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How Is The New Coronavirus Affecting Our Lives?

Over the past few months, the entire world has been plagued by the pandemic. Covid-19 truly does appear to be more dangerous than was originally thought. Of course, there are those people who claim that the entire idea of the pandemic is nothing more than a hoax. However, we see people dying every single day and we know for a fact that this is a problem.

A New Era Is Starting

The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change the World Forever

This new coronavirus is going to change our lives completely. People are going to start working remotely from now on. We will see a massive change in the labour market. A lot of people will lose your job, different types of jobs are going to appear and there will be an increasing need to upgrade your skills and competencies in order for you to be able to survive in the world after the virus.

However, people are not currently really concerned about what’s going to happen after. What they are concerned about is what is happening right now. They are afraid, they do not want to leave their houses because they know that, the coronavirus is out there and if they do get infected there is a pretty good chance that they might die. However, some people are really taking things one step further.

Can You Calculate The Risk?

The standard coronavirus test, if available, works well—but can ...

It is true that the coronavirus is very difficult to deal with however, that does not necessarily mean that every person who is going to get infected by the virus is going to die. On the contrary there are a few different ways for someone to be able to calculate the mortality of a person from the coronavirus based on their age, gender and of course, prior diseases.

For example, if you were to check out this Proviser Risk Calculator for Covid-19 then you would find yourselves arriving at a very decent option when it comes to an online tool help you to try and determine whether you are in mortal danger from coronavirus. In particular, you can estimate your risk of dying if you are unfortunately infected with the virus.  This calculator estimates your risk based on your age and your gender and can really clear things up for you.

You should always be careful not to get infected not so much because you might die but because you might infect others who could be in danger of dying. If you are a young healthy person you are a danger to all the people around your house and your life. Always be careful of the coronavirus.

Attack of COVID-19 in Polluted Regions

Coronavirus is currently spreading its terror in all countries around the world. The name of this virus is self-explanatory. You already know quite enough about the Coronavirus, also called Wuhan or China virus so going into its biochemical and scientific details is not mandatory for now. We see that how this virus has successfully shut down every aspect of economy-running directions which in a matter of few weeks. Many countries have been severely affected with death toll being revised in news bulletin of every other day.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of human body. The prime target of Coronavirus is the lungs where gaseous change takes place between the alveoli and blood. Once the functioning of this site is compromised the entire respiratory system becomes too fragile to work without any external aid. The risk of damage to the normal functioning mechanism of respiratory system is much higher in individuals who live in countries with high air pollution. They breathe in the air which contains toxic particles and fumes that make the respiratory tract work abnormally. Since it is the respiratory system which is mainly affected by Coronavirus therefore under circumstances of intense air pollution the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus and dying from it increases.


Scientists claim that it is already a well-known fact that air pollution brings the risk of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. (ARDS). This pandemic wave started in the start of 2020 whereas air pollution is a traditional practice and observation going on since many decades. With each passing day, the air pollution became more and more severe. According to a research analysis conducted by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, an increase in special type of particle called PM2 by 1microgram/m3 results in 15% more deaths due to Coronavirus. Therefore, scientists have openly informed the public living in cities with high rate of air pollution to protect themselves against it.

A study explains that air pollution causes failure of first line of defense, cilia, in the upper respiratory tract. In such condition, whichever pollutant or infective agent enters the tract causes chronic respiratory condition. The entire world is experiencing a situation of lockdown except some cities. Due to minimum human exposure to nature and minimum running of factories, industries and vehicles the air pollution is drastically declined leaving a favorable impact. Once the lockdown ends the air pollution will strike back making the conditions favorable for Coronavirus.


In patients of Coronavirus, the functioning of lungs is impaired.  As mentioned earlier, lungs contain alveoli which are a site of gaseous exchange. Many times the oxygen levels drop which worsens the condition of patient. In such condition, they can use oxygen supplements. These supplements contain oxygen which ensures proper and sufficient supply of oxygen to all cells of patient’s body. Insufficient and improper supply of oxygen can cause hypoxemia which makes the patient tired and breathless. All those people who reside in cities where air pollution is too high they can use oxygen supplements if they observe symptoms of Coronavirus.