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Need A Physiotherapist Or An Osteopath? Look No Further

Emma was recently the victim of a road traffic accident (RTA) while on her way home to Richmond Park. Since the accident she has been suffering from severe pain in her neck and back. Her son Richard had called our clinic today to check on his mum to see if she needed anything as well as inquire about the results of her visit and how long it would take her to recover fully.

Has your quality of life been affected due to back or neck pain from a road traffic accident?

Emma like others who are living with pain find themselves unable to live with the quality of life they desire because the pain makes doing even the simplest of daily chores almost impossible. She has already been to her personal GP, and the only advice he offered her was to suggest she attempt physiotherapy or seek out help from an Osteopath, as well as to prescribe her additional pain medications.


Richard and his mum sat down to tea and Emma conveyed to him the information, slight as it was, that her GP offered at her latest medical appointment. “He prescribed me more medication and suggested I seek out some physiotherapy or find an Osteopath. He doesn’t believe after viewing the X-ray surgery will bring an end to my pain.” Richard and his mum began to discuss her options.

They both agree that yes the pain medication helps, but they are both concerned about the list of potentially dangerous side effects after extended periods of use. Richard doesn’t want his mum to have to live the rest of her life taking medications to manage her severe pain. Richard remembers one of his business associates, who after having injured his back playing rugby, went to a pain clinic in Kingston where he received physiotherapy. He was still seeing his Osteopath as well. Richard decided to give his friend a ring to find out more about the clinic.

Richard knew a trifling amount of information about differing types of physiotherapy performed, but he had little knowledge of what precisely an Osteopath uses to treat and diagnose root causes of pain or illnesses. His friend explain that an Osteopath uses an extremely developed sense of touch to first examine and identify the cause of the pain and the points of weakness or possible excessive strain due to injury or illnesses. They diagnose what may be causing the pain and then use various therapies such as exercise, deep tissue and muscle massage and often give advice on lifestyle changes needed as well as diet and nutrition.


The most beneficial course of action for his mum, according to his friend would be to schedule an appointment with a clinic that offers Osteopaths as well as physiotherapists and who specialize in helping those with chronic pain or pain caused due to injuries such as his mum had experienced due to her traffic collision.

Richard asked his friend the name of the clinic he was frequenting in order to schedule some appointments for his mum.

His friend told him he was quite happy with Physio & More in Kingston. Not only do they possess some of the most professional and friendly physios and osteopaths, they are also continuing to grow their team with new physios and osteopaths in order to assist more patients.

Richard decided to give the clinic a ring and schedule an appointment for Emma. He was quite impressed with the polite and professional manner he was greeted over the phone, he was even more impressed when he was told his mum could be seen that same day!

If you are suffering from pain or are in need of help after a surgery or accident please visit Physio & More ( for more information on how you can get relief from your pain.