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Benefits Of The Weighted Blanket


Using one of these is not for everyone, but if you belong to the group of those who need them, I assure you that it will bring enormous benefits. You can check various options at

  • For Sensory Problems

They are ideal for those who suffer from anxiety and learning disorders, the weight of the blanket applies a type of pressure that offers calming sensations through which the brain can process information quickly. 

  • For Anxiety And Insomnia

They are very good for calming anxiety and insomnia, the weight and the feeling of “hugging” that it produces increase serotonin, quickly reassuring you of the dominant state of tension and anxiety.

  • Autism: According to studies, the use of these blankets in children who are within the autistic spectrum can serve to provide them with a sense of peace, stillness and reduce tantrums common in people with this condition.
  • Improves sleep quality: By having a different sensory activity, as a result of the warmth provided by the blanket, those who use them can sleep better, due to the serotonin that irrigates the brain to a greater extent, offering you a sense of tranquillity.
  • ADHD: Due to their qualities to provide compression therapy, these blankets or vests with are very good to keep attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders under control, improve the speed of performance of tasks and attention.

What To Look For Before Buying A Weight Blanket

There are several factors of interest that you should take into account when selecting them if you want them to be really effective.

  • Weight And Size

This information is necessary depending on the characteristics of the person who will use the blanket. A large one is always a good option and the weight will undoubtedly be the plus that will help calm your nerves and make you feel drowsy. The compression feeling is very effective.

20 Benefits of Weighted Blanket

  • Type Of Fabric

This is also an essential item to look at if you want something really comfortable.

  • Cotton: If you are in hot climates, it is a good option because it maintains the temperature of the environment and is breathable. You will not be too hot or too cold and it is ideal for those who have problems with temperatures and suffer from sleep disorders.
  • Flannel: It is similar to cotton and will also provide you with a lot of comfort. It will keep you warm and is completely breathable.
  • Cotton Sateen: This is ideal for those who enjoy the breathability and warmth of cotton, but prefer the softness of satin. These blankets are usually reversible: one type of fabric on the outside and another on the inside. You will sleep very peacefully.
  • Lana: Not appropriate for those with a sensitivity to textures, however, is very warm and inviting. If that sensitivity is not your case, this is a good option.
  • Minky: It has a soft and smooth texture, and it is not for nothing that it is preferred for baby blanket fabrics. You will get it in soft plush, both high and low.
  • Linen Rayon Blend: This is the quintessential option best suited for those who are allergic to certain types of fabric and also for those with texture sensitivities. It’s very tough.
  • Fill Type

A weight blanket can bring countless fillers depending on the pathology you need to control and the type of weight that will make you feel better. Here we explain some of the most popular

  • Polyethylene pellets: These are bumpy in texture and made from non-toxic plastic. They are small and round.
  • Glass beads: It has a texture similar to that of tiny sand and weighted quilts that have been made with this material look really bulky. They are also made with so-called glass beads that are a bit less bulky.

River stone beads: They provide a great compression effect which makes them really effective for some disorders. They are natural, do not have sharp edges or porous characteristics.

Visit for the catalogue and find out the best one as per your need.

How Can I Notify NHS Pensions of My Change of Address?

When it’s time to start drawing your NHS Pension, you’ll need to make sure the correct address is registered. That’s why it’s so important that you notify NHS Pensions when you move home.

Changing your address with NHS Pensions will ensure you don’t miss out on any vital correspondence regarding your pension fund and that your personal details don’t fall into the wrong hands.

In this article, we’re going to outline how to update your NHS Pension details when moving house, as well as answering all your other NHS Pension questions.

What is the NHS Pension Scheme?

Before delving into how to change your address with NHS Pensions, let’s find out exactly what the NHS Pension Scheme is.

The NHS Pension Scheme is a type of defined benefit scheme that provides pension benefits based on a fixed formula.

It is a Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) scheme, rather than a final salary scheme, where benefits build up on the value of your pensionable earnings each year during your NHS career.

