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14 Foods You Can Safely Use Past Their Expiration Date

What is the shelf life? If you keep the food under certain conditions, then they retain their freshness even after the expiration date. But what kind of products, read on.

Why Do Products have Expiration Date? 

If the goods have dates of sale, then this information is more likely for sellers. It means that after this time the product must be removed from sale. But this does not mean at all that the product should immediately deteriorate.

Expired Foods That Are Safe to Eat


People say that you should not store for more than 25 days. But in fact, you can use them for a longer period, about a month after the date. If desired, the product can be easily checked for freshness. This is a very easy test: take a glass of water, lower the eggs.

Fresh will lie at the bottom, an egg with a period close to spoilage will lie in the middle layers of water, and an unsuitable egg will float on the surface. This is because there is a film under the shell, peeling off that forms an airbag. Carbon dioxide from the product accumulates there over time. Therefore, the egg floats up with the blunt end up.

Hard Cheese

The terms indicated on the package are only an approximate indicator of its quality. In fact, you can store it for several more months. The main thing is to create good conditions for its storage.


Store it in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator. The shelf life can be a little neglected. The main thing is to notice the change in color and smell of the product in time. And if mold has appeared, then it can no longer be used. We must boldly throw it away.


Expired alcoholic drinks are safe to drink, if they are still unopened there alcohol content will also remain the same. However, if a drink was opened last year and you are drinking it now, it won’t cause any serious damage to health but would have lesser alcoholic content.

However, excessive drinking is still harmful. Those going through specialized alcohol treatment may think of an opened bottle of liquor from the previous year to be less harmful. However, for such people expired or new, both bottles are equally injurious.


Stored properly in a cool, dark place may outlive its shelf life. Even if a white deposit appears on the surface, do not throw the product away. It represents the release of fats and sugars on the surface of the product and is not related to its safety.


These include mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, jams, and more in that spirit. Such products can remain fresh for another six months, after the expiration date. This is because they contain a large amount of sugar, salt, or vinegar, these preservatives significantly extend the life of the food.


With the right approach to storage, it can retain its properties for a month after the expiration date. Stored butter in the refrigerator at 4 degrees. If the product changes its taste or smell, become too soft or hard, then this means that it has deteriorated.

Canned Food

Their shelf life does not exceed 2 years. But they can easily stand in the refrigerator for another year. This is because the product is heat-treated at high temperatures and is in a tight package that prevents the penetration of microbes.

But if swelling is found on such a product or the taste and smell create doubts, then it is better not to eat such a product.


The packaging indicates that it is advisable to store them for 1-2 years. But in practice, they can withstand several more years after the deadline. The main thing is to store them correctly, in a cool place with low humidity. This long shelf life is due to the lack of water in the product.


Packaging warns us to consume it within 4-9 months from the date of manufacture. But this is not the case. The soda will last for several more months. This is due to the high content of sugar and preservatives in the product.

Breakfast Cereals

You can store them for another six months after the date of expiration. This is because they are heavily processed. It is important to store them in a dry place so that they do not absorb liquid. Otherwise, they can quickly deteriorate.


It can stand unopened in the refrigerator for about another week after its expiration date. This is due to the presence of a large number of preservatives in the product. Opened packaging of yogurt has less shelf life.


You can store it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. But if you freeze it, then the terms increase. For example, you can store chicken in this way for a year, pork – 6 months, beef – 9 months, and minced meat – 3 months.


If stored properly, it can live up to 5 days in the refrigerator after the expiration date. The expiration date indicated on the package rather indicates a decrease in its taste and nutritional value for the body. Since overtime, vitamins and beneficial bacteria die in the product. When using such milk, it is better to be guided by your feelings: taste, smell, and product consistency.

Summing Up

Though you cannot eat some food after once you cross the expiration date but there are still many foods you can safely use. These include eggs, milk, meat, butter, alcohol, yogurt, breakfast cereals, soda, pasta, canned food, condiments, chocolate, hard cheese, and bread.

Remember for using these products, it is important to store them in the desired condition to avoid any sort of problem. Moreover, rely on your senses e.g. taste, smell for verifying whether a product can be used or not.