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Foods to Eat on Leaky Gut Diet

Last updated on November 6, 2015

A leaky gut disorder starts in an important organ which is your small intestine. This organ is very significant since the majority of minerals and vitamins found in the food that you eat are absorbed there. In order for these essential nutrients to be infiltrated, tiny openings on the small intestine allow the transferring of nutrients into the bloodstream. When one suffers from leaky gut syndrome, the small pores in the walls of the intestine widens causing things such as toxins, undigested food particles and more to pass through into your bloodstream leading to an immune reaction and systemic inflammation.

One of the effective ways on how to treat leaky gut is going into a leaky gut diet. You must undergo specific diet changes to cure that bad condition that threatens your health. At the beginning, removing foods may help but as the gut starts to repair, adding back that foods will help to test out the progress.

Listed below are the foods that are highly recommended to eat when suffering from the leaky gut syndrome:

  • Healthy Fats- Eating food with Essential Fatty Acids like ghee, fish, egg yolks, nuts, salmon, avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil. These foods are easy on the gut and helps greatly in healing the gut. Just be careful in consuming oils. You only have to take extra virgin and/or cold pressed oils, since other oils are refined causing it to be difficult to be digested by the body.
  • Steamed vegetables– It is easier to digest non-starchy vegetables that are steamed. These are important part of the leaky gut diet.Non-starchy vegetables like the cauliflower and broccoli can also be considered.
  • Bone broth- this healthy soup that can be made from scratch ultimately provides essential minerals and amino acids including glycine, proline, and potassium. These promote leaky gut healing and improve mineral deficiencies.
  • Fruit –eating 1-2 servings of fruit every day is important on a leaky gut diet.  Steam pears and apples to create homemade apple or fruit sauce. It is advisable to consume the fruit during mornings and not later on. Take note, consume fruit in moderation.
  • Fiber-rich Foods-To keep food flowing properly and move toxins out of your system, eat foods that are rich in fiber such as starchy vegetables. Sweet potatoes, yuccas, and yams are some of the foods that are abundant in fermentable fibers.