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All About Rose Quartz Crystal

With a hue of rose pink, a rose quartz crystal is a favorite when it comes to making jewelry pieces. Being a heart stone, wearing a rose quartz crystal in the necklace form is the most powerful. In the necklace form, it stays close to your heart and helps heal and open it up for unconditional love. In addition, a rose quartz necklace with its healing properties offers a calming effect that prepares you to deal with stressful situations efficiently.

Benefits Of Rose Quartz Necklace 

A rose quartz crystal necklace has many benefits due to its healing properties. It helps deal with stress, depression, blood circulation, and other physical health conditions. It also helps your heart heal and reduces the chances of heart attacks. Apart from physical healing, a real rose quartz necklace can heal you emotionally. It reduces heartaches and brings inner peace. A rose quartz necklace also helps realize self-worth and acceptance.

Cleansing Rose Quartz Necklace? 

The way crystals work is by absorbing negative energies from you and the environment you are in. Think about how many people came in contact with the crystal even before you purchased the crystal.

Often negative energies or energies of no good to you remain inside the crystals and may hinder their benefits. Therefore, cleaning your rose quartz necklace as soon as you get it before wearing it is essential.

Even when you start wearing the necklace, it is important to cleanse and recharge it every once in a while, say once every month, to clear the crystal off any negative energy and return it to its original pure energy. You can use the following methods to cleanse and recharge your rose quartz necklace.

Rose Quartz Is the Real Love Stone, Not the Diamond | HowStuffWorks

  • Selenite, a crystal, has cleansing properties. You can use a selenite tower to cleanse your rose quartz crystal necklace.
  • Cleansing is different from cleaning, and thus regular water does not work. Instead, use rainwater or salt water to cleanse your rose quartz necklace.
  • Light a candle and use its fire to cleanse your real rose quartz necklace. You can use sage sticks or Plato Santo to smudge your necklace, which cleanses it.
  • Placing your rose quartz crystal necklace in the light of a full moon is another way to cleanse and recharge it. Put the necklace out in your yard or on a windowsill.
  • You can also try burying your necklace in the earth for 24 hours. Then, the earth can absorb the negative energies from the crystal and return them to their original energy.

Where To Buy Real Rose Quartz Necklace? 

You can find many sellers online selling rose quartz necklaces, but how can you assure that you are buying real rose quartz necklaces? The hardness of the rose quartz is the determining factor of whether or not it is real. Real rose quartz can easily scratch a glass or steel surface. If your rose quartz does put a scratch, it is real, and if it does not, you have got a fake piece. Always go for a trusted seller while buying a rose quartz necklace instead of falling prey to discounts and low prices. Customer reviews are another thing that can help determine the authenticity of a seller.


Rose quartz’s healing properties and association with unconditional love make it an excellent choice for people dealing with relationship issues. Wearing it as a necklace helps open and clear your heart so that you are more connected.