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Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow

There’s no question that it is more competitive than ever when it comes to content marketing in 2019. More true professionals are sharing their tips, training, and online marketing secrets than ever before. This flood of knowledge has allowed competition to get much tougher as more people than ever can learn the skills needed to become an excellent content marketer not only for 2019 but also beyond. If you’re looking for a new role in the marketing field, look into marketing recruitment agencies in London — but first, read on to brush up your knowledge.

The old saying goes that knowledge is power. That being said, with so much content out there how are you supposed to know who to follow and who to ignore? Read on for our list of the 10 best marketing blogs that you need to start following today.


This is one of the most popular online communities for marketers and business owners. Spending even just a little time there makes it easy to see why. You get a wide array of perspectives, experts, and guest blog posts that cover every topic imaginable. Whether your main focus is social media, email marketing, efficient analytics use, content marketing, SEO, or something else entirely, you will find something to meet your needs.


This is a fantastic blog that focuses mostly on email marketing but also makes sure to cover related topics that bleed over into marketing. This might be a bit narrower in focus but the information is truly top-notch.

Jim’s Marketing Blog

Sometimes nothing trumps experience. A great example of this comes from looking at Jim’s Marketing Blog. Jim is a marketer who has over 3 decades of experience he has successfully made the shift from off-line marketer to online marketer. Over 300 pages of high-quality articles here give a full crash course that has a little bit of something for everyone whether you’re a 20-year veteran of online marketing or a brand-new newbie just looking to get started.


Does anyone really not know the CopyBlogger brand? Starting out in the early Internet days of 2006, this once one-man blog has over 330,000 subscribers now and offer some of the most cutting edge marketing advice for free. Covering all areas of online marketing, there are even some remarkable free courses that cover everything from online marketing to search engine optimization.

Content Marketing Institute

This blog offers an enormous amount of information for writers and bloggers. If you haven’t seen it already make sure to check out their weekly content marketing series to bring you up-to-date on what’s going on in the online world.


If you are looking for free tools, online seminars, and step-by-step strategies for improving your online presence this is the right place. Experts in all fields of marketing offer their knowledge and advice chiming in on everything from marketing tips on new social media platforms to industry trends and noticeable shifts in content marketing strategies.

Business Insider

Everybody knows who business insider is. Long seen as one of the most important magazines in the finance and business industry, their online presence has been no less impressive. There’s no question that the diversity of articles and topics means you can get the full education of an MBA without having to leave your home. If you want to know what’s going on right now in any industry, this is a site you have to follow.


This blog is all about social media. If you want to not only learn about social media but how to get social media marketing done the right way, then this is a must follow. Their articles focus on every aspect of teaching quality social media use as well as giving an array of content options to teach businesses how to follow this advice.

Marketing Land

Finally, we come to Marketing Land. If you want more on a breaking news story in the digital world then this is the blog you come to. Many of the articles featured here are full of practical tips, strategies, and techniques to get the most out of each and every bit of content marketing effort.