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An Alcoholic In The Family – What To Do?

Last updated on June 6, 2022

When a loved one is addicted to alcohol, many people are confused, not knowing what to do in such a situation. It is necessary to act quickly, bearing in mind that a person suffering from alcoholism is not able to objectively assess the surrounding reality. Therefore, simple persuasion is not able to convince him to take appropriate action. You need to seek the help of specialists, psychotherapists from an addiction treatment center who have specialist knowledge on how to deal with an alcoholic in the family.

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An Alcoholic In The Family, How To Proceed?

How to deal with the problem of alcoholism in the family? Faced with addiction, relatives need to understand that it is not a bad habit that can be overcome by willful effort. It is a severe chronic disease that can only be overcome after full and long-term therapy. With alcoholism in an addicted person, he develops not only physical, but also psychological dependence. Therefore, it is completely pointless to keep arguing with the goal of achieving abstinence by the alcoholic. A person intoxicated intoxication cannot think rationally and does not see his problem.

It is important to persuade a sobering alcoholic to stop drinking immediately and seek medical attention and therapy. Until you consciously choose to do so, all treatments are irrelevant. After all, it is a psychological problem that only therapists experienced in dealing with addiction can deal with it. Remember, until the alcoholic accepts addiction as a fact, nothing can be done. Reaching the consciousness of the alcoholic requires complex therapy, which is provided by an addiction treatment center that offers individual and group activities.

How To Behave While Living With An Alcoholic?

Life in a family with an alcoholic is full of problems and suffering. You have to find the strength not to lose touch with him, if this happens, saving him from adversity will be almost impossible. If family members are constantly paying off his debts, helping to lie to employers, unaware of the horror of their situation, it won’t get anywhere. The alcoholic cannot believe that he will be able to drink continuously and that his loved ones will do all the chores of the household, so they need to feel responsible. It is one of the most effective methods of reaching his mind, teaching him self-control, and it is the first step in the fight against addiction.

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When it comes to his awareness and understanding of addiction, the methods of therapy will be really effective. Of course, living with an alcoholic is not easy. But if the goal is to save his family, don’t leave him alone with addiction. You can help him by persuading him to take advantage of professional help, preferably in a closed addiction treatment center, where the entire therapy lasts at least a month. Therapists show individual approach to working with an addicted person, which is why alcoholics quickly begin to understand the purpose of such therapy.

Therapists’ Recommendations For Dealing With An Alcoholic In The Family

Experts have long been working on how to most effectively overcome alcohol addiction. They have developed a number of recommendations on how to deal with an alcoholic, the advice of a psychologist can help you find a way out of a critical situation. Important! You must learn to say no to the alcoholic. Do not support him financially, do not respond to provocations and do not believe in empty promises.

It is important not to respond to the blackmail that chronic alcoholics regularly engage in. With the help of these methods, they try to find out the limits of what is allowed as well as the limits of the endurance of the family. It is dangerous to compromise when an addict says he will leave the family if he doesn’t drink. If the family continues to meet his demands, he will feel confident and think that he is doing everything right.

Interdependence In The Family Of An Alcoholic

There is still a danger of interdependence for the family. This can happen when the alcoholic’s problems become most important, forgetting everything else. It is impossible to give up work, stop communicating with relatives and friends, give up hobbies. Otherwise, it is possible to be mentally dependent on the alcoholic. Family members will lose the ability to objectively assess the surrounding reality. Convincing him of the need for treatment will become much more difficult. And without drug addiction treatment, the family situation will not change. Important! Addicts staying in addiction treatment centers are anonymous and have 100% discretion.