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Dangers Of Buying Medicines Online

We all use the internet to know more about health issues; that is a fact. The internet is full of useful information about everything. However, it is not a safe place to buy prescription medication. There are two ways to buy a medication; either by going to a pharmacy or buy online from a registered online pharmacy. The problem is most online pharmacies are not even registered. All kinds of troubles can occur when you buy medications online from unsafe websites.

People mostly buy drugs such as Viagra (or other erectile dysfunction drugs) and Lipitor (or other cholesterol-lowering drugs) online because their prices online are cheaper and you don’t need a prescription from a doctor to order the drugs. But think a little, if the drug is cheaper and without a prescription, there must be something wrong, right?

When you buy drugs from an online unregistered pharmacy, you put yourself at risk. Medications should be taken under the complete supervision of a healthcare provider and you should follow all the tips of the pharmacist who will give you the drug. The healthcare provider is the only one who can say whether the drug is good for you or not. It is not only about the name of the drug but also about the proper dosage, the side effects, the interactions with other drugs, etc.

If you are British, there are a number of trusted websites where you can order prescription medications without fear. Pharmica is a registered online pharmacy where you can purchase your medications without any fears. The advantage of this pharmacy is that it has an actual location. Their central London based pharmacy is registered and safe.
Visit their website and go through it to make sure that it is one of the best online pharmacies in the UK:

Here are some points that explain why it is dangerous to buy medications from unsafe websites.
• There is no way to make sure that the medication you purchased online is original even if it looks like the original. Also, you can’t make sure that it is the same prescribed drug. You put your health condition in the risk of going untreated while you think you take your medication.
• Medicines you but from your local pharmacy and registered online pharmacies are tested and approved to be used by humans. The medication you have may not even be the same one you ordered if the website is not registered.

• It is impossible to know where the medication was manufactured or who the manufacturer is. This means that you cannot make sure if the manufacturer of the drug is trusted or not. This also means that you cannot make sure whether the quality of the drug is the same as it should be or it is not.

• Even if the package looks like the one advertised on the website, you cannot make sure that the medication has been packaged, labeled, and stored properly. The medication also can be expired.
Also, most online medication purchased from unregistered online pharmacies does not include patient information such as the side effects of the drug or how to take it. Even if it came with patient information, the information may not be completely right.

  • Each medicine has an active ingredient (ingredients) which makes the drug works in the first place. If this ingredient is not included in the medication, it will be useless.
    The problem is the active ingredient can be too much, or too little, or does not exist and you will not even know about it and think that you are taking your medication but the condition is not getting better.• Some medications purchased online put the lives of people in danger because they contained extremely toxic substances.• There is absolutely no way to make sure what exactly is in the medication you are going to purchase. That is why you cannot be sure if it can be used without causing interactions with the other medications you already take or not.• There are a lot of scam websites that hide their identity and location to deceive their visitors. These websites are run by criminals. This means that the personal and financial data you log into these websites can be used against you. You may suffer from crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud.
    Also, these websites can insert viruses into your computer and blackmail you and sell your data to other websites. These websites can also charge you for medications even if you didn’t order any. They keep sending emails and calling you all the time.Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you are about to purchase a medication either online or from your local pharmacy.
    • You should purchase medications either from a trusted local pharmacy or a registered online pharmacy.
    • Never take a prescription medication without a prescription. You may put your health in danger if you did because any drug has side effects and drug interactions. Also, the doctor will choose the proper drug and adjust the dose.
    • Fake medications cause serious health problems.
    • Don’t buy a drug because you got a spam email saying that it is cheaper. The reason why it is cheaper is that it does not work.
    • If you decided to order medication online, make sure to check the logo of the website. For example, check the logo of Pharmica from here:
    • Search for the name of the pharmacy and its address online before placing your order. Online registered pharmacies have a physical presence and are usually connected to some local pharmacies.
    • Buying medication from an untrusted online pharmacy has two possibilities; the drugs will be of poor quality which is the best option or it can put your health in danger which is the worst option.
    • Don’t trust websites that say that this drug is new and effective. New drugs advertise on unregistered websites are often untested and dangerous.• The Conclusion:
    Now, after what you have read, you should be able to differentiate between scam online pharmacies and real websites like Pharmica.
    Your healthcare experience is safe with us.