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Inside the Cosmetic Clinics of Harley Street, London: Revere Clinics

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is therefore one that needs protecting. It’s also quick to deteriorate over time through natural aging and a variety of life events. With the beauty industry booming, there’s now a vast amount of cosmetic treatments available that can fix and alter our skin in a way that we would want it. Revere Clinics is one of those clinics, located on Harley Street in London, who offer procedures that can help boost body confidence.

Revere Clinics

With some of the best CoolSculpting in London, here’s a few other treatments you could try if you’ve been thinking about making some changes to your body.

Anti-Ageing Injections (Botox)

Botox treatment in London is pretty much commonplace now in beauty treatments and you’ll struggle to find a clinic who don’t offer it. Aside from a vanity aspect, Botox can also help address concerns such as excess sweating, teeth grinding and migraines.

These anti-ageing injections work by blocking the signals from the nerve to the muscles, preventing wrinkles and creases from forming. During your consultation at Revere, the consultant will talk you through your options, particularly if it’s your first time.

Results last three to six months, so this a quick fix solution, not a permanent one.

Pico Genesis for Pigmentation and Skin Lightening

Pico Genesis is the most advanced laser treatment that gets rid of unwanted freckles, sun and age spots. The treatment works by targeting the excess melanin in the skin and the laser absorbs this gently, making it a less painful experience.

Revere switched to Pico Lasers because traditional lasers proved to often make hyper pigmentation worse and less effective over the course of the treatments. Pico Genesis can be used on most parts of the body so it’s game changer.

As well as pigmentation, this procedure can also help with skin lightening which is great for thoselooking to enhance and brighten dull-looking skin. The effects of the treatment are apparent after 24 hours with it being fully visible in just three weeks.

Enlighten for Tattoo Removal

A tattoo removal cost can be a pricey one but it can end up providing phenomenal results. Those tattoos that perhaps were a poor decision at the time, no longer have to remain on your skin forever. This has become a treatment that’s quickly become very popular, particularly within the celebrity industry, which is likely why more and more tattoo bearers are flocking to Revere.

Revere uses the same Pico lasers used for their Genesis and Skin Lightening treatments, which is more effective and precise than standard lasers. Dr Karim explains that they use picosecond pulses that are 1,000 times shorter than nanosecond pulses used in other lasers. The reason that this is important if you’re looking at tattoo removal, is that this laser has been shown to remove tattoos more completely with fewer sessions.

Choosing the right cosmetic clinic is important no matter what the treatment may be. As well as those mentioned, if you’re looking for dermal fillers in London, then Revere has a selection such as non-surgical nose jobs and cheek and chin augmentation. Whatever you go for, do your research and make sure you get all your questions answered at the consultation.