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The Health Benefits of Loose Leaf Moroccan Mint Tea

In this age of instant coffee and teabags it may seem that drinking loose leaf tea is rather old fashioned. However, in recent years loose leaf tea has come back into fashion due to its superior taste.

Making tea the old fashioned way with a teapot and kettle, or on the stove, means taking time out from your busy day to take care of yourself.

Moroccan mint tea is delicious as a loose leaf tea brewed at any time of the day but did you know that it’s also full of powerful antioxidants which can also be great for your health?

Read on to find out how drinking a simple cup of Moroccan mint loose leaf can be great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Soothes Cold and Flu Symptoms

Mint tea has been used for hundreds of yearsas a natural remedy against cold and flu symptoms. Mint contains menthol, a primary compound in peppermint oilwhichmakes it an effective nasal decongestant that can help clear blocked sinuses.

Inhaling the steam from a mug of mint tea when sick can also help keep your airwaves clear and help keep you hydrated. Recently, there have been studies which have shown that mint tea is also a powerful way of relieving the headaches which come with colds as the properties in mint act as a muscle relaxant and a pain reliever.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that mint helps fight bacteria such as those which cause food poisoning and contagious illnesses, meaning that drinking a regular cup of herbal mint tea may help to keep infections at bay.

Aids Digestion

Enjoying a cup ofloose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea can be helpful for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The mentholsoothes the stomach and eases any digestive issues. Mint also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it an excellent tea for digestion, helping to balance the body and relieving travel sickness.

Supercharges the Immune System

Loose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea is packed full of antibacterial properties which ward off disease causing illnesses and boost the immune system. It also containselements of potassiumvitamin B and various antioxidants help you feel your best.

Enhances concentration

The scent of mint tea brewing can work wonders forconcentration and brain function. Research has shown that inhaling mint before taking a test led to significant improvements in memory. Another study showed that inhaling peppermint oil whilst driving helped to increase alertness and decrease levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue so if you have a long drive you may want to take a travel mug of mint tea.

Good for menstrual cramps

As the menthol in Moroccan mint acts as a muscle relaxant, drinking mint tea may help reduce the intensity and length of menstrual cramps as the compounds in mint helps to prevent the muscles from contracting.

Accelerates weight loss

Drinking Moroccan mint tea can be a powerful shortcut to aiding weight loss. Drinking a cup of mint tea can leave you feeling fuller for longer so you don’t feel hungry through the day. This will help you avoid adding extra calories to your day by snacking unnecessarily. Regularly drinking mint tea can also help you keep hydrated with is essential for good digestion and weight loss and at only 2 calories per cup it is an easy way to support your healthy diet.

Helps relaxation

Moroccan mint tea is completely free of caffeine which makes it the ideal after dinner drink to help you unwind and sleep well. Mint oil contains a mild sedative, its capacity as a muscle relaxant can also help you relax before bedtime.

Soothes Allergies

The mint oil found in mint tea contains properties which can help reduce the effects of an allergic reaction, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and asthma. Adding local honey can help allergies even further.

In addition to being a delicious, calorie and caffeine free treat, loose leaf Moroccan mint tea is also a great way to boost your health quickly and easily both in the short and long term.