The NHS Pension Scheme is a voluntary pension scheme that is available to all NHS employees. Participants of the Scheme receive these benefits in addition to the New State Pension.

How To Notify NHS Pension Of A Change Of Address?

We know how important it is to notify NHS Pensions of your address change, but how do you do it?

If you’re still actively paying into your NHS Pension, you need to contact your employer who will update your address for you.

If you’re a deferred member (no longer paying into the pension), you can notify NHS Pensions by submitting a change of address form (COA1) which can be found on the website.

Alternatively, you can update your NHS Pension details online using SlothMove’s change of address service. All you need to do is let them know a few extra details, including your previous address, your new address and your move date. SlothMove will then do all the hard work and complete your NHS Pension change of address for you.

As well as changing your NHS Pension address, you can also use this service to complete your NHS change of address too.

Can I Check My NHS Pension Online?

Yes, you can check your NHS Pension online. All you need to do is visit the Total Reward Statement Portal. Here, you will be able to view your pension statement.

Alternatively, you can visit the ESR Employee Self Service page if you’re part of an organisation that utilises this facility. You can either log into this service using a smartcard or using your username and password.

Your current pension statement will only be available to view until the data is refreshed. So, you should print or save a copy for your own personal records.

What Will Happen to My NHS Pension if I Leave?

Whether it’s through personal choice or a change of job, leaving the NHS Pension Scheme isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.

If you do decide to leave the scheme, you’ll need to choose what to do with the benefits you’ve already built up during your time working for the NHS.

One option is to ‘defer’ your pension. This means, leave your benefits in the scheme and collect them when you retire. This is available to members who have at least two years of qualifying membership.

If you leave the scheme before completing two years of membership, you’ll only be able to defer your pension benefits if you’ve transferred a personal pension into the NHS scheme prior to leaving.

In some cases, you might also be able to draw your deferred benefits earlier, when you reach the relevant minimum pension age for your scheme.

Can NHS Pension be Transferred?

If you’re leaving employment with the NHS, or just leaving the NHS Pensions Scheme, you may be able to transfer your pension rights to a new pension provider.

However, you will only be able to transfer your NHS Pension to another scheme that is registered with HMRC and is able to take a transfer payment from the NHS Pension Scheme.

If you choose to do this, your transferred NHS Pension payment is calculated by converting the value of your pension rights to a Cash Equivalent Value (CETV).

How Much Do I Contribute to my NHS Pension?

Both full-time and part-time NHS workers’ pay a percentage of their gross salary into their pension each month. This is then topped up by employer contributions.

What does the new pensions legislation mean for employers?

NHS Pension contributions are based on your previous years’ pensionable earnings. Below the contribution rate is shown as a percentage of gross salary (before tax relief):

  • £0-£15,431.99 – 5.0%
  • £15,432-£21,477 – 5.6%
  • £21,478-£26,823 – 7.1%
  • £26,824 – £47,845 – 9.3%
  • £47,846 – £70,630 – 12.5%
  • £70,631 – £111,376 – 13.5%
  • £111,377+ – 14.5%

When Can I Draw my NHS Pension?

You can start drawing your NHS Pension at what is called the ‘normal pension age’. This is the age at which you retire from working for the NHS. At this age, you can start having your pension paid without facing a reduction for early payment.

Your normal pension age will differ depending on which section of the scheme you’re in:

  • 1995 section: age 60
  • 2008 section: age 65
  • 2015 section: state pension age

If you have built up benefits in more than one section of the NHS Pension Scheme, you can claim them when you reach your normal pension age without them being reduced.

You can retire early when you reach minimum pension age (55) if you really want to, but this will mean your benefits will be reduced to reflect the fact that your pension will be paid out for longer.

What happens To My NHS Pension When I Die?

The NHS Pension Scheme ensures your family is looked after in the event of your death. It provides a lump sum and pension benefits if something should happen to you.

