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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homeopathy Or Conventional Medicine

The German physician Samuel Hahnemann published his ideas on alternative medical treatment in the years from 1796. This alternative method of treatment is based on the principle of similarity that he formulated, that “similar things should be cured by similar things”. His assumption was that a selected homeopathic remedy would cause similar symptoms in a healthy person that a sick person suffers from. However, he had the person as a whole in mind and not only combated the symptomatology, but also took into account what character the sick person has. The school medicine is the medical science according to scientific principles, the term itself was derived from the term for the place of the training of the physicians. It includes both diagnostic and therapeutic measures and acts only according to the principle of cause and effect, if this can be proven by scientific means.

Is Homeopathy Becoming More Popular?

Homeopathy is accused of working only through the belief of the patient in the remedy. In principle, the remedy no longer has any verifiable ingredients and therefore, in fact, cannot work at all. Why do so many people nevertheless turn to homeopathy, and why are among them also more and more parents who (let) treat their children alternatively? Homeopathy is also described as the gentle medicine and since more than 10 years a slight reversal can be felt. In the classical medicine the naturopathy – to which not only the homoeopathy belongs – is included more and more frequently with the physicians in the treatment. This incipient “rethinking” does not necessarily mean that pharmaceutical treatments would no longer receive attention. That would not work at all, because sick people are still dependent on medicines and the classical treatment methods. Especially when it comes to serious or life-threatening diseases, medications are in demand.

Classical orthodox medicine treats the symptoms and causes of a disease with drugs that research has developed for this purpose. Naturopathy sees the human being or his health more as a whole. His body, mind and soul are normally in a healthy balance. If the balance shifts for a certain reason, various diseases can be triggered. The means and methods of naturopathy are preferably used to bring the body back into balance, or to support it in self-regulation. This can be easily explained with the example of the Echinacea plant, because it is said to strengthen the human defense system. It can then better cope with external stresses, the person does not get so quickly a cold, flu or other disease for which the defense system is needed.

Homeopathic Medicines for Children

Homeopathy and Naturopathy as Home Remedies

In principle, everyone can treat themselves with over-the-counter medicines that are available in pharmacies. Almost every adult takes advantage of this opportunity, the pharmacist advises on the correct application or also sells the appropriate product. In naturopathy, this is also possible, many herbal medicines can be purchased without a prescription in the pharmacy. A homeopathic online pharmacy that specializes in the sale of homeopathic remedies, natural remedies, Bach flowers or Schuessler salts, not only has the appropriate remedies in stock, but will also be able to give detailed advice or helpful tips. Homeopathic remedies are also taken for serious illnesses, but they should be prescribed by a doctor. The potencies – that is, the strengths – in which the remedies are available determine whether they are taken as self-medication or prescribed by a doctor. Most remedies are used as C-potency or D-potency, both in strengths between 4 and 12. The so-called high potencies, i.e. from D30 or C30 up to D200 or C200, should always be prescribed by a doctor or a naturopath.

The natural remedies are offered in tablet or drop or juice form. The homeopathic remedies as globules, tablets or drops. Globulis are small sugar beads into which the active ingredient has been incorporated. These sweet little beads are especially popular with children because, unlike drops or juice, they do not taste bitter. Homeopathic medicines do not bring about an immediate change in the symptoms, as is the case with a headache tablet, for example. Therefore, especially with homeopathy, attention should be paid to the general condition or to an improvement in the general condition. It may be necessary to change the remedy or the potency.