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What to Expect at a Genital Chlamydia Test Result

Last updated on February 19, 2021

The only way to really find out if you’re positive for chlamydia is to go through a Chlamydia exam. If you’re sexually active and are currently having multiple sexual partners, receiving tested for chlamydia and various sexually transmitted diseases is very important. An untreated infection can develop serious complications both in males and females. Therefore, it’s important to be tested and make sure if you’ve got an infection, your physician will be able to get rid of it before it gets worse.

There are different ways to test for chlamydia; there are blood tests and urine tests that can be done. Blood tests are usually the most accurate of the two, since they allow doctors to get more information about the disease. The type of liquid used for the blood tests, however, affects accuracy. Chlamydia testing kits are available from some healthcare providers, but most people prefer to receive their tests via the U.S.P. exam method, which is more accurate than the saliva testing. Get the test here:

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of this infection (which include a burning sensation in the genital area, redness or swelling near the penis, itching or a rash in the area, etc. ), it’s a good idea to get tested. A simple chlamydia test is easy to do, and healthcare professionals can help diagnose your infection if your symptoms seem like something you would deal with on your own.

If a person is positive for either of these infections, he or she might be at risk for developing another sexually transmitted infection, such as gonorrhea or Chlamydia. There are many things that contribute to why a person has an illness and is contagious. For example, if a person has multiple sex partners, he or she is at risk for getting STDs. Unprotected sex is also a major cause of STDs, since there are many ways for a person to get infected without being aware of it. Getting tested and treated early is the best way to prevent getting sick with an STD.

When you go to the doctor, they will give you a pelvic exam and do a Chlamydia Test in order to determine if you have one or not. This process is usually quick and painless, and most people are treated within a few hours. However, if you feel that you might be ill, don’t go alone – let someone you trust know what you’re dealing with. After treatment, you can go back to the sexual health clinic for a standard follow-up exam, where doctors will be able to confirm if you’re clear.

Having a lab test positive for Chlamydia is not the end of the world, though. In fact, it’s completely normal and should not affect your confidence. Even though the healthcare professionals found that you have an STD, they are more concerned with your well-being and the safety of your sexual relationship. Letting people know about your condition is important so that you can get the help that you need from qualified healthcare professionals.