your activities and your actions in our daily life After these type of workouts you might make sure that you’re not in severe pain during your workout.

In start, may be you feel like some irritation and you will face some difficulties but when you addict with your work, you will be achieve your goal of fitness. Take proteins in very large quantity instead of taking carb and fats. Proteins have help you to keep your muscles strong and stable.. If your stomach is not in good mode means to say that is may digest, ingest food in proper manner or metabolism will boost actively and works fatly etc.

You should take sugar to fulfill your body needs of glucose, glycogen in their requirements of body but not fulfill your need of sugar in the requirements of our body in shape of candy.

You know and hear this line thousand of times that “A apple a day keeps a doctor away” You have take sugar from fruits like apple, vegetables etc. GREEN vegetables such as broccoli and spinach keep the stomach digestive system clean and running. These foods are full of proteins and nutrients that should be helpful for your health and fitness.

Eat everything in limits and make your meal portions. Losing weight and striving for a skinnier physique will involve more physical exercise than calories you ingest…. You can keep this point in your mind that you have been stay motivated and stay positive..

You just challenge your intellect and memory. This is important for brain, health and good for your social life. Schedule yourself for regular periods of relaxation in week. Active your mind and body for fascinate health. It is saying that “Sweat is the weeping of fat” Boost your levels of vitamins and eat Clean or stay clean.

You must take sleep as your need. Sleep according or your requirement. These all points will have been balance your health, sharp your mind and manage your life in proper manner.


Benefits of Konjac Sponge for Face You Need to Know

Konjac sponge for face is an essential skincare tool for the supple and smooth, shiny face. Konjac sponge is a natural product made from a Konjac tree root. Its natural properties make it ideal and effective for transforming your face into a shiny pearl.

Several factors make the skin pores of your face blocked. And the impact of the ultraviolet rays on your face causing hyperpigmentation makes a face’s tone uneven. Also, the effect of prolonged use of makeup can affect the appearance of your face. However, you no longer have to bother about your face’s look, relying on the cleansing and restoration of Konjac sponge for face.

Benefits of Konjac Sponge for Face

Konjac sponge for face offers the following benefits to your facial skin.

1. Gentle Exfoliator

Konjac Sponge for face is gentle on the skin and foliates dead skin and dry flakes. The sponge gets the task done without irritating your facial skin. It is ideal for skin types.

2. Makeup Remover

Konjac sponge for face to is suitable for hard-to-remove makeup quickly. Konjac sponge will remove the mascara and more makeup than using hands alone. It removes makeup and unclogs your facial skin pores.

3. Deep Facial Cleaning

Deep clean your face with Konjac Sponge in a circular motion. You will get rid of dead and flaky skin. Clogged pores will be thoroughly clean. Over time, you will get rid of stubborn blackheads.

3. Useful for the Entire Body

Konjac sponge was primarily used by Japanese farmers to bathe babies due to its softness. If you feel like using your Konjac Sponge for face to wash your entire body, feel free. You can concentrate on acne-prone areas like the chest, back, and face. You will experience the deep-cleaning power of Konjac sponge.

4. Racial Skin Rejuvenation

Using Konjac sponge for face regularly will keep your facial skin looking its best. It will unclog skin pores. It will massage the facial skin and improve blood circulation to the face. Besides, Konjac sponge for the face will improve the facial skin supple and youthful.

5. Eco-friendly

Konjac sponge is 100% natural without plastic, or harmful chemical added. Also, it can be composted, preventing increasing the landfill. This helps to save our eco-system.


Enhance your facial skin health, texture, and appearance through the regular use of Konjac Sponge for the face. The product is affordable and will transform your facial skin health. Order your Konjac Sponge for face today.

Top 5 Weight Gain Powder In India To Help You Gain Healthy Weight

There are many people out there who want to gain weight but often struggle to do that. Trust me, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Infact, at times, it can be more difficult. If you’re a hard gainer, it can be difficult for you to put on weight even when you eat calorie-rich foods. The thing is that your metabolism is so fast that it becomes a task for your body to put on some weight. Now, that ain’t your fault, you were most probably born with it.

So, what can you do to put on some healthy weight and build an attractive physique? Well, weight gainer supplements seem like a plausible solution to this problem. But, you have to be extremely careful while choosing one for you because there are many weight gainer powders available in the market that contain harmful substances like added sugar, preservatives, etc. which can be bad for your overall health. It can make you gain body fat and your goal is to bulk up in healthy fat and not develop love handles.

