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Body Over Matter; A Relative Study Of The Body Parts That Each Zodiac Governs, And Fitness Exercises Related To Them

Somewhere down the line we have all actually realised the importance of good health. It will surpass any sorts of requisites in a human’s life. Health is wealth, in the world today, being beaten down by a vicious viral cycle today; this phrase holds much more relevance than anything around.

Here we have similarly tried to core out the different body as zones and how each of the Zodiacs have a certain degree of control over each zone. Some practicing exercise for each of the Zodiacs have been given. For more amazing astrology related content, go to this link .


  • Body parts governed are the head and the brain.
  • Aries have a particular inclination towards the topmost shelf of the body. They are so much hot headed and always on the heat. Therefore they need a chill pill. And don’t need to stress out.
  • EXERCISE: Competitive Athletics and Cardio


  • Body parts governed are the face, from the ears, nose, throat and teeth.
  • A Taurus usually has a very good hearing and voice quality. But over an extended period and susceptibility they develop flues and catch colds pretty quickly.
  • EXERCISE: Weight training and weight lifting


  • Gemini govern the tongue, the nose and the lungs.
  • Gemini have extensive core strength and hence they actually put up a very amazing strength. Hence their main susceptibility to problems are also concerned to these areas. These are related to the respiring air tracts. They may develop flues and catch common colds because they have typically weak points here.
  • EXERCISE: Yoga


  • Body parts governed are the Skin and the dermis.
  • Cancer have a sensory and governing grip on the tactile receptors of touch. They have a great sense of touch and pressure. A weak Cancer may have a certain affinity for skin diseases. And a strong Cancer tends to have a very good hand over skin, making it amazingly radiant and happening.
  • EXERCISE: Swimming and water strokes


  • Body parts governed are the central circulatory system, the heart and the central blood vessels and the blood.
  • A weakened Cancer actually has a poor hand at circulation, leading to circulatory ailments, ailments of the heart and blood problems, the ups and downs of the constituents of the blood. Similarly a strong Leo has a very stout and steady heart with healthy blood.
  • EXERCISE: High Intensity Interval Training and Sprints


  • Body parts governed are the masticator organs, the mouth, the stomach and the upper parts of the intestine.
  • Therefore a weakened hand in Virgo will give an ailing intestinal tract, constipation and a lot of eating disorders. Since energy is related to food, the strong hand of Virgo over these body parts are actually a point where you have a strong digestive system and can digest any shit you take.
  • EXERCISE: Netball, Bounce Ball and other athletics including balls

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  • Body parts governed are the digestive, absorptive, assimilatory and the excretory parts of the digestive system, the stomach, the entire intestine and the liver.
  • A weakened hand of Libra over these organs will cause indigestion, acidity, incomplete excreta and fatigue. A good control over these will promise an over the top energy level, and a good bowel movement.
  • EXERCISE: Dance, Ballet, Extensive pre-dance workout


  • Body parts governed include the genitals, the reproductive tracts and the hormones released through them.
  • A weakened control over the reproductive system may cause a repetitive occurrence of reproductive tract infections, and reproductive failure disorders. Well a good hand over these, Voila! Amazing progeny, great pleasure and strong libido.
  • EXERCISE: Boxing and Kick Boxing


  • Body parts governed include the eyes, the optic lobe of brain, the optic nerve and everything that includes the eyesight.
  • A good and a strong hold of Sagittarius over these organs give an amazing 6/6 eyesight, with no vision impairments. A weakened hold over the organs of eyesight might actually cause sight impairments, squint, astigmatism, hypermetropia and especially myopia.
  • EXERCISE: Spin Class


  • Body parts governed include the subsidiary core sector of the body, the skeletal system including the connective tissues of the skeletal system.
  • A weakened hold on any of the parts of skeletal system will actually be a problem for the fatiguing of bones, diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. A strong hold over these will give an amazing core, lifting and weighing strength. A good spine will cause a good posture.
  • EXERCISE: Running and Sprinting


  • Body parts governed is the appendages of the body, the limbic system of all the organ systems that is the systems enclosed by arms and legs.
  • A weakened hand over the Limbic systems will cause impaired movement. There might be problems that will reduce mobility and the locomotion of the body. A strong hold, well, that is the most supportive thing that might happen. You will have a Usain Bolt outlook of life.
  • EXERCISE: Pilates and Silk Cardio


  • Body parts governed here is the entire nervous system, the central and spinal nerves and the entire peripheral nervous system.
  • Well obviously the weakened hand over any of these parts will reduce the autonomous functions of the body, and will reduce any erratics in the body. Person may have sudden outbursts and reduced thinking. Well on the other side, a Piscean with strong hold over these will actually impart a great reflexivity.
  • EXERCISE: Swimming and Water Strokes