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The Consumption Of Smart Drugs To Boost Cognitive Skills Have Increased Among Students Today

In this competitive world we are living in, most parents nurse a strong aspiration to see their kids lead through every sphere of life. Parents put their heart and soul to assist their kids to develop all the essential life tools they find crucial. Unfortunately, not many kids are able to keep pace with the ever increasing competition and eventually lose concentration and focus on the crucial targets of building self-confidence that helps combat the ups and downs they experience in life. Many of these kids opt for the ‘brain-boosting drugs’, as this help enhance their academic performance to a great extent.

It has been noticed that some kids are more jittery and nervous before their exams than others. Although there is a constant pressure from both parents and teacher to ace their academics, a child feels extremely burdened considering the bigger expectations of their near and dear ones. Hence, a lot of emphasis is given on boosting and sharpening the memory via memory-boosting exercises, a balanced diet and medicines. However, the consumption of these ‘smart drugs’ help boosts an individual’s cognitive abilities, which is definitely the riskiest thing a student works on.

Effects of Performance Boosting Drug

Researchers believe that all those students who consume these brain boosters’ help enhance their mental functions just to a certain extent, while a regular intake can expose them to plenty of health risks. These are commonly prescribed for some serious conditions such as the Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Parkinson’s disease; smart drugs have a considerable bearing on the lives of the consumers, specially students.

According to professionals, three medicines, including methylphenidate which is called as Ritalin, the modafinil which has been promoted under the Provigil brand name, and donepezil sell out like hot cakes among youngsters. Although modafinil is mainly used for the treatment of sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy, Ritalin is mainly prescribed to the ADHD patients as it helps enhance alertness and donepezil is useful in treating Alzheimer’s.

Students generally order Modafinil online, as they tempt them owing to their potential to boost their cognitive abilities, vigilance, and ability to concentrate on certain tasks. Surprisingly, it is not always the students that make you these smart drugs. Parents these days also suggest as well as coax their kids to take such medications to boost their performance in the academics.