Lump Sum

You can nominate that your spouse, registered civil partner or qualifying nominated partner receive a lump sum when you die. The lump sum will be around two annual earnings.

Adult Dependent’s Pension

An adult dependent’s pension for life to an eligible spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner. The benefit received is worth around 34% of the full pension.

Children’s Pension

Children’s pensions are payable for an eligible child or children under the age of 23. The benefit received is worth around 17% of the full pension.

The Benefits Of Kids’ Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a popular choice for parents looking to maximise space and minimise spending when decorating their children’s rooms. As a result, kids bunk beds continue to remain a staple in home furniture stores across the globe, with Danube Home recently featuring them in their new kids’ collection this month. There are several reasons why bunk beds remain a staple choice for both children and parents. This article explores the benefits of bunk beds for children of all ages.

1. They Save Floor Space

Kids’ bunk beds allow homeowners to save on floor space as one bed stacked on top of the other takes up less room than two beds set adjacent to one another. This means that parents can use the extra floor space to include other furniture elements, such as dressers and desks. Bunk beds are also a great addition in the rooms of younger children who require a safe-play zone.

2. They Provide Extra Storage Space

Modern bunk beds seem to capitalise on the minimalistic aesthetic by offering under-bed storage options. This provides a sleek intersection between comfort and compartment storage that allows parents to eliminate the need for other furniture in the room. Most under-bed drawers usually operate on casters so that the drawers move in and out with ease and minimal disruption. The extra storage space means that parents can also save money on other furniture as well as maximise space further.

3. They’re Versatile

Many parents are hesitant to buy bunk beds because children quickly outgrow them and soon require their own personal space. However, many kids’ bunk beds are now separable, meaning that the upper bed can be removed from the top to initiate two conventional single beds. These beds can then be moved around and placed in two separate rooms where necessary. These bunk beds usually come with removable ladders or guardrails to increase the versatility of the furniture item.

4. They’re Customisable

Bunk Bed Buying Guide: List of Things to Consider | Zameen Blog

Many bunk beds available on today’s market are highly customisable – allowing parents to purchase practical furniture that meets their child’s fantasies or needs. For instance, some beds come in novelty car designs to simultaneously entertain children while still including all practical bed elements. Bunk beds also come in various types of woods that you can match with other room furnishings. The word can also be repainted to match the colour scheme of a room.

5. They Maximise Sleep Spaces

It’s a notorious fact that some children struggle or feel uncomfortable sharing space. However, a bunk bed is a practical furniture piece that provides kids with their own designated sleep space. The featured storage spaces make it possible for children sharing a room to store their toys and other items separately, thereby preventing arguments or problems.

6. They’re Fun

Bunk beds offer more than the conventional bed space, especially for young children with vivid imaginations. The novelty of bunk beds fits in with the playful aesthetic of children’s rooms – with the miniature stairs serving as an amusement factor. They also have the potential to feature in kids’ role-playing scenarios.

They’re Cost-Effective

The main advantage of kids’ bunk beds is that they help parents save money when furnishing their homes. This is because the price of a bunk bed is usually cheaper than the price of two standalone beds. Bunk beds can also help adults save money in the long run given that the extra storage compartments prevent them from having to buy other room additions. These advantages draw attention to the reasons why kid’s bunk beds remain a staple in home furniture collections. Their several benefits and continuing evolution means that bunk beds are likely to stay on-trend well into the future.

What To Do If You Decide To Invest Money, But You Don’t Know Where

Today, a person has a lot of opportunities for earning income. Opening your own business will be the best solution for implementation, but for this, you have to carefully study current cases and think over each stage of the business plan. An easier solution for a beginner would be to invest in existing or development projects.

If we talk about niches that are actively developing today, then it is necessary to highlight virtual gambling establishments. They have practically replaced the usual land-based casinos with slots, which is facilitated by technological progress. You can find out about the success of gaming projects on the Parimatch News website. The company has vast experience in creating product solutions and marketing campaigns in the world of the entertainment industry, so its services for developers of online casinos or esports projects will be especially interesting.

