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The Need To Take Frequent Breaks When Working From Home

Although the work-from-home setup provides an opportunity to spend more time with family, it doesn’t mean there’s less work. Employees still have to work for the same amount of time each day, or even more. The problem is that you’re at home and have limited physical movement. Sitting for hours each day could have a terrible effect on your health. Hence, it would help if you kept moving, and taking a break every hour is critical.

It’s Essential For Your Spine

You might tend to slouch when working in front of the computer. You can’t help it since maintaining a good posture for several hours could be challenging. Taking a break allows you to stretch and have a better posture.

Your Eyes Might Hurt

Facing your computer all the time isn’t ideal. Sure, your work requires you to use the computer, but you shouldn’t face it for hours. It would help if you took a break to give your eyes a chance to relax. Besides, computers also emit radiation. If you use it for several hours without pausing, there could be a terrible effect on your health. Another way to prevent the problem is by using EMF protection. You can block radiation from entering your system with the help of protective devices.

Spend Time With Family

You should also consider mental health when working from home. The lockdown orders might help prevent the spread of the virus, but they’re taking a toll on people’s mental health. You’re lucky if you have to quarantine with family. It’s your chance to bond with your children. When you’re too busy with work, you can rarely spend time with them. Since you’re at home, you can even start a hobby together. The problem is when you allow yourself to dedicate an entire day to work. Your children are in other areas of the house playing computer games. Try to take regular breaks so you can check on them, and bond for a while.

You Have To Exercise

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can no longer exercise. It’s a crucial part of daily life. You can even spend more time exercising now since you don’t have anywhere else to go. In the middle of work, you can spend a few minutes to exercise. There’s no need to follow complicated routines. Simple exercise techniques will suffice. You can even do some of them without leaving your work station.

Staying healthy when you have to work from home seems easy, but it could be challenging. If you allow yourself to work without taking breaks, it’s not good for your health. You might be safe from the virus by not leaving home, but you could be at risk for some other reasons. Besides, everyone needs to stay home to avoid viral transmission. There’s no competition for who is more productive at this time. Take things slowly, and enjoy the process.

Fun Things To Do In London

1 – Indoor Bouldering at Stronghold UK

What is it? Looking for a climbing wall in London? Well how about London’s largest indoor bouldering space boasting 12,000 square foot and over 200 climbing problems at any one time. Open 7 days a week with climbing slots every 15 minutes, open from 0615 – 2200 Monday – Friday, 0900-2000 on weekends.

Why go? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced climber Stronghold has you covered. Less than 2 minutes walk from Tottenham Hale National Rail & Underground Station with plenty of onsite parking too. Tottenham Street Food Market & Beer Hall is also on site and open weekends making Stronghold UK one of the best places to go rock climbing london.

2 – Borough Market

What is it? One of the city’s largest and oldest food markets with plenty of Street Food. It heaves with both tourists and locals gaping at a dizzying array of artisan delights and scoffing free samples.

Why go? Borough market in London Bridge has a history that goes back to the thirteenth century, and these days it’s livelier than ever. The place is jam packed with artisan traders and home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Take a seat beneath the glass-and-iron roof after hours and watch the traders pack up after another day.

3 – Kew Gardens

What is it? Kew Gardens is 3,00 acres of beautiful green space, filled with stunning vistas, rare plants, Victorian glasshouses, a Chinese pagoda and a treetop walkway all in London.

Why go? Kew Gardens really is unlike anything else in London. The world-leading botanic garden is captivating at any time of year. A Grade I-listed greenhouse, twice the size of Kew’s famous Palm House, it recently reopened its doors to the public after a major no expenses spared five-year renovation. Visit for swathes of blooms in spring and summer, a crunchy, autumnal paradise or to follow the super popular, innovative Christmas at Kew lights trail which takes over the space every winter. The newly restored Temperate House is also a horticulturalist’s delight.

4 – Visit Hampton Court Palace

What is it? Hampton Court Palace is one of London’s gems, a grand Tudor pile that Henry VIII ‘acquired’ from Cardinal Wolsey. It was later home to royal Stuarts and Georgians too, who all left their mark on the palace.

