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What Does Collagen Do?

Last updated on September 24, 2015

There are several ways to keep your skin appear good and feeling young and one of them is to make use of a collagen cream. It is crucial though, to know the ingredients of the product you anticipate to apply on your face. What is Collagen and what does Collagen do?

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Collagen is basically a protein component that is found in the collage cream. This particular substance is most available on our skin, hair and nails. To augment the loss of collage on your skins, collagen creams are made available which help sin keep the moisture of your skin and help prevent water loss. On the other hand, in order to know what does collagen do for your skin, it is imperative that you first understand what it does to your skin and what it is actually made up of?

Our skin has multi-layers and the inner most layer is known as the dermis which is composed of the nerves, cells, blood vessels and hair follicles. It is also mainly made up of collagen which is a kind of protein. This basically serves as a framework of the skin along with the fibers where the blood vessels and cells lie. Having collagen in this layer is beneficial in maintaining the body temperature and also helps protect the inner organs. It has great elasticity and can well adapt to the environment.

Having sagging skin with wrinkles and other aging signs is due to lack of collagen cells as it also loses elasticity. As the composition of collage is big enough to get into the dermis layer and to be absorbed by the body, it does not replenish or strengthen the collagen structure of the skin. It just stays on the skin’s surface and gets washed away as we take bath. It has been stated that it also makes wrinkles disappear, but this concept has not yet been proven.

Taking utmost care of your skin and assuring that you would avoid pre-mature aging it quite better. As they state, prevention is a lot better than cure. Although the situations are irreversible, there are several options to consider such as collagen creams and ointments that you can opt for.  However, there are numerous natural remedies that you can consider. Check with a renowned dermatologist first before you start using a natural collagen cream.