Confused as to what are you supposed to do now? Chuck off your worries as this article brings into light some great weight gain supplements that you can choose from to fulfill your goal of bulking up. All these weight gain powders are by established brands and free from any harmful preservatives or chemicals and offer you clean calories. Each of them is unique in its own way.

5 Best Weight Gainer Powders In India

Muscleblaze Weight Gainer With Added Digezyme

This unique weight gain formula by MuscleBlaze makes for the best weight gainer powder in India. It is loaded with 12g protein per 100g serving that helps in gaining healthy weight. This product fuels you with 387 calories with every serving that is helpful in promoting muscle growth & development and preventing muscle loss to initiate healthy weight gain. To ease the digestion and absorption of nutrients in your body, this weight gainer powder comes with a blend of digestive enzymes called Digezyme. This product helps in filling the dietary gaps and the added vitamins and minerals help in boating the functionality of other nutrients. This unique formula contains a blend of fast and slow-acting carbs. It’s available in scrumptious chocolate flavor and is ideal for both men and women.

Big Muscles Smart Gainer

This powerful weight gainer is one of the purest and safest nutrition available in the Indian market that helps in fueling you with energy for intense workouts. This product presents a great blend of premium quality proteins, creatine monohydrate, maltodextrin, starch, and skimmed milk powder to boost your overall growth. This product helps in supplying nutrients to your body for extended workout sessions and also prevents muscle breakdown. This weight gainer also helps in enhancing your immunity levels. Every 100g serving of this supplement fuels you with 394 calories along with 15g protein and 77.5g carbs.

Diet Tips To Gain Weight| How To Gain Healthy Weight?

My Protein Impact Weight Gainer

My Protein is a brand that is well known for its quality supplements. One such supplement by the brand is this weight gainer. This gaining formula helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It contains a potent blend of protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with instant energy. It is ideal for carrying out intense workout sessions. Each serving of this weight gainer powder offers you 360 calories with 30g protein and 49g carbs. The blend of proteins helps in building up lean muscle mass and allows faster muscle recovery. It serves as a sustainable source of energy.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

This weight gainer by GNC fuels you with clean surplus calories to support weight gain. This potent formulation also contains BCAA that is the requirement of every athlete. 3 scoops of the product mixed with double toned milk give you 2200 calories with 73g protein and 440g carbs. This calorie-dense formula also has digestive enzymes to enable protein and carb breakdown. If you want to gain weight and have serious muscle gains, this product is ideal for you.

BigBolt Weight Gainer

This product from the House of Guardian is exactly what you need to get the extra calorie supply and put on some kilos. This weight gainer has a blend of 3 protein sources- whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, & calcium caseinate. This makes it ideal for athletes. It is packed with 6 different digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion along with fueling you with energy and replenish glycogen. Every 3 scoop serving of this product offers 1860 calories, 50g protein, and 405g carbs.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from any of the above-mentioned weight gainers and inch closer towards your goal for developing a muscular physique. Don’t forget to eat healthily and be a part of a moderate workout routine. A balance of these 3 elements can help you in reaching your target weight.

Brief Guide To The Dry Needling Method

Have you recently heard about the dry needling method and wishes to learn more? Or are you someone who wishes to try the method and want to know briefly about it before trying? Or do you just randomly wish to know more about this therapy? Well the following article consists of all the necessary information regarding the method that you should know before going for it.


It is the modern needle therapy method in correspondence to the old and traditional chinese acupuncture therapy method. Janet G. Travell first used the term in her book that was published in 1983. In the book, she did not elaborate the process much but gave an overview of the process. The process has no scientific basis and involves the use of needles to heal the muscles and tissues directly.

Method Involved

  • If you wish to know about the method that is used and the steps involved then here is a quick answer. The dry needling method involves more than one procedure to heal the muscles and the pains. This depends on the muscle and the type of injury that needs to be healed. But all the methods involve only the use of needles. These needles are rel;atively bigger in width and length as compared to the needles used in the acupuncture method.

Benefits And Treatments It Offers

  • You might have an idea that the dry needling method is used only for the treatments but you shall be surprised to know that the dry needling method is also used to keep you healthy and fit. Many people go through the therapy to make their lifestyles healthier. The cures that it offers involves the most common lower back pain relieves as well as sport injuries treatment. It helps in healing your migraine and headaches. Neck pain can also be treated by this method.