Why go? The remarkable thing about Hampton Court Palace is that you can stand in the very rooms where history was made. Wander down the corridor where Catherine Howard was dragged screaming, see how George I’s chocolatier prepared the king’s favourite tipple and take a gander at King Charles II’s royal bog. There are also ace gardens and the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.

5 – St James Park

What is it? So in front of Buckingham Palace is a 57-acre park in Westminster. Its called St James Park and is basically the Queen’s giant front garden which you have full access to!

Why go? St James’s Park has undergone a lot of changes over the years. In King Henry VII’s day it was swampy and used mainly as a deer-breeding ground. King James I drained it and moved more animals in (including elephants, crocodiles and exotic birds). Today it remains as it was redesigned in the 1820s, all lush landscape and winding paths. Well worth a wander!

Why Running Shoes Is Critical For Running

As a runner, whether you are a road-running, trail runner, cross trainer, or any other running sports activity you are involved in, there are specific shoes that are designed to excellently cushion you. Both your heel and forefoot are safely protected from the shock exerted by the bodyweight as you step down while running. The running shoes are normally lightweight reducing the weight load for your fee to lift, this makes them the best road running shoes.

 Some Reasons Why You Need Running Shoes Include:

  • Your comfort
  • Stability
  • Grip
  • Durability

Your Comfort

As a runner, you will never manage a single mile when wearing shoes that have compressed your feet together or are pinching you up, always you want your feet to be comfortable in the shoes for you to make that next step ahead. The best road running shoes are made of Flyte Foam Technology which makes the form more energetic and bouncy when making an extra step ahead. The shoes also provide an exoskeletal heel counter that gives your feet firm support.


Running shoes are meant to keep you stable while running, They are designed to keep the runner’s foot keep to the correct gait line. Others are made in a way that the soul has a wide surface area for the gripping of the ground and the shore.

The Grip Between Your Shoe And Your Foot.

While running, one would not wish to keep adjusting his/her shoe to a desired position, this could easily wear you out and increase fatigue. The best road running shoes has it made for you, the interior of the shoes is adjusted to fit and grip your feet and maintaining the shoe in the correct position all through your race.


It has happened to many in the past, while running only to realize that the soul is worn out or torn, none of us would like to go through that experience again. When this occurs, the runner could accidentally fall or incur abrasion on his feet, this makes it important for you to have your best road running shoes worn while running.

To wrap up, the best road running shoes should undoubtedly be good for your entire run in any sporting activity you are involved in, and they should support you all through when running.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Do? Which Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are The Best?

The reason why this is such an important question is because of the fact that, nowadays more and more people are spending a lot of hours every single day in front of a computer. The blue light glasses are actually growing more and more popular because of the fact that, they are able to protect our eyes from the excessive like that is hitting our eyes because of the computer.

You Need Blue Light Glasses

Blue light eyeglasses: Do you need them? - All About Vision

Blue light blocking glasses are actually able to help us fix problems with our sleep, they can eliminate eyestrain and they can maintain the optimal health for our eyes. In an environment that does not have the best light possible, the blue light filter glasses are able to bring a balance between the light of the environment and the like that is supposed to hit our eyes. That way, they can promote deeper and better nights sleep.

During our time on the computer the blue light filter from these glasses can reduce the glare that is responsible for the strain of our eyes, headaches and sometimes migraines that are being caused by sitting in front of a computer for a long, long time. As you understand, in most cases all of these problems emerge from the amount of light we are receiving on a daily basis due to our use of the computer, the time spent in front of the TV or the lighting of a room in general.

Find The Best Glasses Today

ZILEAD Polygon Metal Glasses, Anti-Blue Light - ShadeDay

If you were to check out websites like for example then you would immediately find yourselves in front of a lot of different information regarding blue light glasses and how they are going to be able to help you increase the health of your eyes or decrease your migraines and headaches that might have been caused due to bad lighting after years of use of the computer.

The best possible glasses for you would be blue light filter glasses also known as a UV light. This is basically the kind of light that can destroy your corneas and is responsible for most of your headaches and migraines. It is also responsible for the bad sleeping cycles you might have to deal with every single night.

