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Let Us Solve Your Hearing Aid Problems

Your hearing is one of the most precious gifts that you have. When you have hearing damage, it is important to have the best hearing aid to help you hear what is going on around you. When your hearing aid has issues, it can make daily life difficult. That is why, when you have hearing aid problems, you want to work with the best audiologists around – us!

Hearing Aid

Many kinds of hearing aids are on the market. Several manufacturers make different types. Each type has its pros and cons, and each is best suited for different individuals with different hearing conditions. Your audiologist is familiar with all of the types available and can best recommend the kind that will make life easier for you.

We utilize Real-Ear Measurements to correctly program your hearing aids. It measures how well the hearing aid works in the ear with a small tube put into the ear canal with a microphone connected to it. This tool allows the audiologist to create the right prescription for you.

Hearing Aid

When you have problems with your hearing aid, no matter what kind it is, you want to bring it in for service. We can send the hearing aid off to the manufacturer for repair or perhaps make a simple in-office repair. When you have a warranty on the product, you want to make sure that you follow all of the correct procedures for sending it in to have it repaired. We can help you make sure that you do that to get the hearing aid back to you as soon as possible.

We provide comprehensive extended warranty coverage for all hearing aids that are in good condition. We can talk with you about the various warranty plans different manufacturers offer, and we can also discuss our extended warranty coverage. We’ll recommend the right warranty package for you, based on how you use your hearing aids and your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid

When you get your hearing aid for the first time, it’s important that you follow all of the instructions for its use and care. This can prevent many of the problems that would require your bringing it in for service.

Your hearing is our priority, and we will do whatever we can to get your hearing aids back to normal as soon as possible. When you have hearing aid problems, give us a call, send a message, or stop by. We’ll be happy to help.