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Build The Right Skin Care Routine with The 30-day Face Serum Challenge

An effective daily treatment for a healthier skin

[City, state] (Feb.##, 2021): Your daily skincare routine should include the right sequence of cleansing, treating and moisturizing so you can reap the most benefits from it. While most people are more focused on cleaning and moisturizing, they overlook the important middle step of treating their skin. Treating skin issues such as dullness, acne or discoloration is an important step for a complete skin care routine.

Face serums are secret weapons packed with vitamins and minerals to treat and rejuvenate your skin. It can make a huge difference in the health of your skin over time. You’ll notice huge improvements in terms of the clarity and aging of your skin.

In an effort to promote an effective skin treatment regimen, lifestyle and wellness company Gya Labs is encouraging everyone to try their line of face serums which are naturally-produced. You can choose any product from their serum collection that suits you.

You can use them for over a 30-day period and see for yourself the benefits of a complete skincare regimen including treatment.

How Does A Serum Work?

Serums are usually packaged in a small bottle with a dropper. An organic serum contains more active ingredients than a skin care cream. It’s tiny molecules make it easier to reach deep layers of your skin and treat common damages. How well a serum works depends on its active ingredients and stability, as such not all serums are created equal. There are many in the market currently providing different functions and targeting different areas. Some face serums usually have more than one benefit, crossing over between each other. Below we take a look at three specific skin needs and the type of face serum you can use to treat it.

Retinol: Anti-aging & Skin Restoration

As it goes through time, our face acquires some scars and damages due to harsh external elements. Retinol, which belongs to the class of ingredients known as retinoid can renew your skin and make you look young again. Retinol face serums can heal your skin from all the wear and tear by stimulating it’s natural repair functions at the core. It works by stimulating collagen production and accelerating skin turnover, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It fades discoloration and blemishes in the process. Retinol will not deliver visible results quickly. However with consistent use and patience, improvements will be visible in two to four months.

Tea Tree: Fight Acne

We usually treat acne in a reactive manner which is after a breakout. Tea Tree Serums are positioned to prevent breakouts even before they start. They also aid in fading acne scars and removing any buildup of dead skin cells. Other benefits include tightening and unclogging of skin, minimizing pores or redness and also absorbing excess oil.

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Vitamin C: Brightens Skin

Vitamin C serums are an ideal tool for brightening skin and restoring its radiant glow. It lightens brown spots and hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production in the skin. This will help even out skin tone and boost skin radiance. It also helps fade pigmentation and smooth the skin’s surface. With daily use, you can notice significant changes in your skin after eight weeks.

Face serums have been clinically proven to provide outstanding results. They are extremely beneficial in safely restoring the appearance and health of your skin naturally. You will be doing your skin a great disservice by not using a serum. You may find out more about skin treatments and its benefits.