If you want to increase your health and make sure that you’re going to avoid future problems we can recommend that these glasses are the perfect solution for you.

The Most Natural and Realistic Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Choosing the most natural and realistic contact lenses today is like choosing the right makeup shade that goes well with every aspect of your face: shape, complexion or skin color. Picking realistic blue contacts for brown eyes is the ultimate sensation when it comes to changing your appearance in a quick and yet, meaningful way. Brown is probably one of the most common eye colors in the world. Some studies show that almost half of the world has brown hues in their eyes. So if you are worried that changing a brown eye color naturally might be hard, think again!

Today’s technology has developed to a point where achieving natural-looking blue eyes if your eyes are naturally brown, is definitely possible. All you have to do is crack the realistic blue contact for brown eyes’ code with a few simple tips. And voila, you will have blue eyes in an instant!

5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

There is definitely a way for you to have blue eyes through contact lenses, even if your natural color is brown. If you want to have a more realistic look, however, here are a few tips:

  1. First of all, consider your base color. If your brown eyes are mostly on the light threshold, then they will not interfere with the blue color of the contact lens. Achieving a natural blue look is easier in this case. If your brown eyes are very dark, then you have to take into consideration the opacity of the blue contact lenses you are interested in.
  2. Light blue lenses go really well with dark brown eyes as they will give you a natural dark blue eye color.
  3. Pick a professional contact lens company to get your natural blue lenses for brown eyes. The better the lenses, the more natural they look! Look for polyhema lenses with at least 40 % water content as those have a more natural feeling to them. Chiara Lenses is a manufacturer of nonprescription blue contacts of high-quality offering also a variety of tones to match any skin tone or eye color.
  4. Find the right diameter and base curve so your lenses can match your eye size and not let any part of the brown color show around the blue lens.
  5. Choose between one, two and three-tone lenses depending on the intensity of your brown eyes. Generally, the darker the eyes the better it is to use double or three-tone lenses for a more natural appearance.

All in all, getting your eyes to look naturally blue instead of brown is no longer a ‘mission-impossible’ task. There are a lot of different types of blue lenses that can match any shade or hue of your brown eyes and give you that mesmerizing icy blue look.

Buying a High Seat Chair

Buying a high seat chair for an elderly person needing a little more support or for a person recovering from surgery such as a knee replacement or hip surgery can put people in an unfamiliar environment with more requirements than buying a high street living room furniture sofa or chair.

There are more considerations. One that is disregarded often due to the patient not being told that they actually need one. Many a time we are rushing a high seat chair through because Mom can’t come home from hospital until we have something appropriate for her to sit in. We do our best for these people but we can tell it is stressful so ask the Doctor if they think one will be needed

When buying a high seat chair there are many considerations, the best advice should be sought from your occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

We have put this post together based on the questions we are asked on a regular basis when ordering a high seat chair from us

As far as dimensions go these are the important ones

Seat height- with the foot flat on the floor measure from the floor to the corner of the back of the knee. This measurement will give the seat height needed for your high seat chair and will make it easier to stand and sit especially if you are recovering from surgery such as a hip replacement. The average person 5ft 6″ with an average build would require a 18″ seat height

Seat width– This should be the width of your hips plus a couple of inches, this will stop you from slouching in the chair as well as promoting use of the armrests reducing strain. Standard would be 18 to 20″. Most popular being the supportive 18″

Seat depth – The chair needs to be supportive without creating pressure, a seat that is too deep will create the wrong posture and will cause you to slide forward , too short and the thighs will not be supported .  To get the correct seat depth measure from the back of the bottom to 1.1/2 inch before the back of the knee. This would usually be 18 to 21″. Our most popular has been 18″

Back height– The distance between the top of the seat and the top of the back, especially important if head support is required. We find that 24 to 26″ usually covers most people’s requirements. A chair with wings is obviously more supportive

Arm rest height. You should be able to sit with your shoulders in a natural position, this would usually be between 6 and 9″

Homecarechairs ranges of chairs have attributes that are suited to these dimensions as they were developed for care homes and home carers. There are options where the basic average chair can be customised to the customer needs.