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How to Naturally Treat Depression

Depression is a sickness that can mess with your life in a dozen different ways, mostly characterized by sadness and tiredness. While medication does exist, many people turn to natural remedies to help with depression and live healthier and fuller lives. While the natural remedies do not replace antidepressants or medical help for the disease, they can support you as a short-term solution.

  1. Changing your diet- certain foods, such as those rich in Omega 3 fatty acids or Serotonin, can help you improve your mood. Serotonin is in food such as healthy fats, eggs, and fish, and eating these foods can give you a mood boost. Also, green tea and coffee are also mood boosters; however, unlike coffee, green tea doesn’t give you a crash and make you feel worse after the initial boost wears off.
  1. Staying active with a routine and goals- Depression can make people seem like nothing matters and no matter what you do you’ll always feel lost. The best way to combat this is to get a routine for a day and stick to a schedule, that way your brain doesn’t have time to think about being depressed, and your body always has something to do. Setting goals for yourself is also a way to keep yourself moving and feel accomplished. Even if they are small goals such as making the bed every day or do the dishes every day, they can help you keep positive thoughts as you look to see what you’ve gotten done on a given day. Also, keeping up with your responsibilities even on bad days will allow you to maintain a sense of success, so you don’t get into a slump.
  1. Exercise and sleep- Keeping yourself active, even if it’s just a walk every day or ten pushups before bed, these can be good goals to set for yourself and give your brain a massive rush to boost your mood. Similarly, putting yourself on a sleep schedule and getting a full eight hours also helps your body stay rested and refreshed, taking away some of the tiredness that depression brings.
  1. Recognize you are not alone- Whether you must see a therapist or you feel comfortable with family, the best way to combat depression is to be with others. Understand that your family and friends want to help you get better, and fighting solidarity is the strongest way to combat depression. People will want to help you, but you must reach out and accept the help.

None of these solutions are a replacement for treatment and prescribed help, but they are supplements that can help you deal with the symptoms of depression until it can be shaken off for good.