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Important Information About Laser Hair Removal To Know

Getting your hair removed via laser hair removal is intriguing, but you have to know how the process works and what it entails before. Those who go into the process blindly are the ones who have the worst experience. You should understand what you are getting into well in advance to make the process go as smoothly as you would like for it to. Here is a look at four factors to keep in mind when considering laser hair removal.


Snapping Feeling Is Felt During Process

Those who claim the process is ‘painless’ are being truthful, but not entirely. For some, the snapping feeling (i.e. elastic band snapping against skin) is not painful, but for others it is. This is all about your pain tolerance. Yet, studies have shown those who go into the process knowing what to expect are not going to be worried about the pain at all. In fact, it is indeed going to be as painless as they had heard. The snapping feeling is not substantial with newer equipment with more and more emphasis being given to minimizing pain.

How Does It Work

It is imperative to understand how the process works. How does the laser work in getting rid of the hair? The goal is to use the laser which emits electric pulses into the skin to ‘zap’ the root of your hair. By doing this, the hair is not going to grow any longer.

The reason this is effective has to do with no damage occurring to all surrounding tissue and/or skin. This is the key reason for why most people decide to go ahead and having this treatment done to remove hair.

Can Be Used On All Areas Except Eyebrows

Hair on any part of the body can be removed except for the eyebrows. What is the reason for this? It has to do with ensuring your eyes do not get harmed during the process. It is a safety precaution and most specialists refuse to touch the eyebrows.

Other than that, all parts of the body are allowed and you can have hair removed elsewhere as desired. It does not matter how thick the hair is, it can be removed by the right technician.

Exposure To Sun Before And/Or After Is Bad

You should be looking to stay out of the sun before and after the sessions. The reason for this is to ensure the skin is as ‘light’ as it should be in order for the technician to see the hair and better remove them.

Also, the skin is going to get irritated if you are in the sun for too long. This is a measure that is especially important for those who like tanning. It is essential to not go for a tanning session after you have had a laser hair removal session. It could end up damaging your skin.