Online Casino Advantages

Several factors indicate why it is worth investing in the development or creation of an online casino:

  • The constant growth of the client audience. Slot machines remain at their peak of popularity today. They are in demand among players no less than poker, roulette, and table entertainment combined.
  • The versatility of gaming casinos. Players of any gender, financial level, and nationality can place bets in an online institution.
  • Just focus on the gameplay. Unlike land-based casinos, where the player can be distracted by various factors, betting in an online casino can be done with complete concentration.
  • Online casino excludes the influence of the human factor. Since there is no croupier on the Internet, it is impossible to influence the results of bets from the outside, and each spin is determined using the RNG.

The demand for online entertainment remains consistently high, in no small part due to the wide variety of entertainment options. There are more than 1000 slots in the world, so the casino catalog can be constantly updated with new games. The new slots are attracting the attention of hundreds of players of all experience levels, as they almost always have a free version. The demo mode is also a way to attract a new audience, as is the bonus program in modern online casinos, which includes promotional codes, welcome bonuses, and free spins.

UK Looks for Cleaner Air with Birmingham Introducing Car Tax Changes

On June 01, 2021, after two years of planning, Birmingham City Council launched the Clean Air Zone. Full implementation, including the fines, started on June 14, 2021.

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (or CAZ) charges vehicle owners who have not yet complied with the existing emission standards. The main goal of CAZ is to bring down the NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) levels in the city to at least 40 micrograms/cubic meter.

It is also expected to help improve the city’s general health and wellness, particularly in relation to long-term or chronic illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, strokes, heart disease, lung cancer, and other health issues caused by inhaling high levels of particulate matter (PM) and NO2.

Diesel Emission Scandal

Poor-quality emissions are significant pollutants, and they have been for years. Not too long ago, several car manufacturers recalled their vehicles and handed emission compensation claim payments to buyers because of the diesel emission scandal that started with the discovery of Volkswagen’s defeat device. Since then, authorities and councils all over the UK have been strictly implementing emission standard policies.

However, the CAZ does not solely focus on diesel-powered vehicles; it affects various vehicle types.

Type of Clean Air Zones

There are four types of Clean Air Zones:

Class A covers private hire vehicles, taxis, coaches, and buses.

Class B includes private hire vehicles, taxis, coaches, buses, and HGVs or heavy goods vehicles.

Class C is for private hire vehicles, taxis, coaches, buses, minibuses, vans, and HGVs.

Class D covers private hire vehicles, taxis, coaches, buses, minibuses, vans, cars, and motorcycles (but only if local authorities include them).

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone falls under Class D. The charges apply to vehicles travelling within the A4540 Middleway, or most of the city centre.

Vehicles have a minimum emission standard that is usually indicated in the logbook. Manufacturers can also provide such information to their customers. In the UK, including Birmingham, there are CAZ minimum standards: Euro VI for HGVs, coaches, and buses; Euro 4 (petrol) and Euro 6 (diesel) for cars, private hire vehicles, vans, taxis, and minibuses; and Euro 3 for motorcycles. There is a separate Clean Air Zone standard for motorcycle, and this is normally set by local authorities.

BEVs to cut UK carbon emissions by 12%, study shows | CiTTi Magazine

Clean air Zone Fines and Exemptions

CAZ fines are as follows:

  • If a regular vehicle does not meet current emission standards, the driver or owner has to pay an £8-a-day fine.
  • For HGVs, LGVs or large goods vehicles, and taxis, the fine is £50 per day.

Failure to pay within six days will result in a penalty charge notice. However, the Birmingham City Council offers temporary exemptions as vehicle owners and residents adjust to the new policy, especially for those who frequently travel to the city for work or business, as well as those who visit for leisurely purposes. These include temporary exemption permits, financial incentives, and granting an HDV or Heavy-Duty Vehicle fund to eligible entities.

