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Vape Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Vape in Good Condition?

Proper care and maintenance are essential components of vaping; you’ll need to keep your vape kits in functioning order and your e-liquids in good shape. When you know how, it’s as simple as pie. In this post, we’ll give you a breakdown of vape maintenance recommendations to help you get the most out of your device while also saving money.

How To Keep E-Liquids In Top Condition

E-liquid has a shelf life of around 6 months when opened and 18 months when sealed. Follow these suggestions to help you get the most out of your e-liquid:


Hot temperatures can cause e-liquid components (such as the flavour) to break down. Keeping your e-liquid in the car on a hot day is a guaranteed way to destroy its flavour. In the same line, keeping your e-liquid too cold can cause it to thicken. This is especially problematic if you choose a high PG blend, because the thicker the e-liquid, the more difficult it is for mouth to lung vape kits to heat wick it quickly enough, resulting in a dry hit.

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Direct Sunlight

Direct sunshine and e-liquid just don’t mix; if you leave your favourite flavour out in the sun, it will discolour owing to the nicotine speeding up the oxidation process. This means you’ll wind up with a lesser e-liquid in terms of both flavour and power.

Keep It Sealed

As previously stated, once opened, an e-liquid has a six-month shelf life. This may be substantially reduced by storing your e-liquid without its lid. Keeping your e-liquid open, similar to leaving it in the sun, can increase the oxidation rate, resulting in a loss of taste and nicotine potency like Elf bars.

Store In The Original Bottle

E-liquid should be stored in the container it came in whenever feasible. Leaving e-liquid in your tank may muck up your coils, and if you leave it for more than a day or so, you’ll notice a significant difference in flavour. Tanks are especially intended to have constant airflow, and as previously mentioned, oxidation causes a bad flavour.

Keep It Locked and Safe

Safety is equally as essential as upkeep. Remember that the majority of your e-liquid will most likely include nicotine. When nicotine is in liquid form, it is hazardous and frequently lethal when ingested orally, particularly by children and pets. To avoid incidents, keep them out of sight and out of reach at all times. You can find these vapes in Vape shop UK