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Can Rehab Help You Quit Marijuana?

People go to rehab if marijuana has become unmanageable and uncontrollable in their lives.

Is marijuana derailing your life? Has it taken control of your life? You may have tried to quit weed previously; how long did you last? Have you tried sharing your problem with a non-smoker, but they don’t get you?

Rehab is for you If:

  • You experience withdrawal symptoms like sleep problems, irritability, and mood swings whenever you quit marijuana.
  • You blame weed for your failed plans and dead dreams and believe that quitting marijuana will get you back on track.

A Rehab Program Will Help You Quit Weed for Life. But Only if you Let It.

It is very easy to get hooked on marijuana. What begins as habitual use quickly escalates into marijuana use disorder. Marijuana use disorder is when you can’t stop using marijuana even though it is derailing your life. Research shows that 30% of marijuana users develop marijuana use disorder. This disorder is more prevalent in people who started marijuana as teenagers.

The more you use marijuana, it deteriorates your memory and the quality of your life. Since marijuana is illegal in most states, it is difficult to control the quality of marijuana you take. Some people end up in psychiatric wards because they smoked laced weed.

Smoking weed also puts you at risk for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is an umbrella term for chronic lung disorders that develop later in life. Most COPD patients have a smoking history.

Does Rehab Help You Quit Marijuana?

Many people struggle to quit weed because they have nothing going on in their lives: no hobby, no job, no passion, no goals. Marijuana dependency grows out of boredom and habit. As long as you stay idle and hang out with your stoner friends, it gets tougher to quit weed.

Rehab isolates you from your stoner friends, your dealer, and your smoking accessories. Most marijuana addicts wonder what life used to be like without weed. At the rehab, you will see and experience life without weed, and you will love it. You get the chance to make new meaningful connections, rediscover your interests, and form new habits. You even have a group to share your experiences and encourage each other. Whenever you are struggling, you speak to a professional for counseling.

How Do Rehabs Help You Quit Weed?

Rehabs facilitate cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy to get you started living without weed and maintain the new habit. Rehabs factor in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to ensure a long-term path to sobriety. Decent rehabs will also include your family in your treatment plan.

At a rehab like My Recovery Corps, you will have a team attending to your needs all round the clock. If you experience withdrawal symptoms, there are detox medications to ease these symptoms. You will exercise each day, take nutritious meals, and have a support group.

Though inpatient rehabilitation is the most effective, you don’t have to live in a rehab facility. You can as well get a flexible outpatient rehabilitation plan that suits your needs.

The Bottom Line

You don’t need marijuana to deal with what life throws at you. Quitting weed is as easy as making the decision. Some people successfully quit weed by dumping all their weed accessories, ditching their stoner friends, and getting a job they are passionate about. All you need is to be ready. When you are ready to quit weed, you will. If quitting on your own is challenging, you can join a rehab facility. Here you’ll get all the support you need to quit the drug.