Trusting Axiom With Your Treatments

Axiom consists of the most experienced staff in the market of dry needling. Their customers always appreciate the services that they receive. They have a handful of happy customers who give positive reviews regarding axioms procedures. With years of providing satisfactory services, Axiom has earned a spot in the highlight and has made a good name in the market. Click here to learn more about Axiom and the dry needling therapy.

Tips To Follow For A Power Packed Workout Session

 If you are a fitness enthusiast with tough and ziddi goals, you might be thinking of taking your workout a level and fire up your workout sessions, right ? Well, nothing to worry. If you are dedicated and motivated to achieve your goals, nothing can stop you. This article today will help you out with some effective tips that will help you with a power packed workout while you hustle up for your goals.

Let’s have a look at some of the important tips and tricks that might help you out with your fitness routine :

  • Define Your Goal

Start off with a plan, you need to define your fitness goals in advance and work accordingly. Weight loss, lean bodybuilding, mass gaining, weight gaining and much more – your fitness regime could be anything. Choose one and stay motivated to achieve one and nothing can stop you from achieving it.

  • Take Pre Workout Supps.

In order to be pumped up and fuelled up to perform well in every workout session, it is essential for you to take the right pre workout supplement or food like black coffee and apple. A Preworkout supplement helps you stay high on energy, immunity, stamina and endurance.

  • Include BCAAs

You can take BCAAs for muscle recovery, strength training and stamina. Get the best bcaa supplement & amino acid tablets in the market for effective and quick recovery of muscles post a heavy duty workout.

  • Mix It Up Well

Do not just focus on any single exercise, you can mix it all together. Allocate days and time for every exercise. You can do biceps training on Monday, Make Tuesday your leg day and so on. Do not make your fitness routine monotonous, you can even opt for boxing, dance and zumba and add some fun to your routine.

  • Use Protein Supplements

Include protein supplements in your daily according to the kind of fitness regime you are into. If you are into lean bodybuilding – use raw whey proteins, whey protein isolate etc. Made with premium quality whey, these protein supplements nourish your muscles and help you perform better.

  • Talk To Your Trainer

If you are having any trouble working out like – sprains, lack of equipment, time frame for every exercise, your daily diet plan etc feel free to walk up to your trainer and discuss every parameter in depth.

  • Make A Gym Buddy

It is always better to have a gym partner who can help you with lifting heavy weights, bench press and other exercises. Help each other carry out difficult and high level exercise so that you don’t injure yourself and get strains and sprains during your workout session. However, making a gym partner shouldn’t mean that you will start socializing while working out.

We are pretty sure that with just a few changes in your daily lifestyle you can amplify your workout routine and achieve your goals in a short amount of time. We have tried our best to enlist all the tried and tested tips for your healthy and managed routine.

Importance Of Tracking Your Health Record With A Monitor Watch

Did you know that you can monitor your heart condition or just a better data on your workout performance, the best activity monitor watch is equipped with heart rate monitors and designed for your needs. To many, we only know that it is important to do exercise on a daily basis, but we often forget one very important thing, monitoring our data on workout performance.

For your best activity monitor watch these is what to look for:

  • Lightweight
  • GPS tracker fitted
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Heartbeat rate and sleep monitor
  1. Lightweight

While doing exercise be it running, swimming, or just walking around, normally we need to be as light as possible. Therefore, having the best activity monitor watch gadget on your body also needs to be as light as possible. This reduces the weight on you and the rate at which one becomes won out.

  1. Waterproof

We are different and therefore we love different activities. The best activity monitor watch is not limited to it, a waterproof gadget enables those who love swimming also to monitor their heartbeat or their work out performance. Also when one is involved in vigorous activities, it reaches a time when the body begins sweating, if the activity monitor you are using is not waterproof it may fail to give you the desired results as it will get waterlogged and fail to work properly

activity-monitor-watch-750x430.jpg (750×430)

  1. Long battery life

Like everyone else, we do not love re-charging our gadgets every now and then, a long-lasting battery is always among the first things a buyer of any gadget would want to know or ask about. Thanks to the best activity monitor watch, it’s battery has been designed to last longer for more than seven days, this makes it ideal for your need. If you are having a long day exercise you are assured to get the monitor results at the end of the day.

  1. Gps tracker fitted

A global positioning system is a great need in today gadgets, you can easily tell where you are just in case you miss on the correct path, or you can tell how far you are and therefore be able to calculate the distance and time you need to either travel back or finish the activity you were doing. The best activity monitor watch should be fitted with a Gps to ease your navigation as you do your exercise.