In addition, there are also vehicles that may not be fined and can enjoy national exemption. These are:

  • Military vehicles
  • Ultra-low emission vehicles
  • Historic vehicles
  • Disabled tax class vehicles
  • Disabled passenger tax class vehicles
  • Some agricultural vehicles
  • Vehicles modified with CVRAS or Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Software-accredited technology

Opposition to the CAZ

Despite the council’s respectable intentions for the CAZ, there are several residents who are opposed to the scheme as they opine it might have a negative impact on Birmingham. Also, some businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry, are apprehensive and prefer a delay on the implementation, at least until their sector has regained everything they lost due to the pandemic.

However, local authorities said that the planning period has been too long, so it is time to set the scheme in motion. The council has been looking for ways to bring down NO2 levels since 2017. According to Councillor Waseem Zaffar, outside of London, Birmingham is considered as the most polluted city. A major contributor to the pollution is vehicle fumes. Thus, the CAZ is the ideal solution.

The Birmingham City Council is also encouraging residents and commuters to use public transport, walk, or cycle to their destination (if it is not too far).

For his part, atmospheric pollution expert from the Aston University College of Engineering and Sciences Dr. Stephen Worrall believes that although concerns about the CAZ’s effects on the economy are valid, the scheme is still generally beneficial. It is a long-term solution to a problem that the city has been trying to get rid of for years. He also said that the CAZ will especially help residents in areas exposed to high levels of vehicle pollution.

If you think your vehicle does not pass the current emissions standards, enquire from diesel emission experts. Better yet, get in touch with Diesel Emission Experts so they can help you with your emission standards needs right away.

[pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error fix code

Sending an email from Outlook sometime user faces many problem; [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] is one of them. In this article, we discuss some simple methods to resolve this error efficiently.

The imagination of human civilization is impossible without communication. It plays a crucial part in our day to day life. Internet is a smart way to communicate these days. The Internet helps us share information, data, videos, and many more things faster. Email is one of them to speak. Email is a secure way to sharing documents and information.

Today internet has many Email service providers. All have different features. Microsoft outlook is one of them. It is the product of Microsoft. There are 400 million users of Outlook. It provides many features. There is a significant majority of people who used this application for security purposes. Many experts believe that Outlook reduces the rate of cybercrimes.

Some of the attractive features are below

  1. Maintain Emails into Folders
  2. Email Templates
  3. Schedule Email Delivery
  4. Block Email from Specific sender
  5. Display Email as Conversation

What is the mean of [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6]error, and why does it occur:

The main reason for the error [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] is the lousy agreement of the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. It can be occurs by installing the wrong versions. In most cases, an SMTP server problem occurs with the server authentication, username, password, or server IP address.

Tips and Tricks to resolve Error [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6]:

There are various methods to resolve this problem. Here we discuss some easiest and fastest working ways to solve this error. Here, we suggest first check all record settings.

Method 1: Fixing using Programs and Features Tab

Follow these steps to fix this error with the help of a Program and Feature by the auto-fix tool.

  • Open Control Panel, then go to program and Feature.
  • The first search for MS Office (Microsoft Office) under program and Feature, Select any relevant office application.
  • After a new window, look at the top of the program, select the fix option, and follow the given guidelines on the screen.
  • When this process is getting completed, restart Outlook.

After using this method, the error is still existed. Try the second method.

Method 2: Remove Cache and Cookies:

Cache and Cookies are significant. Cache and Cookies are a small piece of data, holds some information. Sometimes can create some problems . You have to clear these cookies and cache on a regular time basis so these file will not converted into junk files. These files cover some memory and decrease the speed of our system. These junk files also responsible to create error like Error [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6]. It is highly recommended to clear them from time to time.

Follow these steps to remove the Cacheand Cookies.

  • Start MS Outlook.
  • Press the  (Windows key) + R.
  • A dialog box will appear.
  • Type: “%localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook” in the dialog box and hit enter.
  • Search the folder named RoamCache to see the cache files.
  • Select all the files (Ctrl + A) and click on the Delete these all junk files.

