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Is It Normal to Have a Pain-Free Birth?

No joy on earth compares to holding your newborn baby in your arms. But before you can achieve this, you will have to go through childbirth.

For some women, this is a breeze, and they don’t feel any pain at all. For others, it’s an extremely painful experience. So, what’s normal? Is it normal to have a pain-free birth?

The answer is that there is no definitive answer. Some women do indeed have pain-free births, while others suffer through hours of excruciating pain.

But is it possible for every woman not to experience pain when giving birth? Well, that’s possible through the following techniques.


One of the best ways to ease the pain of childbirth is to relax. This may seem like an impossible feat when you’re in the midst of labor, but it’s important to try. When your body is tense, it can make the pain worse. So, take some deep breaths and focus on relaxing your muscles.

There are different relaxation and breathing techniques that can help you through labor. One popular method is called the Lamaze technique. This involves taking slow, deep breaths and focusing on a specific object or word to help you stay calm.


Another method is called hypnobirthing, which uses relaxation and visualization techniques to help you stay calm during childbirth. Many people testify that hypnobirthing techniques help them have pain free birth experiences.

This birth method is based on ‘fear-tension-pain,’ a theory introduced by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read. The theory is that when you’re fearful or anxious during childbirth, your body tenses up, leading to more pain.

The doctor theorized that lack of fear could help women relax, hence, eliminating childbirth pain. You need to attend hypnobirthing classes to master the technique before delivery.

Tips to Have a Pain-Free Delivery

Move Around

Moving around during labor can help you manage the pain better. Walking around or rocking your hips from side to side can ease the labor pain.

You can also change positions often to take the pressure off your back. Some women find relief by squatting during labor. So, don’t stay too long in the same position.

Have a Birth or a Shower

Water is an important element in childbirth. It relaxes your muscles and can help ease the labor pain. You can have a birth pool or take a warm shower during labor. You need to do this during the first stages of labor when the contractions are not too strong.

Taking a warm birth or a shower will relax the muscles in your body and can ease the pain. A shower can also help with back pain and muscle cramps associated with childbirth.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Childbirth is a team effort. You need all the help you can get during labor. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner, friends, and family for help.

They can massage your back, give you ice chips, or just hold your hand. Also, knowing that someone is there to give you a helping hand and talk to you will be enough to make you feel better.

Role of Social and Emotional Development in Your Kid

Suppose you want to put the social and emotional development of your kids. Then you should consider some things that help you a lot.

This type of development is very useful for your kids in the present and in the future.

You can consider both interpersonal and intrapersonal processes in this development.

FACT: As per the research, it is the ability to know how you feel and how others feel. It also helps you to manage your emotions in the best possible way.

For this, you must ensure that your kid is participating in toddler activities and other stuff!

Why is there a Need to Help Your Kids Develop Emotional Skills?

Do you know how you can help your kid to participate in different activities?

Well! Some people don’t know what they should do for their kid’s emotional skills.

FACT: If you help your kid to cooperate with others, then it helps him to develop emotional skills. He will start showing sympathy for others and also express his feelings.

Credit: istockphoto

Dr Badr Chaban suggests the following are the factors that help you to develop socio-emotional skills in your kid:

Model Them with Appropriate Behaviors

What your kid observes has too much influence on your kid’s development. So, in this way, it is the best thing through which your kid can learn!

FACT: If you show your positive kid behaviors like talking with someone in a good way. Then it has a positive impact on the kid’s memory.

So, it helps him to effectively interact with others in the social circle.

Reinforcing them a Good Behavior

It is important for you to force your kid to behave in a better way with others!

It shows how social your kid is social and how he interacts with others.

Dr Vas Novelli suggests that If you also help your kid to feel good about him, then it is also the best thing. It helps your kid to develop emotional skills and sympathy with others.

TIP: If you give a positive atmosphere to your kid. Then it helps him to share his feelings in a better way. As a result, it helps him to become more thoughtful and liberal.

Teaching Cooperation

It is the best thing that helps your kid to develop social skills from direct experience!

Suppose you give a chance to your kid to cooperate and play with others. Then it teaches him the best behavior in which he should relate himself with others.

FACT: Furthermore, there are also times when your kid gets bored with playing. So, you don’t need to take tension; you just help him to develop patience.

In this way, your kid’s developmental skills begin to improve with age.


What Are Famous Social and Emotional Skills for Your Child?

TIP: It is important for you to develop social and emotional skills to interact with others. So, it helps your kid to manage emotions and make a strong relationship.

The following are the best socio-emotional skills:

  • Your kid can recognize if someone is upset and also ask him if he is ok or not.
  • It also helps your kid to interact with friends and other people in a different way than parents.
  • As per Dr Chinedu Nwokoro, your kid can also understand how he feels and thinks. Then it helps him to interact well with others.

Social and Emotional Development Tips to Notice:

The following are the tips that you should consider to develop emotional and social skills in your kids:

FACT: Parents are the first teacher, and home is the first school for your kid. So, you should become a role model for your kid. It helps him to develop skills that are present in you. So, you must become his role model in a positive way and show him positive behavior.

  • You should also respond to your kid whenever he asks you something. It helps him to build a trusting relationship between him and you.
  • Also, you should ask some questions related to the future of your kid. You can ask, “what do you want to do?”
  • When you talk about someone, then you must describe him in a story form. It helps your kid to know how each person feels for others.

TIP: You should also encourage your kid to learn new skills.

  • When your kid is upset, then you should ask him the reason. You must ask him why he is upset and what thing makes him happy.
  • You should also play games and watch different informative shows with your kids. It helps him to become more social and active.

TIP: Dr Olga Kapellou suggests you develop social and emotional skills in your kids. It helps them a lot to become more social and interact in a better way!

In this way, they can develop more confidence and make a strong relationship with others.

Research About the Development of Social Skills to Your Growing Kids:

As we have discussed earlier, the development of socio-emotional skills is important.

The reason is that it helps your kid to develop confidence and make a strong relationship.

It also helps your kid to behave in a better way with others and make long-lasting friends. Besides, these skills also help your kid in other fields also.

FACT: Further, parents and other people are the main part of a kid’s life. They teach a kid how to interact and behave with others.


The reason is that at an early stage, parents are the only ones that are continuously present with kids. So, kids can learn different emotional and social skills that will help them a lot in the future.

The following are the factors that you should adopt for kid’s development:

  • As per Dr David Shortland, you must be sympathetic and friendly with your kid. Such as, you should talk, sing and sit with your kid.
  • Also, you should help your kid to experience new things like playing different games.
  • You should also help your kid to learn new skills and also help give them hands-on.
  • Also, help your kid to learn different skills such as listening and solving the issue.

Final Verdict:

In the end, we have concluded that social and emotional skills are very important for your kid!

It helps your kid to interact with others in the best way.

FACT: According to research, it was concluded that these skills have a direct link with educational success.

If your kid has developed these skills, then it helps him to get the best grades. So, it is important for you to keep kids active to learn more and more!