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Most Common Dental Emergencies in Children

Dental emergencies can happen for all people, including children. The risk of dental emergencies is so high for the children who are such naughty and energetic. As parents, your children’s health is one of the most important things you need to protect. So if you have a child who plays with his friends a lot and has many energetic activities during the day, you need to know dental emergencies can occur at any time. According to emergency dentist in Toronto, proper action and protection of parents is really important for emergency treatment. Children are usually so scared when they face a dental emergency, so they need to be calmed by their parents and visit their emergency dentist as soon as possible. It’s essential to know the kinds of dental emergencies that are usual for children to act correctly and save the health of child’s teeth.

Something stuck in the teeth holes: it’s not uncommon to see an object is stuck in your child’s teeth and causes pain and a dental emergency. Observe the situation and see if it’s possible to remove the object with dental floss or not. Don’t ever use sharp, metal, or plastic things to do it if you don’t want to make that emergency worse. If you notice that you cannot handle it yourself, visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible to pick up the object.

Bitten or cut tongue and lip: hard and hastily bites while eating ordinary foods can cause some painful oral injuries for your children. If you notice that it causes emergency bleeding, calm down and clean the intended area with warm water. Then apply a cold compress or soft bag of ice to decrease the intensity of emergency swollen. If you notice the situation is more complicated than you thought, visit an emergency dentist immediately to have the proper dental treatment for your child.

Fallen baby-tooth: usually, this one is not considered as a dental emergency, but in some cases, it can cause severe bleeding and pain or even your child fear which makes the condition worse. If you think it’s better to see your emergency dentist, don’t procrastinate for a second!

Broken or fractured tooth: your child may break a tooth and have a dental emergency while playing outside. At first, it’s necessary to calm him down and wash his mouth with warm and clean water instantly. To prevent severe dental emergencies, use a cold compress on the intended area and find the fractured tooth if it’s possible. Don’t forget about the importance of visiting your emergency dentist soon to save your child’s dental health.


Emergency tooth pain: due to children’s interest in sweets, an emergency toothache is not out of mind. If your child is complaining about an emergency toothache, check if anything gets stuck between his teeth or not. Then rinse his water and use an ice bag to lessen the emergency pain. It’s better not to use any medication without your emergency dentist prescription until you see your emergency dentist.

Don’t forget that making your child clam is the most important point during every dental emergencies!