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Why Do You Need Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are dental appliances that are applied to the tooth’s surface to improve its aesthetic appeal. The majority of individuals are unaware of the steps taken during veneer’s treatment. The dentist has the option of creating custom-made or pre-designed veneers using composite, porcelain, ceramic & emax veneers.

Hortman Clinics, one of Dubai’s best aesthetic clinic, Have one of the best quality veneers that are perfect for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile through cosmetic dentistry.

Currently, news anchors, top models, and well-known actors frequently use veneers to enhance their appearance on camera. However, veneers are appropriate for both adults and toddlers.

When is veneer application required? Dental cosmetic procedures like veneers are aimed at enhancing aesthetic appeal of the teeth.

What Problems Dental Veneers Can Fix?

  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • worn teeth
  • chipped or broken teeth

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers in Dubai can be used to cover stained and discolored teeth in place of dental implants and dental crowns to alter the appearance of the teeth. To make room for the veneer, the dentist will first remove a portion of the enamel during the process. The veneer will next be attached to the tooth using a specific adhesive substance. Due to its durability, porcelain veneers frequently offer the best color. Visit a dentist in Hortman Aesthetic Clinics and experience the results you aim for to have a perfect smile.

Fixing Gapped Teeth

Your veneer dentist can use composite veneers to close spaces between your teeth. In order to create the proper veneers for your teeth, the dentist will first take a scan of your teeth then use composite material to create a paste, put it to the gapped teeth, and then dry it with a powerful light. The veneer is polished by the dentist once it has been properly fitted into the gap in order to match the shade of the next tooth.

Benefits Of Having Veneers

Patients who have veneers typically return to work the day after the procedure. Veneers fit pretty easily as well. You can choose to get temporary veneers that the dentist can take out at any time if that’s what you desire.

At Hortman Clinics, veneers are frequently gentle on the gums and teeth, making them perfect for tooth restoration. No one will realize that you have veneers due to the natural look and color of the teeth and how thin they are, and they also don’t put too much pressure on your teeth.