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The Most Natural and Realistic Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Choosing the most natural and realistic contact lenses today is like choosing the right makeup shade that goes well with every aspect of your face: shape, complexion or skin color. Picking realistic blue contacts for brown eyes is the ultimate sensation when it comes to changing your appearance in a quick and yet, meaningful way. Brown is probably one of the most common eye colors in the world. Some studies show that almost half of the world has brown hues in their eyes. So if you are worried that changing a brown eye color naturally might be hard, think again!

Today’s technology has developed to a point where achieving natural-looking blue eyes if your eyes are naturally brown, is definitely possible. All you have to do is crack the realistic blue contact for brown eyes’ code with a few simple tips. And voila, you will have blue eyes in an instant!

5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

There is definitely a way for you to have blue eyes through contact lenses, even if your natural color is brown. If you want to have a more realistic look, however, here are a few tips:

  1. First of all, consider your base color. If your brown eyes are mostly on the light threshold, then they will not interfere with the blue color of the contact lens. Achieving a natural blue look is easier in this case. If your brown eyes are very dark, then you have to take into consideration the opacity of the blue contact lenses you are interested in.
  2. Light blue lenses go really well with dark brown eyes as they will give you a natural dark blue eye color.
  3. Pick a professional contact lens company to get your natural blue lenses for brown eyes. The better the lenses, the more natural they look! Look for polyhema lenses with at least 40 % water content as those have a more natural feeling to them. Chiara Lenses is a manufacturer of nonprescription blue contacts of high-quality offering also a variety of tones to match any skin tone or eye color.
  4. Find the right diameter and base curve so your lenses can match your eye size and not let any part of the brown color show around the blue lens.
  5. Choose between one, two and three-tone lenses depending on the intensity of your brown eyes. Generally, the darker the eyes the better it is to use double or three-tone lenses for a more natural appearance.

All in all, getting your eyes to look naturally blue instead of brown is no longer a ‘mission-impossible’ task. There are a lot of different types of blue lenses that can match any shade or hue of your brown eyes and give you that mesmerizing icy blue look.