Method 3: Check server prerequisite setting

  • Go to the application.
  • Open Outlook.
  • Check record-setting.
  • Select email Tab and go to record from Outlook.
  • Click on Email account and select more settings.
  • Open the web mail setting and click on the active server tab.
  • Select ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Click OK and save the settings.
  • Restart the Outlook.

Online Purchasing Website – Importance of Disposable Vape Age Checker

E-cigarette, electronic devices use the e-liquid that is heated to produce aerosol. The vaping device consists of a battery, a heating element, and a box to carry the liquid. The size and shape of the e-cig devices are different, mimicking the everyday products. Some come in as small as the USB or pen, yet others like a huge box. The E-cigarette is called in different names, such as ENDS, e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, and commonly known as vaping products.

First-time users are generally introduced to disposable vaping devices. The reasons to start with the disposable vape devices are many, including the cost benefits, choice of e-juices, ease of use, comfort, better size, and shapes, and are portable. The e-juice filled in the vaping products realize the aerosol by heating the liquid that contains nicotine along with flavoring products, or another chemical that makes the aerosol.

Any vape products – vape pods, mods, tanks, or vape pens – all of these are originally tobacco products. The vape pens are used by first-time users, mostly school students. And it is an undeniable problem.

And this is the reason Government and anti-vaping organizations are requesting the ban of vaping products. The scrutiny imposed on the vape industry is also based on this reason.

The odorless, compact-sized, and customizable products are considered as the advantage of the vape products in the vape industry, yet all of these factors are making the teen’s parents concerned.

Additionally, e-juice flavors, such as candy, fruits, and mint flavors are made appealing to the kids.  The teens tend to buy cheaper disposable products that available at convenience stores and gas stations.

To assure the protection of school kids, age checking technology has been introduced in the e-cigarette industry who sell their products through the website vape store. Sales of disposable vapes or any tobacco products are restricted to teenagers. The government has set the new age limit for the prohibition of sales of vape products to kids aged below 21 years.

How Unsafe Is Vaping? What to Know About Vape-Related Illness and Death |  Teen Vogue

If you are above the age of 21 years, you can buy all kinds of vape products through the online vape shop. Online smoke shops can help teenage kids below 21 years to avoid purchasing vape products by implementing the age checker.  It helps to keep the kids away from age-prohibited devices and their accessories. The online store can charge a fee for every verified transaction, which in turn prevents the underage children from purchasing the product online. Using a software application to set the age restriction allows the online sellers to take the particular transaction amount on every transaction for purchasing the vape product.

As a responsible parent, ensure that you spend enough time with the kids to understand their habits. Talk to the children to help them understand that it not safe to use tobacco products. And ensure that they stay away from using any tobacco products, including e-cigarette. If needed, seek help as soon as you find them using the vaping devices.

Procedural Posture

Plaintiff appealed from a judgment of the Superior Court of San Diego County (California), confirming an arbitration award against it and an underlying order denying its application for a preliminary injunction for relief from arbitration.

Nakase Law Firm explains working off the clock illegal


As a result of problems that arose from improper use of construction materials, residents of a complex complained that their kitchen cabinets were becoming stained and discolored. After a claim was made against defendant subcontractor’s insurer, the insurer settled the claim. The arbitrator made findings that the insurer was a subrogee entitled to maintain the arbitration in the name of defendant subcontractor. Defendant prevailed in the arbitration proceedings. Defendant brought a petition to confirm the award, which was granted. Plaintiff appealed, and the court reversed. By denying the injunction, the trial court went beyond the scope of the contractual issues presented, into the equitable arena of subrogation law, but failed to resolve the issues correctly. The complaint and declarations roughly outlined legal issues that should have remained within the province of the trial court.


Judgment was reversed. By denying injunction, the trial court went beyond the scope of contractual issues presented, into the equitable arena of subrogation law, but failed to resolve the issues correctly.

