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If You Have Difficulty Concentrating While Studying Sleeping Forest Is What You Need

It is a common situation to be motivated to study but external noises do not allow you to concentrate correctly, or even worst, that moment when you need to be focused on studying but random thoughts come to your mind, whether due to stress or simple distractions.

you do not need pills, diets or products to improve your concentration, all you need is to understand better how our brain works and the right way to naturally stimulate the neural areas that controls our memory and cognitive capacity.

The first thing we must learn is that our body reacts to all the signals sent by our brain, many times we will not control these signals because they can be directly associated with what our senses perceive passively, is what we know as distractions external as it may be the sound of a television in the distance, conversations in another room, people or things passing in front of our window, etc. The last example helps us understand how Sleeping Forest works, in a situation where there are distractions in a window we can close the curtains to not see these distractions, Sleeping Forest works as a curtain responsible for not allowing you to lose concentration with external noises, all the sounds contained in this app fulfill this function and will help you to study without any kind of distraction.

How does Sleeping Forest make it possible?

this application makes it possible thanks to the combination of science and meditation, years of studies have left record of the benefits that these sounds cause to our brain and consequently to our organism; Science has shown how Alpha, Beta and Theta waves have different effects on our thalamus, increasing our concentration and helping our memory to absorb knowledge easily. Regarding what we have learned in the field of meditation and holistic sciences, we understand that the oscillation of these frequencies has healing properties that can stabilize our stress levels, this is due to what we know as isochronic tones, repetitive sounds with an established duration , this combined with the tone of the sound results in something that can heal your body and mind of any emotional condition and in turn help your concentration.

Why the sounds of Sleeping Forest are not a distraction?

All these sounds are associated with activities outside our everyday life, that is, we do not associate it with anything that surrounds us daily, such as office sounds, traffic, television, conversations, etc. They do not become a distraction because our auditory sense easily gets used to its continuity, turning it into a noise barrier located in the foreground avoiding the passage of external noises. Imagine that you are in an absolutely empty place and that you are trying to concentrate while a few meters away someone is talking on the phone, you will inevitably focus your concentration on their words for being the only thing that awakens your auditory sense, now imagine this same situation but you are close to a river whose sound relaxes you and almost completely covers the conversation over the phone, it is not necessary to cover it completely since the sound of the river has more frequency weight than the voice of the person, this is how Sleeping Forest works, it helps you study, concentrate and take care of your health.