Procedural Posture


Plaintiff contractor appealed from a judgment of the Superior Court of Orange County, California, which granted defendant public agency’s motion for nonsuit at the conclusion of the contractor’s case. The contractor argued that the contract delay damage clause relied upon by the trial court in granting the motion did not preclude the contractor’s action seeking damages resulting from the public agency’s unreasonable delay.

California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer, Inc. is a Corporate Attorney in California


A contractor had a contract with a public agency to build a new sewer line, but it was notified by the agency not to install manholes because it had changed specifications. The contractor completed excavation and laid the pipe but was denied permission to backfill by the agency. The trench stood open for an unreasonably long time and eventually caved in due to gradual weakening of the banks. The contractor sought to recover his expenses in repairing the damage caused by the cave-in. The contract’s delay damages clause provided that if the contractor suffered any delay due to the agency’s failure to supply plans, he was entitled to an extension of time but not damages. The court held that whether the delay damages clause was intended by the parties to cover the situation where the contractor incurred extra expenses caused by a combination of change of specifications and unreasonable delay in refusing to allow backfilling was a factual question requiring the weighing of all the facts presented.


The court reversed the trial court’s judgment of nonsuit in favor of the public agency, as the cause should have been allowed to proceed to a judgment on the merits.

Sit-Stand Desks in an Office Fit-out Design for Employees Health and Enhanced Productivity

An organization’s success depends on employee’s health and wealth being. Employees working at the desks for long hours struggle with upper or lower back pain and neck discomfort. People need posture change across the day and move freely. Take breaks from sitting or it can badly impact an employee’s productivity. For better health, there needs to be a balance between standing, sitting, and walking every day.

How to Resolve this Issue?

Encourage your employees to move sufficiently and not sit for a long time. They need to be active when they work. If you are planning office refurbishment Londonthen choose GXI Group for your project. The team is well-versed and experienced in any size of fit-out projects in a variety of sectors.

Consider sit-stand workstations because it helps to increase alertness, offers better posture, and enhances efficiency. This can mitigate the cost of investing in ergonomic adjustable workstations.

You can opt for jogging desks, sit-stand stools, and activity room in office refurbishment a practical measure to make your workers use their feet. Mobile technology is suitable for agile working principles. If staff is not tied to a desk, then the chances to create a flexible working culture increase.

Why Consider sit-Stand Desks?

  • Disengaged employees struggle in generating new ideas, resolve issues, and fuel innovation. This costs the company money, so it is essential to make them productive. Sitting at a desk and changing postures can help. Raising their desks according to their height, they can stand as well as work efficiently without losing their concentration. Switching postures quickly and easily while working has helped employees to stay active, alert, and energetic.
  • A sedentary lifestyle increases the chance of increasing weight, developing diabetes, heart disease, and even depression. Regular workouts are essential, so at the workplace, a sit-stand desk helps to reduce back pain, increase blood flow, burn calories and enhance posture. Introducing sit-stand desks encourages a health-conscious environment.
  • Sitting in front of the desk all day, every day is boring and employees can find it hard to concentrate. It seems monotonous, even if they are working in a private office or open space. They need easy access for moving across the day, a 30 minutes break or a couple of 5-minute washroom visits are not enough. Sit-stand desks allow them to transit seamlessly from sitting to standing, thus enhancing their concentration and thinking capabilities.

Besides, encouraging a health-conscious environment there is also a need to add some color to the space.

  • Blue offers a positive impact on productivity, so is great for open workspaces.
  • Red if used sparingly fosters increased efficiency, so use it as highlights in breakout areas.
  • Yellow inspires collaboration.
  • Green radiates calmness.

Colors can be introduced in lots of ways like through flooring, carpets, ceiling, furniture, and natural textures like living walls or rustic benches. You can even hang some colorful art to liven the workspace. It is also an awesome idea to create a cool color theme for every desk instead of the standard black and blue.

Hire professionals for an ideal office fit-out design!